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    Avan Helms

          Alias: Golden Tongue.
          Age: 24
          Date of Birth: 2052
          Birthplace: Chicago

      Young Black/African-American man. Black hair and appears curly when more closely examined. A well-groomed goatee but not too thick. Standing at 6 foot and one inch with a solid fit shape from working out and traveling. Avan wears a deep dark red button shirt with sleeves rolled up and a black vest over it. Often wearing a leather jacket over it when the weather permits or to look less formal by switching out the button shirt and vest for a solid white shirt with the leather jacket over it. Both tops going with unchanging blue jeans and black mountain boots. Avan makes sure to keep them as clean as possible in the wasteland. A single revolver strapped to his belt in plain sight.

      Avan was taught how to use a revolver in the early does of the Vault. He was told by his father that the revolver was not his most powerful weapon, it was his words. Fighting was the last resort, his main focus was to win minds and hearts with a golden tongue. "No one wants to follow a killer, even a killer has follows only out of fear. When someone like you who promises peace comes, you will be the one they will look to for guidance and safety. War is won with the minds." He took those words to heart when he began sharpening his skills in reading, talking and science. He needed to be able to prove his worth in intelligence and held off on learning the more useful battle tactics. He was better at coming up with strategies than taking part in them without relying on the VATS to do most of the work. He used his charm, good nature and even his clean look to win the good favor of others who are more willing to trust someone who had a presentable aura about him. Avan Helms is usually depicted with a surrogate sister or daughter he had no blood relation to but treats as such.
    I believe in people. The greatest resource is not wealth, weapons or power but the power to win the hearts of the people.

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