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  • Hellspawn

    Tim Fargo

          Age: 35
          Date of Birth: 10-02-2067
          Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia
          Mentality: Introverted

      Your Pretty Face

      A loner at heart, Tim didn't want company. It takes him a lot to just approach someone to ask for the time, let alone trying to make friends. He the type who likes to wallow in his own misery.

      Born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia Tim had a pretty normal childhood. Nothing special compared to the other kids,  he found it easy to blend in and not get noticed. He found joy in hiding from his peers and spent most of his life with his head in the clouds. He would panic if all eye where on him, he wasn't a public speak or an attention seeker so he did his best to avoid people.

      His adult years were spent working as a a trash collector for the City, it was perfect for him because most people didn't give him the time of day.


    "No matter how many people you have around you, you're totally alone."

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