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  • Zatroxus

    Zam Andrew Moore

          Alias: Zatroxus, Zat
          Age: 23
          Date of Birth: April 23, 2079
          Birthplace: Vault 8
          Mentality: Don't be a dick.

      Dark brown hair, blue eyes, 6' 2", wrinkled green shirt with the sleeves rolled up, dark green pants and combat boots. Kind but hardened face. Either seen carrying a shotgun or no weapon at all.

      Born in Vault 8, Zam was the son of Jake and Lisa Moore. Zam's father was a brew-master before the bombs dropped and was thus very pleased when Zam showed an interest in his craft. At the age of 8 the doors opened and Vault City began construction. Zam was a brave little soul and would split his time between learning from his father, playing with the other kids and observing and idolizing the guards. At the age of 12, Zam was hanging around the guards when an ambush occurred . The guard patrol was killed and Zam stolen to be sold as a slave. So Zam grew up as he would get traded from slaver to slaver, stolen from slaver to raider and then traded from raider to slaver. Every time he would do his best to prove his value, to prove he deserved to live. This process began to repeat quicker once he became known as the brew slave for his knowledge of liquors. 8 years after being kidnapped he escaped from his captors during another such raider attack, traveling as far away as fast as possible, little did he know he was just moving farther and farther east. He'd been in the West Virginian area for about a month before stumbling upon a vault. He spent a week camped nearby it, trying to break it open before the door loudly began opening, letting free the residents of vault 76.
    Give me a minute and some caps and we'll see what I can do.

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