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    Javier Xavier

          Alias: Trigger Doc
          Age: 19/44
          Date of Birth: 2058
          Birthplace: New york,
          Mentality: Heroic, honest, absent minded

      Average size 5'9", Hazel Yellow/Green eyes, can usually be seen in lab coat with bull rim glasses, or military clothing, cargo pants, and boots.

      Javier Xavier was born in New York.

      Growing up Javier was raised by his mother Avius. He never knew his father, before he was at an age of consciousness his father was gone he hadn't died, at least as far as he knew no one had ever found a body. His father Jiv was a big rig truck driver who disappeared. The way his mother tell the story he takes his deliveries like any other day, though this day says he was going out of state for a robo co delivery further then his usual loads. Then he was just gone his delivery was never made, his truck gone, him gone, at lease he and it had never been found it was as if he just disappeared without a trace like something out of a horror/sifi radio show, or some comic book.

      Javier is an honest, absent minded, heroic guy who will do what he believes is right no matter who tell him differently. He may not always have an somthing to say, but when there are people in harms way, when lives are on the line, he just can't help but do whatever he can. Javier would grow up fast to to help his mother he become a Paramedic at 17 before leaving to serve in the military with his cousin June.

      Javier being around during the war has seen far more than his share of injustice. These experiences left him to look at the world in a way that most people at the time couldn't. Some would call him unpatriotic after he left the military, all because he began think of more than just himself, and his country, but the lives affected. Back home, overseas, globally. This war was tearing the world apart peoples lives who just want to live in peace, while the rest fought for scraps.

      This lead him to further his medical career after leaving the military. He only joined to help those who needed it most, and at the time he believed that joining the military was the best way to do that, "Who needs help more than soldiers on the front line." at the time thats all June had to say to him to convince him to join, and he wasn't wrong. Yet he was not to sure anymore. He wanted to use his medical skills to help anyone who needed it, eventually learning those who needed it most was not just his fellow man but the live affected by war. Javier realize he was thinking too personal. In this war we all are doing what we think is right. What is right for our family, our home, our country and nation. Globally equal all sacrificing for what we believe is right.

      Eventually he would open a roaming clinic overseas with his cousin June helping with security. June who served in the military as well alongside Javier, he didn't trust the world view Javier had developed but he understood it and he trust Javier.

      Then One day while back home in the states a letter from vault tech came. (People from every walk of life, every race, color, and creed.) Working together to build a home for the future. This, this was it These few words not much yet these word spoke to Javier. Leaving the life he built behind was tough he was only 19 and he felt like he was accomplishing so much no accomplished so much in such little time. To help his mother at first, she had raised him alone, after his father's disappearance. His medical training, military life. Only family he had left was June and his mother. June insisted that they all should go "not many gets this invitation, an opportunity like this." But it was different. Javier was used to June talking him into things, but this.... It was like he knew something, and he was scared almost frantic. Javier had a feeling but then he though maybe June was just excited about the opportunity.

      So it was decided they were leaving to help build a vault in west Virginia, sealed in for 20 years. It wasn't for the shelter or because of the war. Just a few words.

      Did he make the right choice, did the bombs ever drop, did the war end, is the war still ongoing. What state will the world be in when he emerges.
    The choices you make, shape your very being.

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