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  1. Bunny

    Modding the world!

    Hey y'all! Talking about the private servers that I hope are about to be released soon, I imagine a number of mods will be added in our world to create a better and more realistic experience. With that in mind, what do you expect from modified content to be created and used? I could quote: 1. Permanent C.A.M.P.s even when we disconnect from the game, allowing them to be used / invaded at any time. Is not it totally meaningless to know that our houses disappear when we log off? 2. Remove the construction limit. Needless to say why, right? 3. More clothes! More hair! More styles! All customization options are literally copied from Fallout 4. How much lack of creativity. 4. No fast-travel! Totally illogical! 5. Resurgence at the exact point where we left off last time. Why do we show up somewhere random near the last location? Which brings us to the next item: 6. Prisons! The wicked need to be punished (and smart enough to flee!). 7. Creation of terminals so that we can write our own entries and that anyone can see. 8. Conquerable radios! So that we can play our songs and / or our own voice for everyone who is listening to the station. And you? What ideas do you have in mind? Hugs to all! <3
  2. Ok, y'all, I have to share this with you, it's so important to me that I can't just post this on the status, I want to see what do ya think too. I'M LITERALLY FREAKING ABOUT THE PRIVATE SERVERS COMING TO FALLOUT 76 SO WE CAN START OUR RP FOR REAL! I literally have dreams about this and I'm just so hyped that I can't control myself. I'm not even enjoying the base Fallout 76 anymore, I have just builded my house as I've showed a few days ago, and I feel a suddenly empty about the base game, like it's missing something, and it's really missing something: Y'ALL! And our history too! This is going to be the best thing in the world for me, it's probably what I've been waiting for most in my life. Tell me what do ya think 'bout this, use your crude words, your deepest feelings! I want to feel it! SO. DAMNED. ANXIOUS.
  3. Heyo! Just want to share with you my newly builded house! You can see that it's right in front of the fallen space station, but i only realized this before finishing it, lol! Love y'all 😄❤️ 



  4. Bunny

    Clean water?

    Well, i was wondering... we didn't have clean water on the wastes since 2277 (Fallout 3), so we'll neither on Fallout 76. So, thinking about that, there is a chance of one of our main quests being the objective of getting one G.E.C.K., right? Or, maybe, since we know that every vault, with the except of ones like 101 and 111, have two units of G.E.C.K.s inside it, we may already start on the wastes with a better life?
  5. Woah, i thought i was insane having 800+ hours on Fallout 4, but this guy have YEARS on the entirely franchise! Welcome, Selynar! ?
  6. Bunny

    Character Playlist

    Now Bunny have it own playlist too, thanks to @kiddhavoc! ❤️ These songs reflect Rabbit's personality well and certainly represent him. Kids in America is undoubtedly Bunny's theme song, HAHA!
  7. Heyo! People say that i look even younger than i already am BAHAHA and i'm on my pajamas in like every single photo, because i'm with them all the time! ?
  8. WELCOME, Angel! I think you'll love this place. A lot of us is already role-playing, let me explain: the game isn't out yet, but right in this moment, our characters are living on the vault, right? SOOO, a few of us are doing things like journals, telling about the life in the vault and stuff, and THEN, when the game comes out, will be the day that our roleplay will get even more serious. ISN'T THIS AMAZING? Hope to see your character created soon! ❤️
  9. Bunny

    School sucks!

    Date: 12/06/2099 Location: THIS STUPID CLASSROOM! Why are we forced to stay here? I doubt any adult will have to go through what we've been through! I mean, they went to school before the bombs went down... but that's different! This teacher is so boring! The slow way she talks makes me want to hit my head against the wall. And we can not even talk! But, well, she can not stop me from writing! I mean, I'm going to have to hide this sheet if she gets close... imagine what she would do to me if she caught me doing it! I mean, it can not be as bad as the time I put the cat's hair into her water bottle. HAHA, that was cool! But the punishment of classroom security was terrible... and the beating I took from Tiger was even worse! Well, I guess this class will never end, so I think I'll write some more. Every day is the same thing... we listen to the explanations, we make notes, exercises, tests. BORING! We should do cooler things! Everyone here has interesting functions, except us. I wonder what we're going to do in the future... I hope I do not become a janitor or something... I think I would run away from the vault if that happened! Well, I have no doubt that T will become a nurse. She is called Tara, but everyone calls her T. A., but pronouncing two letters is so annoying... so I call her T! She's so applied... how can she? She pays attention to every word that comes out of the teacher's mouth. That's why I'm constantly attacking paper balls in it, HAHA! She gets so angry! And the teacher even more! But she's cool, and she sure is the most intellectual here. At least I'm not alone in this! T sits in the left corner of the class, out front, but Teddy sits by my side. We're in the middle of the class, almost at the back of the room, and we spend more than half the time laughing! I'm sure we're the people the teacher calls attention to, telling us to be quiet and pay attention, HAHA! Sometimes I feel sorry for the teacher... but soon it passes! Teddy is funny, and just like me, she's laughing all the time. I mean, I spend half the time crying and apologizing for not being a good boy, but you understand what I mean! She is also good with guns, after all, she is the daughter of security. That gives her many privileges! I also wish I could train like her, but the security guards will not let me! They say it would be too dangerous in my hands, and that I could even hurt myself! I'm sure the security guards have something against me... maybe because I've done pranks with them all, every day, through the whole Vault... oops. I'm sorry I'm not a good boy... oh, look, I'm doing it again! Anyway... That kid who sits in the back of the class, Dustin... he's cool! But he's always messing around and fighting with other kids, and he gets so weird when Teddy gets close to him, HAHA! We're friends now, but the way we met was so unusual! I was bored in the middle of class, as usual, and I noticed he was sleepy, almost asleep on his desk. Then I waited for the teacher to turn around, and threw a ball of paper at him. Well, maybe it was more than one. Okay, there were seven balls... and he was REALLY angry. He looked at me with a frightening face, and then struck his left hand with his right fist, and I knew I was in trouble, he was going to hit me! When class was over, I ran off. T and Teddy called me, but I did not have time to explain to them at that time, it was a matter of life and death! I thought I had managed to get rid of it, but then I heard his heavy footsteps and I saw his gaze furious, and then I started to run as fast as I could! I ran so fast that I stumbled in the middle of the path, and I did not even realize I was running toward the bottom of the vault, in the warehouse. There was no one there, no one to help me! He lifted me off the ground by the collar of my costume and punched me straight in my face (I got a black eye for several weeks...)! I was thrown away, and he was coming to complete his spanking on me, but I started to cry, and I think that moved him. He called me a "crybaby" and left, leaving me there alone. Then I continued to cry, in the middle of that musty deposit, alone. That's when, after a few minutes, I heard footsteps approaching, and it was Dustin again! He had a first aid kit, and then he took care of me. My nose was bleeding, he's really strong! He called me an idiot, and if I did something like that one more time, he would beat me until I passed out. But we have become friends! He's really cool and fun, and we played around the Vault several times. But not so many... I think he's the type who likes to be alone. Me, T and Teddy are childhood friends, so I guess we never get to know each other, you know? We kind of got born knowing each other, HAHA! We do pretty much everything together inside the vault, and I always end up putting them in trouble for being with me... I'm sorry about that! But remember when I said that Teddy's father was a security guard? He's kind of one of the most important security guards in the whole vault, a boss, or something. And that also gives me some privileges for being Teddy's friend, HAHA! Most of the time I get rid of the punishments on his account, because I believe he likes me, and he says I'm a cool kid! Maybe I should stop causing so much trouble... but I do not do it on purpose, I swear! It's like it's automatic. I think I'm just having fun, but I end up bothering others... or something worse. Well... I, T and Teddy always talk about what we're going to do when we leave the shelter. It will be so exciting! The three of us are going to break the world! So many places to meet! And how is it supposed to be out there? I'm sure it's all destroyed, but we're going to work together to rebuild America! Even if we get into trouble out there, we're not going worry about, because Teddy's going to end up with anyone who messes with us! And if we get hurt, T will take care of us! And if we need to steal something or perform a secret mission, my stealth is the key! Seriously, we are completely invincible! We should be an ultra-mega secret team, or something. Nothing bad can happen to us, because we are best friends forever! I hope we can get out of here soon, and explore West Virginia. But while that does not happen, let's enjoy the time here in the best way we can, right? Right! Oh, finally, class is over! @Dustin, @LORI, @T. A. Murrow
  10. Bunny

    Truth or Lie?

    You're correct, HAHA! I'm not a medium, actually i'm kinda asymptomatic with them, I've never had any paranormal experience in my entire life.
  11. Bunny

    Truth or Lie?

    Correct. You have the appropriate age of a Doctor Who fan, HAHA. I'm a medium and i can see and talk with spirits, even asking their help on daily tasks.
  12. Just learned to publish photos and gifs on imgur, now Rabbit have a proper visual and can show everyone HOW CUTE HE IS (but make no mistake about his cute and charming appearance, he's probably up to something for you, like putting debris and rocks inside the pillows of your vault bed). ?



    1. Kattica


      Hahah I'm excited to meet him!

  13. THAT WAS SO AMAZING, I felt totally immersed in the environment, as if I were actually watching a scene narrated by Tara Aubree. JUST AWESOME! I can not wait to keep following your diaries, your work is impeccable and you should definitely continue! It would be incredible to read about other things that happened before the Reclamation Day, still inside the refuge, from Tara's point of view. ❤️
  14. Bunny


    Welcome to you, Bun! ? Or, i should say... hellcomes to you, Bun! ? I will be the winner! Just kidding, lemme hug you. ❤️