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  • ThorinDelver

    Hank Barlow

          Alias: Hank
          Age: 47
          Date of Birth: 2055
          Birthplace: Butte, Montana
          Mentality: Intellegence>Any Other Attribute

      Wears a lightly armored labcoat for general life but knows how to protect himself in combat situations and uses the highest tech armor he can get his hands on, usually X-01 Power Armor.

      Hank was a wonder child out of Butte Montana, the last damn place you'd expect. He was recruited into the military before out of high school almost by force to design tools of war, something he proved to be extremely adept at. From hand held weapons, power armor, to entire military complexes it became clear that Hank could design anything, and his mind was a force to be reckoned with. He often struggled with his abilities for he saw what he could do and was afraid. Eventually he got over these things once he matured into his 20's but he always is conscious of everything he does, giving him a surprising amount of empathy for others. Placed in the Vault 76 by some of his more rational superiors who saw his potential to truly rebuild the world. Hank optimized every system in the vault and proved to be the perfect handyman as he threw himself into improving every aspect of his new home. Coming into the wastes of West Virginia, Hank's goal is to recover all available technology and use it to recreate the world he once loved.
    Why fight someone with fists when your brain is so much better?

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