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          Alias: Sebs
          Age: 27
          Date of Birth: Febuary 12th, 2075
          Birthplace: Boston
          Mentality: Confident

      Wears a greaser jacket and a black fedora with a pistol generally strapped to his side. He has tanned skin with sleek black hair and a goatee. He's a bit on the thinner side, but is still strong enough.

      He was 2 when the bombs fell, visiting his Grandmothers house while his parents were on a trip. She was brought into Vault 76 and successfully smuggled Sebastian in, eventually he was found but the overseer decided she couldn't just throw out a kid into the radiation. He grew up to stories of how amazing the outside world was before it ended, this led to him blaming and hating the government for it. Since he was about 10 he began learning how to fire a pistol from his grandmother, making him an over-confident and self-proclaimed gunslinger. His Grandmother was a very old-school, tough woman. She didn't really like these new-fangled machines like the Mr. Handy, they gave her the willies, so he didn't either. When he emerged from the vault he was broken to see that none of the things he heard in his Grandmother's stories could happen and absolutely despised what the radiation did to the people, land, and creatures.
      Mostly uses pistols and shotguns. Hates Ghouls and the Scorched. Hates the Enclave.
    "Best stick to ya guns, 'less ya wanna end up like this country."

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