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      Your Pretty Face

          Alias: MacGruber
          Age: 48
          Date of Birth: 10/23/2054
          Birthplace: Oakland, CA
          Mentality: Unstable mental capacity

      5'11", male, blonde mullet (i think strawberry blonde is the correct color), eyes: dark blue.

      A gifted hot shot soldierin his prime, ex-Navy Seal, ex-Green Beret, ex-Army Ranger...explosives expert...complete idiot, but his success is solely base on extreme luck. After his wife was murdered, decorated soldier of fortune MacGruber turned his back on a life of violence, but when her killer, arms dealer Dieter Von Cunth, steals a nuclear warhead, the all-American hero leaps back into action. MacGruber goes on a mission to stop arch-nemesis from destroying Washington DC. He fails and all out world wide nuclear war ensued. (Truth be told MacGruber couldn't save a fleeting minute without help—truth is, he's a total moron.) He escaped un-knowingly and un-authorized into Vault 76. Now a drunken explosive expert, foil hat wearing conspiracy theory fool with an anxiety disorder, MacGruber is afraid of guns, if faced with a situation when a gun is the only option, he closes his eyes as the trigger is pulled, then commences the emptying a clip with out looking as he cry's like a baby.
      changed the birthplace, i forgot to change this at the beginning, it was supposed to be Oakland all along
    "And no you can't ride in the trunk bud! Cuz the trunk is packed full of 45 pounds worth of homemade C4 explosives that I personally packed with these two ha..."(BOOM!!!!!)

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