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    Adrian Constantine

          Alias: Preacher, Seraph
          Age: 27
          Date of Birth: November 2075
          Birthplace: Huntington, New York
          Mentality: Affable, with a bit of a macabre sense of humor.

      Your Pretty Face

      Adrian stands 5'10" tall and looks decently well built for his height. He has a caramel complexion and dark brown hair. His deep green eyes affix their gaze on whatever task he currently has on hand. He wears his Vault 76 jumpsuit with the neckline open loosely, and a lab coat with the sleeves rolled up. Tortoiseshell glasses square up his face. A small gold chain and cross sit around his neckline. A couple of pouches dot his belt line, and a security baton sits tucked under his lab coat.

      - Mother - Vera Constantine, Captain, United States Army Medical Corps. [Last Known Location: Vault 76, WV]
      - Father - Demitrius Constantine, previously employed West Tek weapons engineer. Recently had been serving as a parish priest in Pennsylvania. [Last Known Location: Vault 76, WV]
      - Uncle - Gabriel Constantine, Master Sergeant, United States Air Force TACP. [Last Known Location: San Antonio, TX]

      - Trained in medical education by his mother. His primary focus is his work in the medbay. Though you can often find him in the engineering workshop when he gets the urge to tinker.
      - Proficient in usage of firearms passed down from both of his parents.
      - Architectural drawing as a hobby.
      - Has a decent singing voice and enjoys practicing various instruments in his downtime.

      Psych Profile:
      - Roguishly charming, but often aloof.
      - Constant daydreamer.
      - Fairly intelligent, even though he often fails to apply himself fully.
      - Not easily pressured or stressed.

      Adrian's nicknames came out of the quagmire that is childhood. His peers teased him and called him preacher because of his father's occupation as a priest, and the fact that he was often a goody-two-shoes as a child. The more he grew up and mellowed out, the less it bothered him -- and so he took it in stride.

    Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles to watch you burn.

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