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  1. So, I've noticed some questions going on in the discord, and I'd like to ask something. First, let me make it clear that once we get a private server, everyone will be required to resubmit their character. You wont loose any info as you'll still have access to your current profiles put up either through archives or through admin's pulling them for you. However, once private servers go up, we will be requiring everyone to resubmit their characters through an application process. Staff have been working under the assumption that we can't police what people do on the currently public servers, so we've been pretty relaxed about what is allowed in the characters with the only exception being when said character participates in the forum roleplay. So, would people like for us to go through the currently posted character profiles and give feedback as to whether or not something in them would raise issues when the application process finally begins so you can begin planning ahead of time?
  2. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny nodded as she bit into her toast once more. "I think so."
  3. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny shook her head as his offer before drinking her milk. She smiled brightly before speaking. "Ah, that's only so much of what's wrong, isnt it?" she asked before tilting her head to the side. "You probably don't make it any better for yourself with acting out against the cries, right? Right?" she asked. As the sound of the older man's voice began to reach across the mess hall, Destiny reached out for Grim's hand. "Don't... Please... Everyone here has lost people after all, in some capacity. Even those born here lost things little things like getting to know grandparents, going out to explore neighborhoods and even just watching the sun set or rise... But! We're all alive! That's a miracle brought on by the Overseer, right? We should be thankful- even if some people are intent on causing trouble." "If you go there, all you'll be doing is hurting yourself. If you don't, then he's just a crazy man screaming in the Mess Hall and causing a public disturbance."
  4. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny moved to sit down and reached to begin buttering her toast. As he started to speak, she bit into it. The girl gave him a thoughtful glance as he spoke before smiling brightly. "I usually spend my time studying in my quarters or training in the infirmary!" she explained. "And, ah, all I know is you caused trouble, but the Overseer gave you a second chance! Isnt that wonderful? A chance to better yourself for the sake of the Vault!" she spoke chipperly with no hint of malice in her voice.
  5. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    She let out a sigh of relief. The girl didn't take his hand though. She was holding her tray with both. Destiny smiled softly while gesturing up with the tray. "Lead the way, I'd love to have a chat with you all over breakfast."
  6. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    "Just listen to the eyebot... that man... even if you don't intend to do anything bad, he looks like he probably doesn't have that in mind..." she once more urged.
  7. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny frowned softly before looking down. "Are you sure that's such a good idea?" she asked softly. "I just met you and all, but I don't think going after him is going to end in anything good happening."
  8. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny tried to keep a polite smile across her face as the whole situation boiled up again before finally dying down. When the man left, it almost felt like a breath of relief came through the mess hall. She reached up to push a strand of blond hair behind her head. “Oh, my name is Destiny, but people usually call me Dez,” she spoke with a soft smile. Her gaze then turned to Dustin. “Ah, if your arm hurts, you can go by the infirmary. I can give it a look over and maybe one of the medical systems can help?”
  9. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny smiled weakly as the Eyebots made their call. She glanced to Grimm before nodding. "I'm fine, are you though? Being manhandled so early in the morning..."
  10. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny was beyond frazzled as she watched the mess unfold in front of her. The girl bit down on her lower lip, quietly watching the Eyebots for their full judgment on the situation.
  11. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny's eyes quietly followed Dustin as he walked in and displayed his rather pathetic prowess after being shot. The blond girl moved to begin standing up, wanting to help him. However, a voice reached her ears before she could move. It was that Greaser man. She had never actually spoke with him, but after what happened in the Mess Hall, Destiny doubted there was anyone who didn't know who he was. Once more, before she could do anything, an older man spoke out. Destiny gulped as she looked up to William. The girl smiled politely, before looking down. She wasn't sure how to respond to any of this. Then the greaser responded in kind to the man. With a deep gulp, Destiny finally spoke. “I think... that if the Overseer chose to see something good in him, to let him stay... then we should accept that. The Overseer knows much more than we do, and his plans are great,” she began softly before standing up and picking up her tray. “Sir... I apologize, but I don't believe in threatening people- no matter what they've done in the past. It is the Overseer that passes judgment, not I nor you. He judged that man to be fit to remain in the Vault, so I trust him.” Then, she quietly gave a soft nod of her head and moved to go walk over towards Dustin, stopping to pick up his spoon and moving to return it with a soft smile. “Be careful, you might want to get a new spoon, let me know if you need any help.” With that, the girl sheepishly moved to go towards Grimm. “I'm sorry about that... With everything's that happened, I think most people are a little on edge.”
  12. LORI

    Mess Hall & Kitchen

    Destiny walked into the mess hall, humming softly to herself. Her long blond hair was tied loosely as she picked up her tray and went to get her food. "How are you today Larry?" she asked before engaging in a small moment of small chat before his very important work took him away- in his words. Destiny took her tray and went to sit with some of her friends, smiling softly as she said hello. However, just as quickly as she sat, they stood to leave. They all had work or lessons. However, Destiny could tell they were still spooked after what happened in the mess hall. Still, Destiny didnt have much to do today, so she stayed behind, quietly sipping from her cup.
  13. Every morning the record player went off, playing the same lovely and chipper song daily. Normally, she got up and stretched before humming along as she went with her day. However, today, the older teen clung to her hand made dog doll. She remembered hearing the gun shots in the mess hall. The Overseer had shown his great compassion in sparing their lives despite their betrayal, and she was grateful no one lost their lives. However, something was a bit off in her mind. How could someone cause so much trouble despite the Overseer's generosity? It didn't make sense to her. She must have just been hungry. Destiny leaned up and stretched before reaching up to smack her cheeks before smiling chipper. She was ok- a okay. It was time to get up! "You know what they say, start your day with a healthy meal!" she spoke to herself before getting out of bed and moving to dress herself. Then, the girl slipped on her shoes and left to go to the mess hall.
  14. Destiny has her own little room. It's a small and cute room decorated with lovely wall paper from the prewar. She's clearly somewhat of a girly girl judging by the delicate additions to her room. Anyone who's known her for her whole life know that the room has gone through two major upgrades- but it has stayed relatively the same. The first was a stage where hand made dolls were strewn about and her desk was covered in books and school work. Now, as a young woman, her dolls have been put away neatly and one or two lay on her bed. Her desk is now covered in make ups and other things to make herself look presentable for her work- to make her look sweet and comforting for the ill. She has a record player that has happy songs often playing on them. Her room is connected to the outer halls to allow for ease of access to go to her studies or work, and it is also connected to the rest of the Williams Quarters. Their devotion to the Overseer has allotted them a larger quarters than most with more amenities. Destiny's door is usually unlocked- a full display of her naive nature.
  15. LORI

    Destiny Williams

    "One tries to fly away and the other watches him close"