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  • Therazule


          Alias: Merc with the Perks
          Age: 34
          Date of Birth: 01/07/84
          Birthplace: Texas

      6'1 dirty blonde hair, physically fit and very outgoing. Tends to do his own thing but will always travel with others if it fits his needs. Likes crafting, especially weapons.

      Raised in a loving family, he wanted for nothing. He spent his days learning about weapons and became fascinated with excelling in the use of them. Once he was old enough he joined the vault security team where he was able to hone his skills and quickly became one of the best weapon-smiths around, not to mention the best at using the weapons he created. Throughout his stay in the vault, there wasn't much need for someone with his skills. For the most part, aside from a little unrest now and then, the vault stayed peaceful. Soon however, the vault would be opening. Opening to a world that no one knew what to expect from. Maybe then his skills would be of use. Maybe then, his skills would be wanted. Maybe then.... they would be needed....
    Whose the target? Can you afford that?

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