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  1. There is no cross-play for either console to pc. It was stated that Bethesda "may" work towards implementing cross-play feature sometime after lunch, Bethesda would only work on it if they could get access to all. Sony opened up so late to cross-play that Bethesda isn't going to shift focus towards it. Not untill they optimize and get what they already have done up an running. Though even then it was only stated as a possibility that they will work on it then
  2. Gtrixter


    Yeah sony kinda screwed the console crossplay for this. Bethesda didnt want some crossplay then others without it was either all or non. At least from what was stated, so far. So even though Xbox is ok with it (this generation), they wont get it either.
  3. Gtrixter

    Anybody A PS4er?

    Awesome I will be playing Fo76 on ps4 at the launch to play with friends , hopefully we can get good number of RPers on ps4 together. There are many. Just not well linked, I kno a few others will be so plz link up let us know
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