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  • CyanCrimson☆~

    Lucien Honeyblood

          Alias: South
          Age: 23
          Date of Birth: August 21st
          Birthplace: New Vegas

      Black hair, green eyes, 5'11, dark green overcoat with a black undershirt, dark gray pants brown shoes. Smiles with his eyes, usually happy. Has a lever action sniper rifle.

      Born in New Vegas, South grew up seeing the worst of people at all times. Rampant murder and gambling away all of your savings were his first memories. After living in New Vegas until he was 17 he left after his only parent, his father, overdoesed. He took his rifle and left, never looking back. He began to work as a mercenary for any amount of caps. After 4 years he still didnt feel fulfilled and began to wander, helping any he came across, finding it much more fulfilling to help for no coat, and living on grattitude and favors. Always repaying debts and cashing favors. Pretty gay tbh
    I'm just a wasteland Confirmed Bachelor.

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