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  • Akeema

    Akeema Akazara

          Alias: Keems or Keema
          Age: 26
          Date of Birth: 10/29/2076
          Birthplace: Morgantown, West Virginia

      She is 5'7" with red hair and a thin, almost lanky frame. She has vibrant green eyes and a bit of a crooked smile with dimples. She isn't "movie star pretty," but rather the girl next door kind of girl in looks. She is a bit of a tomboy in that she doesn't wear dresses or makeup.

      Akeema grew up only knowing the vault. He father fought and died in the Great War and her mother had her right before the war. It was a hard birth and she would not live long after due to internal bleeding the doctors could not heal. Akeema would live with her young aunt and her new husband. He was a bio-engineer and her aunt dealt in zoology. Both were granted a spot in the vault when the time came due to the importance of their professions. They were allowed to bring little Akeema as well and they would do the best they could to raise her in such an environment. Akeema's Aunt Tilly would tell her stories of the outside world and instill in her a love for animals and adventure while her Uncle Randal would tell her of the dangers of the lab and how to be cautious.

      She would grow to become extremely adventurous and kind hearted. She would spend days trying to get into parts of the vault she wasn't supposed to and logging of the day she could go outside. In school she would often get in trouble for daydreaming or doodling pictures of animals she'd only seen in her aunt's books. She barely noticed anything from all her daydreaming and longing until... he came along. She really saw Mavin for the first time in her final grade of school and they quickly fell in love. They both shared a sense of adventure and longing for the outside that would solidify their bond. Even as they grew and got jobs within the vault, their dream of going outside and making a life out there in this magical place called the world never died. She is a very kind soul, but lord help you if you get on her bad side. She can be as hot headed as they come if you anger her, often using words to lash out rather than violence. She is pretty willing to help anyone who needs it though and is a relatively peaceful creature. So long as you do right by her, she'll do right by you.
    "My parents taught me honesty, truth, compassion, kindness and how to care for people. Also, they encouraged me to take risks, to boldly go. They taught me that the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure." - Brian Blessed

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