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  1. T.A.'s blonde head tilted, her own full lips parting slightly, her green eyes almost closing, wanting to lean forward and kiss Genie, to lose herself in the intensity of that kiss, thinking of neither the past nor the future, just the moment. Blinking her large green eyes several times as she cleared her mind, the teen medic shook her head, bringing herself back to reality as she forced a smile and said reassuringly while it was her turn to put a strong but comforting arm around her friend's shoulders, "Then that's our next stop: AVR Medical. If there is such as inoculation against that there Scorch Beast disease, then we ain't gonna stop until we find it." T.A.took to her feet, looking first to her right, then to her left, before the teenager bit her lower lip and asked, "Y'all got any idea where this AVR Medical is?"
  2. "If you drop, I won't have time to run, if Jack wants to kill me," Answered Feral with a lopsided grin before her face turned impassive again and she explained as she ordered, "And I have to be first. I'm the Leader of our Pack Yetti - and I'll never lead from behind. I'll never have someone face a danger head on that I'm not willing to face. That's not strength, that's weakness - and I'll never be weak again." As they entered the courtyard, the young Raider whispered, "That's true about Jack, he'd kill us publicly. Jack is a god... or demon... or both... so what does he need secrecy for? But some of his lieutenants? If we were to just disappear, it might serve their interests just fine."
  3. Feral visibly gulped, but she gestured to Yetti to follow as she headed towards a door in the back side of the Throne Room. As they walked, the preteen Raider turned to say over her shoulder, "Be on your guard Yetti. This may be a trap. I was told that no one was ever supposed to go through here - ever!" Still, Feral grabbed the door and opened it with one hand - while keeping her other hand on the butt of her holstered .44 pistol.
  4. In the Throne Room next to the bar, the small preteen Pack leader finally exhaled the breath she had taken before entering as she looked up at Yetti with wide brown doe-like eyes as she confessed in a whisper, "All I'm sure of is a leader has to lead. If I'm too scared to even enter the fucking place, I'm never going have a seat here. More importantly, those slavers are better armed and numerous than we thought. And the fact they got reinforcements soooo quickly makes me think they are awfully organized too. Jack needs to know that." Feral shifted her eyes to stare at the throne of Bones as she stated with determination in her voice, "Now we may have the location of their headquarters. Jack may want us to shift targets, maybe just to wipe out the Raider leadership. At the very least, Jack needs to know about this new threat to the Scourge as soon as possible." Feral hoped she sounded more confident than she felt.
  5. Feral took a deep breath before heading through the large double doors into the Throne Room. The thirteen year old Raider looked resplendent in her freshly shined black metal armor, the Deathclaw's skull etched in red on her breast plate, with her black furred boots and her long brown hair looking like a short cape finishing the picture. The diminutive Pack leader looked like a knight of Arthur's round table - or so her young mind thought remembering the fantastical stories her Teacher had told her of them when Feral was a child. However, the white bandages covering her upper head, her .44 in her western holster and machete sheathed on her back brought her image back to modern post-apocalyptic times. When Feral entered the Throne Room, she took her usual position at the corner of the bar, glancing around the room and asking the bartender while she leaned on the counter towards him, "Is Jack in a good mood?"
  6. When Mackenzie and Lucky leaves, Feral frowns putting her Grognak the Barbarian comic back into it's place of concealment under her straw pillow. Sitting up, she pulled her black furred boots on and stood up. The preteen Raider girl bit the tip of one tan forefinger thinking on what both Lucky and Mackenzie had said about her reporting into Jack or waiting to be summoned by him since the last time the Pack barged in they almost go killed. Fingering the locker keys on the silver chains around her neck, Feral's frown grew as she recollected, "Get the FUCK OUT." Bone Carver had snapped, as all the Scourge leaders standing and drawing their weapons. "And don't EVER think you can come in here like that again." Jack himself had growled, his voice sounding as if on the verge of loosing his temper, "All of you have three seconds to exit this room." The thirteen year old paced back and forth in her small cubicle, trying to figure out what to do next. Reaver had said that she as the leader of the Pack should report directly to Jack, so shouldn't she do so now? Before the nuclear war, she had read there was a saying, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." Feral desperately wanted to be a leader. As she paced, Feral noticed her blood stained Grizzly Teddy Bear had somehow fallen off her bed and on to her quarter's floor so she picked it up and in a whisper asked, "What would Grognak the Barbarian do?" A small smile crossed her cherubic face as the answer came to her when Feral thought to herself, "Grognak would go right into the Throne Room and face the consequences if there were any head on!" Feral dressed in her black metal armor, leaving her helmet off for it still hurt her bandaged and recently concussed head head to put on. Her combat shotgun she left leaning in the corner of her quarters, but she did strap on her gunslinger's belt with her holstered .44 and her back sheathed machete. She looked at her leg sheath empty without her Bowie Knife and frowned. She had broken her knife in her fight with the power armored Mechanic and had not yet replaced it. She tossed the knife sheath on her bed rather going to see Jack without her trademark knife than with an empty sheath, perhaps too concerned with image details but that was how her adolescent mind worked. On the way out of her quarters, Feral grabbed the blood stained map of the Slaver Camps that had been reaffirmed by the dead Mechanic who had also noted that the Slaver's main camp was at the Morgantown airport. Feeling as ready as she ever would be to report to Jack, Feral marched from the barracks to the Throne Room at a steady pace. ((//OOC: Follow Feral's adventure in the Throne Room))
  7. Feral's brown eyebrows flew high over her wide brown eyes surprised they both agreed with what she was thinking: The Pack should wait to report until Jack or one of his lieutenants summoned them. "Who woulda thunk!" Though Feral to herself then answered Lucky with a mischievous grin teasing, "You don't get a body like mine doing that junk!" Then the skinny thirteen year old giggled hysterically again. Laying out on her bed and taking out her Gronak comic from under her straw pillow, the preteen Pack leader ordered, "You boys go out and have fun. I know for a fact that you can buy drink, smoke, and chems in the rec-area. Go have fun, and I'll wait here and rest waiting for Jack to summon us. If he does, I'll come get you there before I report in - unless he only wants to see me!" Feral then flipped through the colorful pages of her comic not watching them as they left and wondering if they wondered how she knew where to buy that stuff.
  8. Feral grinned recognizing Luckys voice and quipping, "You here to get Lucky?" Then giggled hysterically. Once the giggle fit was over, Feral exclaimed, "Just kidding. Was wondering with Zie if we should go report to Jack - or wait for him to summon us?"
  9. Seeing Mackenzie waiting outside the barracks, Feral takes his arm and bring's him inside with her, seating him on the old high back chair in her quarters saying, "Stay with me for a bit Zie, please?" Not waiting for an answer and not wanting to dwell on Inga's bad state, Feral buried herself in routines once she returned to her quarters. The young girl did her daily libations. She took off her soiled clothes, showered, then changed into a fresh pair of Raider leathers. She cleaned her fuzzy black boots and shined her black armor. The young Raider even cleaned her remaining weapons, all the while chatting about nothing special to Mackenzie. Finally Feral asked Mackenzie, "Do you think we should got to the Throne room to report to Jack? Or wait until Jack summons us? Just going there didn't go very well last time."
  10. Saul put a restraining hand on Feral shoulder demanding, "Inga needs rest now. You can do your girl-talk with her later. You seem better Feral so why don't you rest too - but in your own barracks so my patient can rest here." Feral was about to protest, but Saul pushed her out with a gentle but firm hand, then came back to Inga to give her a sedative to make her sleep. Her head wound stitched up and her injured ribs bandaged tightly, Feral decided not to argue and instead followed Doctor's orders and returned to her quarters in her barracks
  11. Feral angles herself so she can be seen by Inga while the medic examines Inga as Feral answers, "Mission accomplished. I'm alright, just... my head is a little banged up. Ribs too. Everyone else but you and me are fine, with you getting the worst of it." "You can thank Feral for treating you with chems and getting most of the shrapnel out of you or you'd be dead, Ms. Inga," Informed Saul as he examined Inga's wounds. Feral smiles shyly shrugging her shoulders as she exclaimed, "You would a done the same for me, right?"
  12. Feral's big brown eyes are big with fright. She turns towards the med-cubicle's opening and yells in panic, "SAUL! GET IN HERE! INGA'S HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING AND LOOKS LIKE SHE'S IN PAIN!" The preteen Raider hops up from her chair and hurried to her Inga's side grabbing her hands asking in little girl's voice, "You okay Mommy?" But then her eyes' grow big as she realized what she said, so as she regains her composure, her voice goes authoritatively deep as she says, "You okay soldier? I.. I mean, the Pack needs you." Then Saul comes in pushing Feral to the side to check out Inga.
  13. Feral sits in the kitchen chair next to the unconscious Inga's bed with concern in her brown doe-like eyes. The odor of stale tobacco and old alcohol assault her nostrils long before the grey haired medic Saul enters the room checking Inga's vitals without comment. Without looking up, Saul asks in a condescending voice, "Shouldn't you be in your own bed little girl? I just bandaged up your ribs up tight and you're still suffering from a concussion." "I'll go when Inga is awake," Mutters Feral, glad her voice is no longer slurring. "Suit yourself," Saul remarks in a resigned tone, then marks a note on a clipboard, gets up, and walks out of the partitioned room.
  14. The Main Gate to the Scrapyard slowly opened and Frank waved the pack and their captives through. Feral directed the loot to be locked into the gate lockers, with her keeping the keys on a silver chain around her neck. After dropping off Inga and Feral at the Med Tent, Mackenzie escorted their prisoners to the slave pens in the Red Corner. Lucky and Yetti? Well, they went on their own way as the Main Gate closed behind the Pack.
  15. Like the Grand Master in front of a pre-war parade, Feral led the way in her dusty black metal armor and furry black boots, smiling and carrying her combat shotgun to the very doors of the Main Gate of the Scourge's scrapyard. Behind her marched fifteen slaves carrying six inactive robot gun turrets, one damaged suit of T-45 Power Armor, various boxes of assorted loot, and one injured unconscious Scourge soldier carried on a makeshift stretcher followed by the rest of her heavily armed fellow pack members. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Feral waved her combat shotgun in the air while staring up at the wall with big brown doe-like eyes yelling gleefully to it's guardian, "HEY FRANK, OPEN UP! IT'S FERAL AND THE PACK - AND WE BROUGHT PRESENTS SO SOMEBODY LET JACK KNOW!"