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We do not control it. Fallout Roleplay has zero control over what goes on in public realms, which is why we are holding put for private. We cannot enforce rules, we cannot punish people, we cannot tell them what they can or cannot do, we cannot limit them in any way... it's public. 

We've been asked and I am reiterating that we officially become what we always set out to be when private servers are dropped. I understand people lack patience and want it right now, but that side of things is on Bethesda. Until that happens, we literally have no power over anything beyond the website and the discord. 

Please be aware when the in game rules appear with private servers, you will have to adapt. This has never been a secret, we've never hid this. It'll be that fresh new world all over again... full servers with people all roleplaying, no OOC from public, no immersion breaks and believable standards to set the tone of the world. 

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