How to take good Instagram photos of yourself is a common question since people are literally making money and getting gorgeous PR packages just by uploading some beautiful pictures of themselves out there while most of us are just scrolling and getting jealous because of how flawless they look.

If you are on the ‘burning’ side here, I have a piece of good news for you: You can stop burning and join the ‘gorgeous model’ side with just a few tips I am sharing here.

Instagram is a widely known application for social media. In just a few years, it has gone from a minor craze to being one of the most widely used sites in the world.

Not only can it be a great way to get yourself noticed by the masses, but it can also be a great way to share your work with others and build your reputation as a talented photographer.

A lot of people don’t know that taking good Instagram photos of yourself is not just a matter of skill, but also a matter of convenience, accessibility, and the ability to produce high-quality images affordably. I have used the word ‘affordably’ to keep this guide appealing to everyone and not just to the entitled ones, so if you think the expensive DSLRs and latest iPhones are the only way to keep a good profile on the gram, you want to think again:

You can get a DSLR for under $500 or even DSLR under $300 on the market available right now. Of course, it’s not going to compete with the luxurious ones but they are good to keep your profile glowing.

As for the phones, iPhones aren’t the only ones giving you the best cameras in return for your life savings, the mid-range gadgets by brands like Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi are producing some excellent camera phones that can make your Instagram blog an appealing one.

The flagship phones may even get better than a latest iPhone 13 Pro Max sometimes, you can decide for yourself by checking out some camera comparison videos on youtube.

11 Tips on How to Take Good Instagram Photos of Yourself

To make your photos better for your Instagram profile we are listing the following tips to get wonderful feedback from your followers and become recognized by Instagram from the unknown status to get to the list of verified users.

1. Choosing the Right Gear

Before you start shooting, make absolutely sure you are equipped with all the necessary tools.

 to take Instagram photos

It should be obvious that the camera (a good one) is on the gear list, duh. But what else will you need?

Since you’re going to click the photos yourself, a tripod and a remote shutter should be on top of your list. Next, you need those ring lights since you cannot create a bright future for your Instagram profile if you’re just sitting in the dark.

It is also a good idea to invest in a grey card to choose the correct exposure and white balance for your photos.

2. Find the Best Angle

I am sure you all have opened the front camera accidentally and got scared of your own face at least once in your life. No, it doesn’t mean your face is a horrible one, it’s just that the camera angle was not good for your face. Do you see now how crucial the camera angle is now?

Find the Best Angle to Take Good Instagram Photos of Yourself

I can’t really tell you what angles make you look good, this is something you’ll have to discover on your own by experimenting with different angles, but I can give you a short and general guidance:

i. Lower angles make you look taller so go for them if that’s what you want.

ii. Shooting from a higher angle will make for face look thinner o it is a good choice if you’re looking forward to covering your double chin up.

iii. Eye level is what I think is the best angle for most portrait photography since it looks more natural and appealing to the eye. But, if we consider Instagram life, it is far from natural so it is up to you to choose the angle that best works for you.

3. Use Filters

I remember when I accidentally cut my face with my nails and had to see it but was too lazy to get up to the mirror so I just launched the front camera and guess what, I couldn’t even see the blood I had on my face because the beauty filter was on. If this is how good a regular camera filter is then imagine how well the Instagram filters and Snapchat filters work!

Use Filters to Take-Good-Instagram-Photos

Filters were created to hide your flaws and make you prettier than ever. Use them.

4. The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds (or the line of thirds) is an artistic technique that is used to create a composition.

The rule of thirds is where you create a grid of lines that divide the image into three equal parts, where each part of the image is equally divided in a perpendicular manner.

The Rule of Thirds

This makes an important contribution to the pretense of depth in a photo. You can use this technique in any image you create, whether a portrait, landscape, or anything else.

5. Shallow Depth Of Field

A great portrait photographer knows exactly how much depth of field they need to create a great shot. To create a clear portrait, the photographer needs to be able to focus on one specific part of the subject.

Shallow Depth Of Field

The background of the object in focus (you) will not be sharply in focus if your depth of field is shallow. Instead, it will be blurred out into black and white, giving the background a washed-out look.

A small aperture could be used, say f/1.4 to somewhere f/3.5, to get the desired effect.

6. Leading Lines

When creating a portrait, it’s important to know how to create leading lines and shadow lines to help your subject stand out. Using a leading line in photography will make you the center of the subject and the viewer’s eye will directly be led to where you are sitting in the photo.

Leading Lines

So if you’re trying to get your photo, look around to see what you can use as a leading line. This can be a bridge, a road, a hallway, or just a regular bench you are chilling on.

7. Fill The Frame

There are times when you are in love with yourself and believe yourself to be the most attractive thing on the planet.

Fill The Frame

On such days you might want to fill the whole frame with yourself and leave no space for anything in the background because how can a wall with those ugly bricks be in the same frame as you?

8. Natural Frame

Sometimes your surroundings are holding natural frames for you. These frames will make you pop up in the photo and all the focus will be on you.

 Natural Frame

These can be some branches joining together to make a circle, a peek from the cave, or just a net with a hole in it. If you find anything like this, consider it your lucky day!

9. Leave Some Space In Front Of Viewpoint

These work best if you want to show off your background, and want the viewers to see what you are looking at.

Leave Some Space In Front Of Viewpoint

For instance, if you are out there looking at an ancient fort, then you sure don’t want only yourself in the frame. In this case, you will definitely be willing to give up some space to let the fort squeeze into the image.

10. Focus On The Eyes

They say the window to your soul is your eye. The beauty of eyes is that it’s hard to describe them. You don’t really know what they look like until you get in front of a mirror so you can see them for yourself.

Focus on The Eyes

If you want to capture your followers’ attention, make sure they see the beautiful spark in your eyes.

So how do you bring focus to your eyes? Below are a few suggestions:

i. Use your hair to cover the rest of your face
ii. Place your hands elegantly on your face, leaving only the eyes in front of the camera
iii. Try out some bright-colored lenses
iv. Eye makeup
v. Usually, it is best to capture the eyes just as they are, but you can also try on some filters that will make your eyes more attractive in the frame.

11. Stand Out

Make sure you are in contrast with the background of your photoshoot. The background is supposed to add a beautiful touch to your photo, not to steal your charm. You can make it stay within its limits by choosing outfits that will make you eye-catchy and not just some random statues behind you.

Stand Out

It is a good idea to wear red when going out in the wild, it will make you stand out among the greens. But it is a big NO if you wear a mustard color dress in a desert.

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If you are here then it means you liked (or loved) the ideas that I have shared, which I really do appreciate. Now it is time to apply those tips in real life to make your reel life spice up!

Remember, you won’t just magically start taking good pictures of yourself just because you have surfed the internet for it, you need the practice to reach where the Instagram models are. As they say, every pro was once immature.


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