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  • Bunny

    Rabbit Schrödinger

      Your Pretty Face

          Alias: Bunny
          Age: 15
          Date of Birth: 04/06/2087
          Birthplace: Vault 76
          Mentality: Lively, positive, friendly, kind, childish, irresponsible.

      Your Pretty Face

      Rabbit is a boy with dark hair, black eyes and pale skin. It is relatively low compared to other boys his age, being 166 cm and weighing 50.9 kg. He is usually dressed in lightweight armor pieces of leather or simple leather coats. His mark is the precision rifle on his back or his hands, where he carries him everywhere, affectionately nicknamed Hecate.

      Rabbit is a somewhat out of the ordinary kid. Given the circumstances of the present world, he should have his mind full of worries, should not he? Wrong. He refuses to let the world around him affect him, and he lives as if that had never happened and everyone was just having fun. He is always making jokes and trying to cheer up his classmates, without ever denying help to someone in need. He acts like a real child, and because of that, causes various problems with his superiors and with older people. Born in the Vault 76, Rabbit never knew the world before the war. Despite this, he spent his life listening to stories from his parents about how wonderful the world was. Despite this, he spent most of his time bored, and the boy's greatest desire was to get out of that underground can and know the real world, even in the situation where he is.
    The sun is shining. We should shine too!

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