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  • Schrödinger

    T'urev Allan Schrödinger

      Your Pretty Face

          Alias: Dinger
          Age: Thirty-Six
          Date of Birth: October 23rd 2066
          Birthplace: Canton, Ohio.
          Mentality: A hard worker and skilled engineer, he is quite stern and comes off as a dick at times. However, a few people have learned you can bribe him into being a sweetheart by bringing him either food or coffee.

      Your Pretty Face

      A stocky man who stands at five feet and eight inches tall, he sports his issued Vault 76 Jumpsuit and holds himself in a professional manner. His hair is well kept, his beard is trimmed and clean; both are dark brown. Hazel eyes with an amber hue stare out with a passionate warmth. He is carrying a C.A.M.P. Utility Set on his back, and an Individual Survival Satchel on his right hip.

      T'urev is a simple man, whose only goal is to help humanity move forward. Not because of his parents, or because of a higher power, but simply because of the fact that if humanity is going to survive in any format; people will need resources. His first job will to be heading out with the scouting crews to find these resources, identify the type, possible amount, and distance to and from for collection. His second task once the primary building sites are designated by the higher-ups will be to aid in building whatever is needed to keep people sheltered, fed, hydrated, and safe. This being said, he is not alone, as he is one of many ready to begin building a new world. Vault 76 is comprised of many brilliant engineers, scientists, and security personnel who plan to work together to help make an idea into reality. Together, they can make this a world worth living in.

      Life Timeline:

      - Oct 23rd, 2066: Birth (Only Child)

      -July 4th, 2076: Family Admitted to Vault Program as Primary Engineer (Father), (Long Term Habitation Studies)Mother, Advanced Schooling Program Candidate(T'urev)

      -October 23rd, 2077: Nuclear bombs fell, his family was visiting in West Virginia at the time. His father was able to talk their way into having a spot in Vault 76 as one family meant to be there was reported late. T'urev was eleven years old.

      -October 23rd, 2084: T'urev graduates the primary education program and passes the G.O.A.T. exam qualifying for both architecture and civil engineering. He takes secondary courses in botany and agriculture but only to basic levels, nothing special. Begins training under his parents to learn about their works. He also starts part-time training under Sergeant Manning to learn about Pathfinding, a job that will be required for teams to find the best locations for both resource collection and sustainment facilities; along with how to protect them in the event of hostile wildlife or otherwise.

      -July 18th, 2087: T'urev's Father dies from heart failure. His mother and he lead the funeral alongside Reverend Mathius. T'urev continues his education and training. At this point, everyone who's anyone knows each other in the vault. T'urev is mostly seen as a "Workaholic", to others he's a friend, and to a few he's considered the "Vault's Biggest Asshole" for the way he teaches EEP (Emergency Engineering Protocols) since he was put in charge of responding to any emergencies regarding the vault.

      -September 1st, 2096: T'urev has qualified for Surface Operations and is slotted to be part of the third initial Pathfinder Crew labeled "Gleipnir Three". Crew one was never heard from again, crew two had all members report back, and crew three took massive casualties, leaving only T'urev alive to report what they found and that the outside world has various hostile lifeforms including humanoid creatures that are capable of wielding firearms. Vault administrators decided from the report to call these beings "The Scorched". His injuries left him scarred along his left side on his rib cage from his collarbone all the way down to his hip of the same side. It didn't heal well and is prone to "Cracking" open in small parts of the scarring with extensive movement, causing severe pain from the damaged nerves..

      -December 21st, 2100: T'urev's mother dies from pneumonia complications. He is left as the last known member of the Schrödinger family line. He continues his work and studies after hosting the funeral for his mother.

      -2102: Vault 76 opens allowing for personnel to begin the process of starting the rebuilding project. T'urev heads out with Gleipnir One to begin looking for the most viable areas for building the most important structures for sustainability. He is now thirty-six years old and is dedicated to aiding his fellows in building a new home.

      Stats: ((OOC Note: Rolls are ONLY used in Passive RP Scenarios Only. Active RP isn't roll based, thus actor based.))


      Workaholic- Debuff: Can never be "Fully Rested", thus is always suffering on focus (-10 Focused Aim with all firearms/ -20 with Sniper Rifles.)

      Painful Reminder- Debuff: Extreme being hit in the left side of his upper and lower torso will cause severe pain due to long-term nerve damage sustained by a prior injury.

      Callused Hands and Mind- Debuff: He'd a short fuse and lives with a wrench in hand. He doesn't take bullshit from anyone. (-20 on all Charisma Rolls/ +10 on Intimidation.)

      Stocky Ox- Debuff: He can lift you and your fat mother through an emergency shaft if needed, and could probably hammer his way through a bulkhead if asked, but don't expect him to sprint more than a 100 meters before he says "Fuckit" and walks instead. All muscle and brains, but lacks the endurance to run long distances before running out of breath. (Character may only run 100 meters max speed before running out of breath. )


      Troy Built- He's thicc in all the right places and isn't afraid to show it as he walks around with his jumpsuit half unzipped. He can take a lot of damage and tends to shrug off beatings with ease thanks to his physical training. (+1 to Dat Booty being THICC / +10 Pain Managment when Painful Reminder isn't Activated)

      Educated Grease Monkey- You need it fixed, he will find a way to fix it, or your money back guaranteed. (+20 Passive Engineering Rolls)

      Hello Stranger- Remembers first contact with The Scorched, and how they act, and what they did to him and his squad. This time, he's ready. (Scorched piss him off instead of scaring him. He see's them as Enemy Number One to the Vault.)

      Wrench-Fu: In the late nights of the vault workshop when everyone else was asleep, he stayed up doing many things. From fixing a terminal, tweaking the Miller, or teaching himself how to fight with his favorite tool ever. The 30lbs Lug Wrench. (+10 Melee Rolls when Wrench Equipped.)

      Mechanical Engineering
      Electrical Engineering
      Cartography and Landscaping
      Riot Shotgun Proficiency (Less-Than-Lethal Ammo)

      Advanced Education
      Family Environment
      Good Childhood
      Veteran Trained

      Psych Profile:
      Protective Of Others
      Refuses To Harm Without Cause
      Stern But Fair

      Faction: Vault 76 Reclaimers (The Reclaimers)

      Faction Job: Scouting / Building

      Faction Secondary Needs: Security / Sustainability Operations

      Theme Music: Hans Zimmer - No Time For Caution
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3zvVGJrTP8 ((( OOC Notes:

      > Pathfinder is not referencing "Mass Effect: Andromeda", it's referencing the actual form of what they are in human history. Just wanted to clear that up since this is a playstyle I've used way before ME:A was even a concept.

      > Character will be slotted as an "Adult Themed" character. So expect cussing, nudity, gore, drug use, alcohol use, sexual language, and so on. You've been warned.

      > Character is set as Mid-Class. Open to capture, Non-Lethal Torture, Forced Labor, and Abuse. (Within game mechanics and realistic standards.)

      Notes End))
    "At one time I looked to the stars imagining what humanity could build. For years I decided that no one was dumb enough to wage nuclear war for the proof of it's magnitude is easily seen in our history. I, however, was wrong in so many ways. Now, that the vault has opened, my dream is no longer to build habitats on the moon or pave the way for Mars Colonial Operations like my father and mother would have wanted... Instead, I shall dedicate what I have left of my life to rebuilding this world for the better, so that maybe, one day, our future generations may go to the stars."

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    Er... For some reason, I can't edit it, and for some reason, certain parts are all messed up. I followed the format.

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