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    Creating a character that is believable, and executing that character with grace is one of the most important things to accomplish in this community. This part of your preparations can either make or break your experiences here on the servers. The following posts will outline things you should always keep in mind when creating your character, and the reasons why they are so important.



    Ultimately, we want a character that would realistically fit in with the Fallout Roleplay lore. Understanding what happened to the world, will help you create a character that fits seamlessly into West Virginia. Making sure you have a character that fits into the world is not only recommended, but it is also mandatory. If there is one thing to be stressed, it is understanding the lore and trying to put yourself in the shoes of the people living in this fantasy world. Apart from following the lore, this is a big area for you to get creative with your character!



    The personality of your character is what is going to carry you through your experiences in role play. While your backstory is important to understand where your character has come from, your personality is the major factor in what will happen to your character from this point forward. Try to take into consideration their backstory, since those experiences would have had a huge impact on what personality your character has. In this part of your creation, you're also going to want to take into consideration their likes and dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses. A tip for newer players that is recommended, is creating a list and having that with you on your desk to look back to. That little reminder will help carry you through role playing your character realistically and help your character react to certain situations appropriately. Finally, every experience you have in life will dictate how you turn out as a person, this is also true for your character. Personalities and viewpoints are constantly evolving with the experiences they have. Other characters can and should directly impact on your character over time.



    The voice of your character is a really important part in creating a 3-dimensional character. Try to take into consideration certain elements of their backstory, and work that into their voice. What region are they from? Would they have an accent? Are they a chain smoker? These are some things think about when picking the voice of your character. Try to also keep in mind the overall tone of your character based on their personality traits. If they have an aggressive personality, adding nuances into your voice to match that will help push your character forward.



    The mannerisms of your character are a small detail that really enhance the overall image you are trying to portray. Firstly, let's explain what the term "Mannerism" means by its definition: noun. A habitual or characteristic manner, mode, or way of doing something; distinctive quality or style, as in behavior or speech. (Ex. He has an annoying mannerism of tapping his fingers while he talks.) Little additions like a nervous tapping, or their body language in different situations can create intrigue to your character. Effectively demonstrating these mannerisms will have to be portrayed by "emoting" them.



    The last step in our character creation is trying to figure out what your character will look like to others. It should be stressed that gear is never the priority for role play, and you can role play your character effectively without their normal attire. However, try to pick clothing and weaponry that fits their personality and skill sets. The appearance of your character is what is noticed first, and it should reflect the personality of the character underneath.

    Finally, make sure you use real people for your character's reference images. Drawings, anime, ect should not be used for the sake of uniformity.


    Well! Your character is made now! It's time to go out into the world! However, remember the following!


    You didn’t join a roleplay server, just to roleplay with yourself. One of the most important aspects of creating a roleplay community, is interacting with other survivors. How you interact with others, should be a direct reflection of every aspect outlined in your character creation -- not primarily focusing on one trait over the other. You took the time to figure out each of the above for your character, so take the time as well to follow all the guidelines you made for yourself. If put on the spot, and unsure of how your character may react, it is better to take the extra five to ten seconds to think about the nuances of your character before responding to an inquiry. The way you respond to conversations and scenarios, paints an immediate impression of your characters and who they are to those around you. You’ll be faced with many instances where you’ll have to act accordingly to how you want your character portrayed, and taking the time to know your character inside and out before jumping into any server, is always recommended.



    With there being no facial features in game, the movement of your character will help paint a better picture and allow others to see your character's emotions more clearly. Of course, we are very limited with what can actually be portrayed, but a lot can be said and done by even something as simple as a head movement, or your character pacing back and forth to show uncertainty. Stamina may affect how your character reacts when moving; meaning that either all, less, or none of your stamina allowance may be used, depending on what makes sense for your character. A person who is physically fit, is more likely to use their full stamina bar, whereas someone with an injury, should take that into consideration before running full speed. Taking in your surroundings, your physical capabilities, and the personality of your character will help your movements seem fluid, and natural in a roleplay scenario.



    Along your travels, you're going to be finding quite a number of items all over West Virginia --items that when looking through your inventory have a very specific name. Some names that are given are fairly straight-forward like vault suits, stimpak’s, nuka cola’s, etc. However, there are quite a number of items that have very specific names, such as certain weaponry, and technologies. It is recommended to get out of the habit of calling every single item by their actual name as it shows in your inventory, as your character might not always know the origin of the item, or the branding given. Try using descriptive words that differ from the actual name in order to explain which item you are talking about. Guns and ammo should also be given the same treatment for people who play characters with little knowledge about guns.

    A little creativity about looting for items will go a long way as well. Another habit to try and break is saying that you found the stuff "laying around" a house. Try thinking of the type of item you have picked up, and try to find a logical way of bringing that into role play by taking into consideration the origin of the item. Where would you have logically found the item within the house?



    We are officially survivors of total atomic annihilation, meaning that resources are going to start getting a little scarce with the amount of people who still roam the wasteland. Things like ammo, medicine, and food will be harder to find, and that should always be role played even if those items do spawn on the regular. Try to put yourself into the shoes of the characters, and try to think realistically about how you use your supplies. Is it really worth it to shoot off rounds into the air? Or waste ammo by killing every mutated creature? Ammo is not a renewable resource, and should be treated as such. Every bullet used is one less you have to defend yourself with if need be, so act appropriately when firing your gun. Be careful of irradiated food, as well! Consuming that can of “Cram” might not be worth the gut ache it would give your character, as well as nasty radiation side effects. Be sure to have a Radaway handy before consuming anything that could make your character sick, since your character isn’t likely to take those sort of chances with their lives.



    You will hear people wandering around, calling the mutated many different names. Just because the game tells you the name of these creatures, doesn’t mean that your character would know this. Try to find something that makes sense for your character to call them based on their personality, or experiences. Depending on the type of character you play, your understanding of the mutated should vary. Play around with theories that make sense for your character! It will be interesting for people to hear your take on the matter when you are prodded about it.

    As mutations realistically should be a large threat for your character and their group, try to exercise some reservation when you see a large group of them. The confidence level should vary from character to character based on their skill set and personality, however there should still always be a voice in the back of your mind that has some shred of doubt. Try to get past the idea of "infinite ammo" and realize that every shot you make is another bullet gone, and another noise for more of them to be attracted to. Not only that, but try to entertain the notion that your character would be fine with a handful of mutated creatures, but a large horde could easily incapacitate them. That sort of realistic behavior will take your role play to another level, as this is an apocalypse, after all.



    Try taking the size and potential population of the town in mind before entering it. Realistically speaking, larger cities would be a greater threat, but also have more to gain. There are more opportunities to find what your character is looking for in a large town. However, one should always account for the risks of entering a large city as well. Risks such as hordes of mutated creatures, and the potential to encounter other individuals or settlements.

    Try being smart about your movements while in a town. Being armed and ready would help defend yourself from anything that sneaks up on you, but being trigger-happy could do more harm than good in a large town with many hostile creatures. Weigh your options and try to determine ICly whether or not it is worth the potential risk. Noises can do more than attract creatures; they can also attract bandits or people with nefarious intentions. So, if searching a town by yourself, extra caution should be exercised. Also, try to keep your character's skill-sets in mind before entering a large city.


    Aside from all the etiquette and guidelines, this here is a simple guideline for people who might not be sure how to fill out their character profile.


    This is pretty easy, yeah? Just make sure it's not the name of a celebrity or fictional character in a popular series.



    This is where the smaller character image for your profile should go. It should be a URL and for best results, 150px height and width. You can resize images easily here at http://resizeimage.net. Furthermore, you can upload the image to get the url from https://imgur.com. Make sure the image's URL looks like this https://i.imgur.com/HBIG1kO.png and not https://imgur.com/HBIG1kO.



    This is a small quote that shows up at the bottom of your page. Easy peasy, right?



    Any nicknames or monikers that your character's gained over the years go here.


    Pretty easy. Make sure to consult our lore pages to make sure the dates match up.



    This can be a bit complicated if you want to be born outside of Vault 76. Our lore pages should have plenty of information to help make this possible. Make sure to give it all a thorough reading. If you're lost or confused regarding the lore, feel free to make a thread in our lore forum.



    This rounds out your character summary that goes at the top of your profile. It's just a small little nugget for people to be able to glance at of your character's current mental state. You can go into further detail below.



    This is the larger image found on the right side of your profile. Ideally it should be 300x400. Follow the similar guidelines of the smaller image up above. Easy peasy.



    This is pretty straight forward. Tell us about your character, what they wear or how they carry themselves. What weapons and tools do they use most often? Any weird physical traits? What do people see when they first look at your character. Meanwhile, Bio can be expanded into their history, personality and more. Finally, misc is anything that didn't quite fit in what the other two options. Go crazy.