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Hey y'all! Talking about the private servers that I hope are about to be released soon, I imagine a number of mods will be added in our world to create a better and more realistic experience. With that in mind, what do you expect from modified content to be created and used? I could quote:

1. Permanent C.A.M.P.s even when we disconnect from the game, allowing them to be used / invaded at any time. Is not it totally meaningless to know that our houses disappear when we log off?

2. Remove the construction limit. Needless to say why, right?

3. More clothes! More hair! More styles! All customization options are literally copied from Fallout 4. How much lack of creativity.

4. No fast-travel! Totally illogical!

5. Resurgence at the exact point where we left off last time. Why do we show up somewhere random near the last location? Which brings us to the next item:

6. Prisons! The wicked need to be punished (and smart enough to flee!).

7. Creation of terminals so that we can write our own entries and that anyone can see.

8. Conquerable radios! So that we can play our songs and / or our own voice for everyone who is listening to the station.

And you? What ideas do you have in mind?

Hugs to all! <3

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