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      Your Pretty Face

          Alias: FR34K
          Age: 41
          Date of Birth: 24 July, 2061
          Birthplace: Saint Ireland Army Hospital, Fort Knox, Kentucky
          Mentality: Directed by conscience with no regard for whats expected of him, makes his own way, but kind and benevolent. Believes in goodness/right but no use for laws/regulations. He hates bullying and follows his own moral compass.

      Your Pretty Face

      Average height, average build, average everything, its his main advantage to blend in, be a chameleon, adapt to any circumstance, any situation. Nothing flashy or out of place for the environment, carries only what is needed for the circumstance.

      Born in Fort Knox to a military family he watched his parents walk out the door, both deployed to Anchorage for the "Resource Wars", when he was 13. He was packed up and moved to live with distant relatives in West Virginia and when the bombs fell, he infiltrated the Vault-Tec security perimeter and made it into the vault unnoticed.

      The subsequent years in the vault left him angry and stir-crazy at what he had lost, often leading to conflict with those in authority. He had few true friends, but the ones let in formed bonds which nothing could break. An artist took him under her wing and showed the beauty of life, even among the destruction. Reading from the library he began tattooing pictures from the all the things outside, the pain his catharsis.

      But mostly he focused on staying out of sight, doing whatever was necessary to survive and learning skills he thought his mother and father would have taught him. He studied people from afar and looked forward to the day he could get out of the vault and look for his parents...but THAT, is another story.
    The last thing you never saw.

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