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    Theodosia Kearney

      Your Pretty Face

          Alias: Teddy
          Age: 15
          Date of Birth: --
          Birthplace: Vault 76
          Mentality: Chipper

      Your Pretty Face

      Teddy stands at just under five feet in height. She carries herself rather confidentially. The girl seems to enjoy life as there's a wide grin across her face most times. It's difficult to tell if she's being serious at times. Her hair is cropped short into a pixie cut with her curls often styled to the side to keep out of her face.

      Teddy is the daughter of a high level Security Officer within Vault 76. As such, she has been being trained to follow in his footsteps in the future.

      This profile is a heavy WIP.

    "I'm on a roll, I'm leaving home"

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