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    Inga Asvaldottir

      Your Pretty Face

          Alias: Courtney Ealy
          Age: 35
          Date of Birth: -
          Birthplace: Oregon, Portland
          Mentality: Insane, Cold Blooded.

      Your Pretty Face

      Chainmail undergarments with bronze armor over it, she has her hair mostly into a braided ponytail along with blue viking war paint over her face, she carries her sword and shield at all cost, the number "37" can be seen in the middle of the shield. Small brown pouches can be seen around her waist.<br />

      Vault 37 was one of the experimental Vaults by Vault-Tec located in Portland, Oregon.

      Vault 37's social experiment involved an artificial forest populated exclusively by members of the Society of Creative Anachronism, separated into Vikings, Saxons, and Celt tribes for 100 years of independent development. On passage of 100 years (Only it was much shorter), inhabitants are introduced to one another and ordered to kill each other to the last individual. By this time, Portland was now part of a region known as The Frontier.

      Born as Courtney Ealy, Inga got into Vault 37 when she was only 10 years old, the survivors of the Great War didn't know was waiting for them in The Vault, as soon they came in, the overseer also known as "The Jarl" gave each survivor some sort of medieval clothing, the women had these beautiful long dresses while the men wore a linnen tunic with ragged trousers and leather shoes. Inga was now a part of the now called, "Vault Vikings" after years of being forced to fight against the other clans, both male and females are allowed to become a fighter within the Viking ranks, the female warriors were called, "Valkyrie" Inga was a part of them. The Vault Vikings finally stood as the last remaining clan in the Vault and opened the Vault, ready to expand to the outside world. They expected a greater good, peace, a new life but instead they were faced with the freezing hell that was "The Frontier". The Vault Vikings made their way through the freezing cold where they finally met their first enemy, "The Oregon's cannibals" At the time the The Oregon cannibals were at war with another clan called, "Nanjima Clan" both clans made an alliance and fought both the cannibals with heavy casualties as they only used swords, axes and shields, The cannibals on the otherhand used guns, spears, assault rifles, explosives, pistols, and were able to take their targets from a distance. This war went on for years, at the time, both Nanjima Clan and the Vault Vikings only had 10 to 15 members left and decided to head to a place called, "Cajon Pass", Inga decided to leave her former tribe. Inga strolled through the wastes of Oregon towards California and went her way East towards West Virginia. Inga got herself into a shuffle back in the Northside of Nevada, Salt Lake City. A deadly war was going on between two tribes, "80s" and "The White Legs", Inga was caught inbetween it and got captured and raped by the men of the 80s tribe. 80s never took prisoners but they could see and hear that Inga wasn't from the Nevada tribes, she sounded to "Norse". Inga was their prisoner for months and eventually was able to slip away after the White Legs attacked one of 80s camps. She continued her journey to West-Virginia, it took her months to get there. Upon arriving at West-Virginia, Inga joined a raider group called, "The Scourge". https://www.upload.ee/image/9551591/da1d9dccfe7f694c7679590eb40ac000.png

      Affliations: Vault Vikings

      The Vault Vikings originate from Vault 37, located in Oregon, to the North of NCR territory.

      Predictably, the Vault Vikings are based on a romanticized version of Norse culture, and as such place a great emphasis on martial prowess. While generally eschewing firearms, they possess a far more sophisticated knowledge of warfare and weapon-making than most other Raider tribes, arming themselves with well-made chainmail, shields, and melee weapons such as swords and axes.

    "I love looking into their eyes while I pierce my sword into their guts."

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    56 minutes ago, Piercepotato said:

    The NCR didn't exist in FO76. Good story otherwise.

    fixed it.

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