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    • He looked down at her, and simply nods in response. The comment he had made about Jack and his lieutenants most likely not killing him seemed to give him a bit of reconciliation, and the tension in the room felt a tad less intense. He hadn’t heard much from Jack since his time working off his debt with the Saul at the Med Tent, much less even seen the man, and for some odd reason he felt this reunion was going to be more awkward than when he first stormed up to the gates with a prisoner in front of the barrel of his gun, maybe it was because he knew much more about the ruler now than he had back then. Which was either a blessing, or a curse.   Feral’s fascination with Jack came off as strange to Yetti, he never understood it, but he did personally fear it greatly, perhaps greater than the man himself. Due to how much it seemed to have absorbed the kid. He worried that she would grow a bit...too attached to Jack, in a rather unhealthy way, devoted to his will like a mindless servant. Willing to do anything, under no remorse, including killing her own. Of course, that’s what just about any Raider would do for him, but everyone had their limits. Yetti had his limits with children, with elderly and weak and innocent. Others would have family, friends, something to cling onto for common humanity, but Feral, all she would have left is Jack’s satisfaction. She had her arm broken, face punched, bitch slapped, verbally assaulted, and publicly humiliated by Jack, and probably more since before he became a member, and yet there she was, loyal as ever to him, and that’s what made him fear this fascination. And he knew that the one thing to fear, other than fear, is someone with nothing to lose or fear. While Jack had an entire empire, possibly the Bone Carver he seemed to care so much for (whom Yetti hasn’t met), and potentially hundreds of people ready to fight for him, Feral...well, Yetti had an ominous, creeping suspicion, that the preteen Raider standing before him, had nothing to lose.    While he had his inner thoughts, he would look back at the scene of the Throne Room one last time, before they both stepped out into the Courtyard, just as the door shut. Somehow, that door shutting behind him was a reminder of that day he went into the Scorgue, seeing those gates close behind him. And he felt something big was in store down the road.      
    • T.A.'s blonde head tilted, her own full lips parting slightly, her green eyes almost closing, wanting to lean forward and kiss Genie, to lose herself in the intensity of that kiss, thinking of neither the past nor the future, just the moment. Blinking her large green eyes several times as she cleared her mind, the teen medic shook her head, bringing herself back to reality as she forced a smile and said reassuringly while it was her turn to put a strong but comforting arm around her friend's shoulders, "Then that's our next stop: AVR Medical. If there is such as inoculation against that there Scorch Beast disease, then we ain't gonna stop until we find it." T.A.took to her feet, looking first to her right, then to her left, before the teenager bit her lower lip and asked, "Y'all got any idea where this AVR Medical is?"
    • "If you drop, I won't have time to run, if Jack wants to kill me," Answered Feral with a lopsided grin before her face turned impassive again and she explained as she ordered, "And I have to be first. I'm the Leader of our Pack Yetti - and I'll never lead from behind. I'll never have someone face a danger head on that I'm not willing to face. That's not strength, that's weakness - and I'll never be weak again." As they entered the courtyard, the young Raider whispered, "That's true about Jack, he'd kill us publicly. Jack is a god... or demon... or both... so what does he need secrecy for? But some of his lieutenants? If we were to just disappear, it might serve their interests just fine."
    • Yetti followed her, closely, and, looking back at the bartender, placed his hand on the preteens shoulder, and slightly pulled her back. “If it is, ive got a bit more meat on my bones than you, if I drop, then you run. Let me go in ahead of you kid.” He gently pulled her back, almost in a protective manner, and slowly opened the door, peeking through the other side to observe the environment they were entering, and every nook and cranny. He would then whisper to her, after a few moments of reconciliation. “Well...looks like a courtyard alright, if he wanted us dead, I’m sure he would have done it publicly, in the Throne Room, or at the gate. Not in some back alley like we were just rabid dogs...and I doubt his own men would want to make a move on us like this.”
    • Feral visibly gulped, but she gestured to Yetti to follow as she headed towards a door in the back side of the Throne Room. As they walked, the preteen Raider turned to say over her shoulder, "Be on your guard Yetti. This may be a trap. I was told that no one was ever supposed to go through here - ever!" Still, Feral grabbed the door and opened it with one hand - while keeping her other hand on the butt of her holstered .44 pistol.
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