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    We know nobody likes rules, but they're important to keep things running smoothly. So make sure you read everything thoroughly.


    Respect. This is an 18 + community. All members must behave in a mature manner, be polite and show respect towards each other. It is against the rules to harass other members in a bullying or provocative manner, regardless of the communication medium limited to and not limited to Fallout Roleplay. Witch hunts will be result in removal from the community. This isn’t saying you cannot swear or use adult themes, this is purely limited to mutual respect and human decency among community members.

    No racism, trolling, sexism, homophobic or hate speech of any kind. Any form of prejudice will be met with persecution. Whilst we understand some things may be taken in fun, not everyone will see it that way. If in doubt, contact a staff member.

    Posts are to be constructive and Safe for Work at all times. They must maintain a high standard and be a constructive addition regardless of the topic being discussed. Such examples of this could be one word replies such as ‘lol’ or ‘ok’.

    Advertising other communities must gain admin approval.

    No sexual Imagery or links of any kind are allowed. All memes must be tasteful and follow all community guidelines, or will be subject to removal.

    Regardless of what is being spoken of, use the appropriate channels provided. Staff shouldn’t have to relocate topics.

    No discussing of real life politics or religious viewpoints of any kind. Whilst we understand and respect people's viewpoints, these two topics have been known to incite flame. This is a roleplay community, it does not belong here.



    All subject matter revolving around your character must fit within the Lore of the world. Any references to real life or items outside the world itself is considered immersion breaking and against the rules. This includes first and last names; no real life famous figures are allowed, or troll characters.

    2.THE SEX
    All sexualized content must be taken to a private chat. Consent by any individual involved can be withdrawn at any time throughout the encounter, without reprimand.

    Do not Metagame. Metagaming is using OOC means to gain information on someone else’s character without using IC means. It is using external factors outside the limits of IC means to gain an advantage and can be disruptive to immersion.

    You are not allowed to powergame other players. Powergaming is forcing an action with long term side effects upon another character, without their explicit consent to do so, or otherwise unrealistically outside of their control. Powergaming alters the way a character is played for the duration of their life, therefore all actions considered permanent must be agreed upon with verbal or written terms. All permanent actions and effects must be realistic, make in character sense, and follow community guidelines.

    5.GOD MODE
    Do not god mode. God modding, is a subcategory of powergaming. A god modder is someone whose abilities far exceed reason and allowance. They are the player who decides they gained radioactive perk powers and become the Fallout literal embodiment of Superman. They’ll eat bullets and fart atomic bombs. It’s as the name suggests, playing god.

    Do not tweak. Tweaking is a subcategory of powergaming. A tweaker is someone whose speed, reflexes and agility far exceed logic and reason. This person can and will dodge everything, regardless of what the situation is, they weasel out of everything. It’s bad excuse after bad excuse. They will perform multiple actions in a single post against you, changing what they’re doing in following posts regardless of physics to suit their desired result. This is the person who would relocate their dislocated joints in the middle of a fight whilst action music blares in the background. It’s as the name suggests, tweaky.

    When you are talking out of character, use brackets such as “(Words)” or “[Words]” to signify such. All IC speech should be signified with quotation marks such as “Words”.

    You have no control over someone else’s character. You cannot make them do anything, be it notice something, or force impressions upon them. It is up to them how they view things. If in a combat RP, you must allow the other person to choose whether they avoid your attack or not. The exception to this is when it defies all logic and reasoning, I.E Physics. You cannot decide how another character is injured if you harm them. That is up to the other player to decide. However this does not mean that a character can downplay what would be serious injuries.

    You cannot kill or dismember someone else’s character without their direct consent, unless they have caused excessive harm to you or yours through a history of hostilities. In such a situation, it must follow logic and reason in how it’s handled. This rule must follow all other community guidelines, and reasonable conditions for revenge must be met. When revenge rights are being applied, the result of the attack must be similar in nature to that of the original assault. In order to escalate the situation, and inflict more trauma, permission would need to be granted. The result of escalating the conflict, could result in a similar injury being applied to you or yours if hostilities continue.

    You may only make one action at a time, to allow the other character time to respond appropriately.

    If your character is declared permanently dead (perma death), then you cannot bring that character back.