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Night before the vaults open

"Reclamation day has come up quickly, The others are setting up for a last 'hoorah' in the vault. I am happy it is time to leave this vault of sorrow... My home of twenty somethin' years will now become a grave for my parents... 

The pain of livin' here knowing i lost both the people i love is alot shoulder with ever part of this vault touched and walked and worked by them... -sound of a deep sniff heard, his voice cracks slightly as he speaks again-

M-my last day i will sit here with the door open and listen to the joys and excitement and music but i wont join them, I must think long and hard what i want to establish and do in the world. This land will be foreign to us all but even more so to me and the other children that grew up in here. We never knew West Virginia like our parents did. Its unfortunate cause mom talked about West Va like it was heaven on earth, but often spoke on how our home town was as well in Virginia. Maybe ill travel deep into the lands? I dont know.

Im excited im scared and nervous -He chuckles slightly- would be nice to find other people i dont know from other vaults, would LOVE to find some other women . I stuck with snobby brats to  grow up with. 

-Sound of his door opening up, the faint sound of the part kicking off, chatter, music, laughing-

Party sounds like it started...Im going to get some food for the bastards eat it all. Sneak back, eat. Sleep. Leave. I will keep alog when i get my pipboy. Til then. 

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-Crackling of fire and cricket chirps heard in the background-

When i stepped out of the vault, The fresh air felt good? Like i thought people scattered  all over, I followed the path ways. Kinda depressing even though i secluded myself from everyone one else. Anyway...Even though the worst thing happened to the world with the nukes, its still beautiful in its own right. Scary, but pretty. The way the earth heals itself is amazin', Gotta be careful though, Waters tainted til i can filter it with filters and the cows got three heads, bugs are huge, and the once human inhabitants that where unlucky enough to not get residence in a vault. The radiation turned'em into somethin' out of a horror picture.

-The sound of him ripping into some of that fire cooked mutated meat of which he just spoke about-

Mm...S'actually purtay good... -clears his throat- Came across a small town called Morgan, real close to the Vault....Im camped just outside of it... Ma talked about it being a nice lil place... Im sure it was.

I stuck round an came across some holos from the locals and of The Overseer, Apparently there where first responders set up here while we where livin in the vault? S'kinda sad knowing some people had to endure and watch people burn, mutate, get sick, died...but they did endure...

-His words cut off a moment as a rustling sound was heard. Then something sounded off like a rock hitting dirt-

GET OUTTA HERE YOU SUM'BITCH!...Fuckin Mutated opossums, Harmless but creepy and always ready to scavenge... Gotta be on guard here. Always... 

Welp, Not gonna sleep out in the open...Time to move...


Eric Holder . Day One.

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-sound of scorchers loud but muffled groaning and chanting their simple vocabulary. Bangs on the metal door sounded and waves of Yells and hollers. It sounded like alot of them-

"Well... I fucked myself  royally!"

He laughs at himself.

"Im up near where the Vault Tech University is, North east of Flatwoods. I was scroungin round inside the VTU and found their testing facilities, Got distracted cause what i really come across was a massive grave filled with students in their, i assume is there testing vault. Anyway, some of the computers work, and it seems they tested the popularity of some science student's Food paste?...Well guess the bombs fell during in the middle of their test cause one of the entries of the testing Overseer a.k.a the science student, is that that he or she felt something like an earthquake and they where worried. They also entered a log about the advisers on the outside not responding after that..."

He sucked his teeth audibly.

"Man, i mean poor bastards where prepping for the vaults in Twenty-sevenity-seven while we just entered seventy-six weeks prior... Crazy...Well, The Science student paste creator found out quick that the paste...TO NO SURPRISE...was shit and the other students hated it, I counted atleast ten or fifteen skellies in the test vault...A bunch tried to drill into the Oveerseers office but he or she locked themselves in their room attached to the Overseers office, his or her body was in the bed but next to the corps was a box of rat poison....Poor bastard"

"Any way, After collecting what i could, i found another exit, vault door that opened to a wooden door that lead outside. I dont know if they where fuckin butt-fuckin right in that spot, or if i made some super sonic fuckin noise but soon as i opened that door, the look on my face coulda been priceless"

He laughs again.

"...I think i even seen surprise on their face...or maybe it was just the flesh about to fall from the bone...But i slammed that door and took off back down the way i came, it was to many to take on and to many to count, i got turned around and now...So now ive broken the door at the Overseers office...Im gonna hold up here for the night, not gonna chance making a run for it, but i have ways out. I moved the furniture to block both entrances and exits just incase the door fails, If all else fails i got the window to jump out of...BRIGHT SIDE THOUGHT!?-"

The sudden sound of a dulled muffled slapping and approving whistle.

"Got a nice bed to lay my head, I moved the Student Overseer and propped them against the wall out in the main room, Got some notes i found some food i cooked and a bottle of Rum...IM good for the night!"

"Eric Holder, Day 2/3"



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-Crackle of fire, crickets, night time noises-

"....Behold i am alive! 'Scaped that testing vault like in one of them spy action movies... Jumped out the over-seer window, banged myself up but nothing to bad...Ya know cause when i say jumped i mean i hung out the window and let go and crumbled to the ground...My feet burned something awful but im ok. I ran like a son of a bitch, sneakin and zoomin out, they where so focus on the doors, and the fact i popped in an old Holo tape i didnt need on the Overseers terminal so that thought i was in here...Its kinda funny it was the reclimation day holo from seventy-six's Overseer..."

His last bit of words bounce with laughter, as he laughs with pride of his smart thinkin.

"From UVT i got out the area and scavenged around before i made an uneventful trip back to Flatwood where i am now camped...Well, Im camped near the bridge outside of Flatwoods. I came back cause this small town seems pretty safe. The Scorchers are easy to take care of and few and far between so im good. Ive se--"

From the distance the unmistakable sound of power armour Then a female southern charmed voice rang out.

Female voice: "Howdy Partner.."

The Pipboy Holo Recording is cut off.


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-Same night, Few hours later. Light distant sounds of people sleeping can be heard in the background among other night time ambiance noises-

Clears throat.

"My campsite has three camper now, Tara the Hopeful Doc, Tony The child like fool, and Genie The flirtatious. They saw my campfire and walked on up, well Tara was first then the other two... Not like i was hiding or anything but they made contact. We spent the last five hours chatting and talking. There a Odd mix, Weird, Over dramatic, Pipe dreamers. But they aint so bad so far, They could be maniacs just fuckin with me, im keepin my eyes on 'em Regardless"

"They fell asleep so im keepin watch which i would have regardless since sleep comes hard for me. Insomnia but it works for me... Anyway i forgot what i was talkin' bout earlier...So ill just fill in about those behind me asleep"

Tara, Walked up with her Power armor on but she got out of it once she realized i wasnt a threat. She a Doc, Cute girl, Eighteen, Naive, Hopeful. Her parents where the Docs in the vault, Mr & Ms Murrow , I remember that day her mom died, i was ten or so when Tara was born. It was a happy sad day. Mr Murrow was never the same, he which was understandable. Ms Murrow was a great helpful woman, Made Mr Murrow a better man, but when she died his personality changed but he was and will be the best Doc i ever had. Tara's on the look for him, he went to some old carnival or play place or something."

"Next there Genie, Age, Unknown, Im going to assume she security? cause she watched over Tara with her rifle in the bushes. She is...Annoyingly flirtatious, Everything is damn innuendo with her. We aint talk much, she seems an air head, but im not sure fully. Shes a question mark unless she really is that shallow then i nailed it"

"finally Tony, This guy.."

A long deep breath is heard

"He's alright, bit of a dope, He doesnt feel genuine, His name, his mannerisms...Hes a strange bird, I dont even recognize him to be fully honest Genie neither. Either way, He turns to puddles over Genie, Apparently hes a good smith when it comes to guns and parts. Handy. Seems like someone that can find himself in tight situations if you ask me. Him and Genie are both on my radar"

"Very fuckin odd the people alil campfire can draw in..."

"day 4/5, Eric Holder"


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The sound of the wind whipping through the trees, rustling leaves and rattling branches could be heard for almost five minutes. The crackle of fire sounded. The finally the humming of the Pipboy's owner, Humming "16 tons".

"Its been a loooong time since i hit record. Hell, its been a long time since i put this damn thing on." 

He laughs then falls silent a moment before picking up once more.

"...Ive been holdin' up deep in the woods, Secluded myself from the flood of THE GREAT OPENING!-ING-ING..."

The sudden holler of his raspy baritone-esk voice echoed through the trees, He was silent til it faded.

"...It has been good fer' me to be alone. Not having to worry bout rubbin elbows with no one and nothin...Lucky for me the ghoulies and beast havent wandered this way. But my stock pile is runnin' low, bullets and medical supples as well... Seems like its time to head back the ruins of the old world once more..."

Falling silent once more, then a rhythmic snapping of one of his fingers in style of "16 tons".

"Ya load sixteen tons whatya get? Another day olda and deepah in debt..."

Was sung in time with the snapping. Then the snapping before the recording cuts out.

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