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  1. [just a friendly suggestion that topics, especially recruitment ones, should have [PC, PS4, XB] infront on them... IMHO.]
  2. I am having a similar problem. I have "hosted" my sm & large images on my google drive, with "anyone with link" can access them... but they do not appear for me when I view my character. The main photo I uploaded does. Any ideas?
  3. I'm sharing photos from my Google Drive "anyone with link can see" and its not working... Any ideas guys?
  4. "Do not confuse motion with progress."
  5. *listens intently to the conversation then nods his head in agreement* I'll be happy to help scout and guide your party through the wasteland. I've been trained with a rifle and am quite quiet when I wish to be. I'm happy to train those who wish to learn in martial arts. I could certainly use a hand with building, tinkering & science. I have no aptitude for the like. It would be an honor to join such a group of open minded explorers. -M. Blackstone
  6. This is a bit trite, but I would really like to RP a group of people who have possibly known each other in the vault - maybe grown up together, and the key is, decided to go out scouting / recon missions together and make something of the world - kind of in the vein of F1 or F2... Kind of like a highly trained squad of seals mushed in with engineers & builders & techs. (Maybe like a really advanced version of the A-Team or an SG! squad) I suppose it's more like your run of the mill D&D or SWRPG group, but with backgrounds that mesh and most characters that are committed to exploring together.
  7. Rastafariel


    Yeah but in Game I might not "get" the name Michael before someone else does... Also, I would like to say I really appreciate your various rules, and your attempt to keep them short & sweet. Well done.
  8. Rastafariel


    Just wanted to say again that I appreciate you guys setting up this site for RP. I'm really looking forward to getting on a small RP server with you guys and living out Fallout76! I'm thinking that this is how online RP aught to be with small servers so that we can better control our experience and avoid griefing & bunny hopping! I hope to chat with you here and in game. Thanks for listening. Ras. p.s. Ras/Rastafariel has been my handle for about 25 years on forums, but in game I believe my first guy will be called Michael if the name is not taken...