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  5. Can't access ANY character pages. (I get an error message). Problem is, many Discord spinoffs are requiring the use of these character pages. Is there any workaround or suggestions?
  6. Just a lickity split second slower than TA could say “Easy-peasey” Genie popped up outta the inoculation chair and slid on over to the super Mr. Grahm mutant. “Heeey big fella’” She said sweetly batting her wide brown eyes, “Weee, that's you and I, had a deal. You kept up your side...and then some” She reared back her open hand. *WAP!* Genie swatted the big mutant hard on the rump. “Good game big guy!” “Mmm-mmm, dat hard ass.” She added as her hand burned red, she shook it to cool it off. Then hastily at the big counter in middle of the room, she bagged up the few tea Recipes, a Plan to make a table, a couple basic pipe guns, and a selection of useless junk as filler. “Ok here ya go, err, the medicine chair, uhh, won’t fit in the bag, but you can charge people caps to lead ‘em here…?” She stated as a statement as well as a question. "Consider it...a bonus. For all your hard work" Genie grabbed MacGruber by the ear, and TA by a thin wrist, “C’mon lets go before he gets done thinking about it” She hissed out the side of a crooked smile, then whisked them up the steps and out the main entrance of the AVR Medical Center.
  7. T.A. smiles always enjoying watching Genie move. She warns Macgruber in a motherly way as he gets up not to wander off as she checks Genie with the machine finding her situation to be identical to MacGruber's. The teenager gives Genie the Scorch Beast Disease innoculation, than a large dose of Rad-X before exclaiming, "All done, easy-peasey!"
  8. "Oh" Genie said plainly, "Well that's good news". Genie slid snake like passed Grahn, brushing her body against him slightly, she made a quiet moaning sound when she did. Then she slithered slowly across the floor to the chair in her normal seductive swagger. She not really sure why she does this walk, by now it's just a part of her. She shoo'd MacGruber out of the chair, "Moov'it buster, my turn". She sat down in the innoculation chair, "Alright Sis' hit me with it, then we can get the fudge otta here".
  9. It was working before, but today I can't get to Discord from the link here. Just saying!
  10. In the lab, T.A. was looking at a computer terminal frowning with MacGruber strapped to a chair in front of her. The teen medic looked up with a sweet smile saying, "This is not so much as curing machine but an inoculation machine. However, if you got the same thing as Mr. MacGruber, you don't have the Scorch Beast disease so much as plain old radiation disease and can be inoculated from ever getting that varmint's disease. I've inoculated me and Mr. MacGruber and gave him some more Rad-X and now it's your turn."
  11. "It's not for the lack of trying", Genie was answering TA's question about being a virgin, "Beside's it depends..." Then TA ran away blasting her shotgun and ran into the AVR building after Mack and the mutant trader. "Err, okay, fine" Genie also ran after them, but when she got in the building she didn't see where they went. The lighting is very poor in this building. She crouched down and stayed in the darkness, she turned to the left and found herself in a cafeteria area. She encountered two scorched folk in the kitchen, she was forced to blow there heads off with her silenced rifle, to avoid being discovered. Since part of the deal with the mutant trader was to trade some loot for the escort, Genie figured she'd make some effort before heading back the other way to find the stairs. She took the pipe guns from the dead Scorched, then in the kitchen she found some prewar food, a Sweet Mutfruit Tea recipe, but the real score was the chems. "Score!",. ' these otta carry some value with the big lug' She thought as she put the Med-x and the Psycobuff into her bag. Genie turned back the way she came and found the stairs down to the basement lab where her pals had congregated. "There you's all are. Looken all over for ya"
  12. Out of breath, T.A. followed MacGruber, blasting the occasional Scorched and/or Ghoul, until she got to the lab door, squeaking by the huge super mutant to enter the lab. "Darned if you didn't find it Mr. MacGruber," Exclaimed the teen medic as she be began to hack the password of the computer in the lab, a big smile crossing her freckled face as she succeeded.
  13. McMacGruber continued to "beeline" to the AVR Med Center main entrance, seemingly ignoring the scorched folk. "Com'on follow me it's this way!" He hollered to the group childlike. Sticking to what he perceived as the plan, he burst though the door, and bound down the steps directly to the left without touching a signal step. Quickly he past through a generator room, bypassing a confused ghoul, and down into a basement. MacGruber found himself standing in middle a lab, with some equipment he didn't understand and a cot in the corner. He just stood there not knowing what to do next. Grahm's long stride caught him up quickly to the funny hairy man (MacGruber). These human's owe him payment and they seam determined to die, so he found himself obligated to follow. "Human not strong enough to be stupid" He said as he swung his concrete sledge into a scorched person then another right after, both exploded into a red paste and big pieces splattered the parking lot. He continued into the building to stay behind the man, then smashed two more scorched inside, and quickly followed MacGruber down the stairs. He bulled over the waking ghoul, once realizing the lab he stopped at the door to stand guard, and wait for the females. "Mooo-oooo" Chally said as if to say, "I'm not going in there". She remained outside and found a patch of green to munch on. Happy, now, to be back in the Forest region.
  14. Tony posted this answer on Discord 3/31/2019: "It's like this. The websites theme was custom made by Lori and Invision introduced something that rendered it... well, you can see what it's done. The only way to fix it is to either remake it, which can take time and effort or to use one of their themes. Lori's life right now has kept her pretty busy, so the options are to wait or to teach myself. Admittedly I've not been rushing it considering we don't even have private server release dates. I am dreading it as this sort of thing has never been a strength of mine, but I am going to have to sit down and just break my brain on it. I am also scared I break things."
  15. Could we please have an update on when the website will be fixed or will it be wiped? Although I can access RP, I still can't access parts of the website, like where new characters are placed. I'd love to read new player's creative endeavors as to their character, but no-go.
  16. T.A. laughed melodically when one of Moo-moo's heads nuzzled her behind. She turned rubbing under Moo-moo's chin allowing the cow to lick her hand commenting, "If I ever get my travelling clinic up, I'll definitely will have to get one of these." The teenager frowned hearing what Genie was saying as she petted the Brahm, turning to her with wide green eyes repeating before asking in a whisper, "Most action down south ever? Genie, are you a virgin - like me?!?!" Then MacGruber began his one man attack on the facility and T.A. clutching her shotgun chased after him muttering, "Not again!" One of the formerly un-moving scorched victims began to move to attack MacGruber from behind with a Bowie knife, but the teen medic blew the creature's head off with a single shotgun blast as she yelled, "WATCH YOUR BACK MR. MACGRUBER!" before mumbling to herself, "That was a silly thing to yell T.A., he has YOU to watch his back!"
  17. "Eeeek! Genie squealed. Immediately putting a hand to her backside and lurching away from the sudden intrusion. Her hand found a smear of cow snot, she swiped at it and pulled her hand away, with a look of discussed on her face. The look was there for only a moment, she immediately changed to a look of intrigue. Lowering her chin and raising an eyebrow, she addressed MooMoo with understanding. "The beasty thing's not really my deal Girl, but I know where your coming from". Genie shook the snot from her hand, remover her bandana from her face, and proceeded to swipe her bottom with it. Genie turned to TA to see how she's doing, and maybe share a laugh about it. She asked in her normal nasally quawky voice. "Is that 3rd or 2nd base? Reguardless, two noses in my ass in one day, lucky meee. Most action 'Down South' ever, and one of them a cow...fancy that. Sheesh" Just then MacGruber caught up, and proceeded to head to the med center rambling something about 'He know where it is'. "How the heck would he..."
  18. Chally, excited for the adventure, caught up to the girls first. She walked up behind the two, Moo 1 and Moo 2 simultaneously nudged a slimy wet snout into TA's and Genie's butt cracks, respectively. Chally's Moo 1 snaked her long tongue into a nostril and inhaled deeply. Chally's Moo 2 sneezed and snorted at Genie's scent. "Moooo-Moooo" Grahm was only a couple of his long strides behind, and witness the act. He bellowed out a hardy laugh, "Har-har, Moo Moo make friends!" Mr. MacGruber brought up the rear, "Ooo-ooo, follow me it's down stairs. Come on!". MacGruber ran headlong towards the medical centers main entrance, completely oblivious to the scorched folk, forgetting they're dangerous, and unaware he was beginning to become part of the Scorched collective. He didn't know why he knew where the lab was, only that he knew it was downstairs.
  19. T.A. frowned realizing that they were running out of time. The teen medic knew that it was only a matter of time before MacGruber and Genie succumbed to the Scorched disease. She reached out to Genie's hand with her thin right hand giving it a quick but gentle squeeze of reassurance. T.A. glanced backwards at MacGruber seeing he was in just as bad a shape as Genie if not worse before advising Genie with a forced smile of confidence she didn't feel, "I think we better get that lab as fast as possible. Looking at the outside, I'm a betting we're gonna have some Scorched resistance. Do y'all have the location of the lab we want so we can make a beeline for it?" Then the smile became genuine as the teenager asked, "But before we go Genie - you never done what?
  20. "It's a gift - and a curse" Genie explained. "It's all for show, I mean, uhm, like maybe a calculated risk, maybe" She stumbled over the explanation, not having had to explain it before. "I guess early on i realized when i turn on the "Heat" guys, uhh, don't think so clear. I don't go into planning on giving anything up, just make them think i will. Yah know? In fact I never...uhh..." Genie got flustered, and kind of developed a blush of her own. "...Uhh, Nevermind." She said abruptly. "Shit, that building is ugly" Changing the subject, "I always hated that color of blue, err, green". The AVR Medical Center was in an area on the edge of the burned up land, and the foresty land. The group approached from the side of the building in the south. They could see a parking area to their right, where the front of the build is. A red roofed awning/foyer building is at the front of the building sticking out like a sore thumb. Almost literally, the red roof clashed awfully with the teal paint of the rest of the facility, however the practical purpose of the red was to show that it is the Urgency Care entrance. Above the red roof was a lattice tower with a large iconic medical cross indicating they have indeed arrived at the correct location. Also an indicator, a burnt out ambulance parked in front of the emergency entrance, further indication was the half a dozen scorched people milling around the entrance, another half dozen statue-ized scorched people, and worse several dozed bleached skeletons of people that the facility could not help. "Green, Blue, What are you? Can't stand a color that can't make up it's mind" She went on about the color. "Why? It isn't bad enough there's scorched people roaming around outside, the color has to be...Teal?" She wrinkled her nose, and grimaced at the word. "Gross" Genie stopped walking, crouched down while looking back to see if the posse was coming, Chally, Grahm, and last but not least MacGruber were on there way, several yards away yet. "Sorry. We'll wait to make a plan. TA, I can't really think straight right now, I don't know where my head is." Genie bopped the side of her head on the heel of her hand, as if to knock out the cobwebs and dust.
  21. War is hell, it seems hell found its way to our very home
  22. War is hell, it seems hell found its way to our very home
  23. T.A. poured some water from her canteen on her handkerchief and washed MacGruber's mouth and chin as they walked. Once she was assured that he as well as the big green super mutant and his two headed pack animal were following, T.A. picked up her pace so that she was walking next to Genie. The teenager just walked in silence by Genie for some ten minutes looking at her side wise with big green eyes. Finally speaking, T.A. confessed to Genie with sincerity, "I really admire you Genie. I couldn't have done what you did back there in a million years. I mean... Grahm could have killed ya with one swipe of his big fist and... it scares me silly thinking what if he thought y'all were offering some other kind of services than what ya were. He certainly could have given... um... your words and your body language." The familiar red blush went up T.A.'s thin neck into her freckled cheeks at the mere thought of what could have happened and which, truth-to-tell, was a bit of a turn-on for the young girl as she added, "You're sooo confident Genie - and sooo fearless too! I wish... I wish I was more like you." Suddenly T.A. saw a futuristic building of several stories in the distance and pointing at it with one thin forefinger, the teen medic asked Genie, "Is that our destination?"
  24. Genie's heart was practically pounding out of her chest. 'holy shit! i can't believe you just did that! what were you thinking!' she screamed at herself, internally. Internally she was freaking out, while outwardly she maintained a steady pace, trying with all her might to keep her walk confident looking. Genie's stomach growled at her. *Grrrrr* "Shoosh, you". She punched at her tight belly. "We'll eat after..." She said aloud to her hunger pains, not realizing she had said it. Genie pressed on hoping she didn't make a mistake, hoping her gamble with Mr. Grahm pays off. So hungry. She knew she could trade something for a snack, but her plan included keeping him interested enough to keep following. She forced a quick glance back, 'Good, he's following' She thought to herself. 'So freaking hungry', 'damn it', but she was unwilling to admit she may be experiencing "symptoms", telling herself it's just normal hungry, not sick hungry, it's the adrenaline rush talking. Just need to get to the center for the medicine.
  25. "Moooooooo", In stereo, both of the Chally heads, Moo 1 and Moo 2, called out as she trombled after Genie and TA as if she was included as one of the "girls". Grahm seemed to not be effected by the human woman's show, but he couldn't argue with the reasoning. "Moo Moo go with?" Grahm asked, "Guess it make sense, and fair trade" Really he was thinking he's getting the better part of the deal, all he had to do was walk a direction he was already walking, and smash creatures that don't want to shop. "Simple" he thought, "What could go wrong?" Mr. MacGruber hopped up, and ran to catch up. He wiped his sleeve across his milky beard, which did nothing to clean the buttery cream since Vault-tec suits suits are non absorbent. "Wait for me!"
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