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  1. Is there going to be a mod for creamcakes?

    1. Cowboy


      You fucking know it!

  2. As a group idea in general it’s very vague. You don’t really explain much of where you came from or why you do what you do, I feel as if you were to sit and really come up with something compelling people would join! Remember make it believeable for the world and also be descriptive, it’s all about the stories and one paragraph just won’t cut it for most people. You say you wanna bury the nuke and help people but HOW is the question, what will you do differently from the dozens of other hero groups to set you aside from the normal attacking bandits and giving out supplies to survivors? Think about all that and I think you’ll have the groundwork for a good group idea!
  3. Hank 3, outlaw shit y'know.
  4. Cowboy

    Truth or Lie?

    True, I think you're more of a cat person anyways. I'm secretly a vigilante who swings from buildings at night, I even have a cool costume and of course a bad ass cape.
  5. Cowboy

    Questions Game

    Super Mario! What's your favorite hobby in real life?
  6. Well I did quite enjoy @Tony, @Snake, and I picking on fresh recruits during the Rough Rider's on Dayz haha!
  7. Yes as Schrodinger said, imgur works nicely, find a picture and resize it in paint or some other app you may have, and then just copy the link on imgur or another picture streaming site and paste it into the box. If you need anything else feel free to ask, everyone is willing to help!
  8. Remember everyone, a mentat a day keeps the ghouls away!

  9. Cowboy

    Deacon Bennett

    "The waste's are lawless and cold, you gotta make your own rules and stand by em'."