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  2. T.A. smiles always enjoying watching Genie move. She warns Macgruber in a motherly way as he gets up not to wander off as she checks Genie with the machine finding her situation to be identical to MacGruber's. The teenager gives Genie the Scorch Beast Disease innoculation, than a large dose of Rad-X before exclaiming, "All done, easy-peasey!"
  3. It was working before, but today I can't get to Discord from the link here. Just saying!
  4. In the lab, T.A. was looking at a computer terminal frowning with MacGruber strapped to a chair in front of her. The teen medic looked up with a sweet smile saying, "This is not so much as curing machine but an inoculation machine. However, if you got the same thing as Mr. MacGruber, you don't have the Scorch Beast disease so much as plain old radiation disease and can be inoculated from ever getting that varmint's disease. I've inoculated me and Mr. MacGruber and gave him some more Rad-X and now it's your turn."
  5. Out of breath, T.A. followed MacGruber, blasting the occasional Scorched and/or Ghoul, until she got to the lab door, squeaking by the huge super mutant to enter the lab. "Darned if you didn't find it Mr. MacGruber," Exclaimed the teen medic as she be began to hack the password of the computer in the lab, a big smile crossing her freckled face as she succeeded.
  6. Tony posted this answer on Discord 3/31/2019: "It's like this. The websites theme was custom made by Lori and Invision introduced something that rendered it... well, you can see what it's done. The only way to fix it is to either remake it, which can take time and effort or to use one of their themes. Lori's life right now has kept her pretty busy, so the options are to wait or to teach myself. Admittedly I've not been rushing it considering we don't even have private server release dates. I am dreading it as this sort of thing has never been a strength of mine, but I am going to have to sit down and just break my brain on it. I am also scared I break things."
  7. Could we please have an update on when the website will be fixed or will it be wiped? Although I can access RP, I still can't access parts of the website, like where new characters are placed. I'd love to read new player's creative endeavors as to their character, but no-go.
  8. T.A. laughed melodically when one of Moo-moo's heads nuzzled her behind. She turned rubbing under Moo-moo's chin allowing the cow to lick her hand commenting, "If I ever get my travelling clinic up, I'll definitely will have to get one of these." The teenager frowned hearing what Genie was saying as she petted the Brahm, turning to her with wide green eyes repeating before asking in a whisper, "Most action down south ever? Genie, are you a virgin - like me?!?!" Then MacGruber began his one man attack on the facility and T.A. clutching her shotgun chased after him muttering, "Not again!" One of the formerly un-moving scorched victims began to move to attack MacGruber from behind with a Bowie knife, but the teen medic blew the creature's head off with a single shotgun blast as she yelled, "WATCH YOUR BACK MR. MACGRUBER!" before mumbling to herself, "That was a silly thing to yell T.A., he has YOU to watch his back!"
  9. T.A. frowned realizing that they were running out of time. The teen medic knew that it was only a matter of time before MacGruber and Genie succumbed to the Scorched disease. She reached out to Genie's hand with her thin right hand giving it a quick but gentle squeeze of reassurance. T.A. glanced backwards at MacGruber seeing he was in just as bad a shape as Genie if not worse before advising Genie with a forced smile of confidence she didn't feel, "I think we better get that lab as fast as possible. Looking at the outside, I'm a betting we're gonna have some Scorched resistance. Do y'all have the location of the lab we want so we can make a beeline for it?" Then the smile became genuine as the teenager asked, "But before we go Genie - you never done what?
  10. T.A. poured some water from her canteen on her handkerchief and washed MacGruber's mouth and chin as they walked. Once she was assured that he as well as the big green super mutant and his two headed pack animal were following, T.A. picked up her pace so that she was walking next to Genie. The teenager just walked in silence by Genie for some ten minutes looking at her side wise with big green eyes. Finally speaking, T.A. confessed to Genie with sincerity, "I really admire you Genie. I couldn't have done what you did back there in a million years. I mean... Grahm could have killed ya with one swipe of his big fist and... it scares me silly thinking what if he thought y'all were offering some other kind of services than what ya were. He certainly could have given... um... your words and your body language." The familiar red blush went up T.A.'s thin neck into her freckled cheeks at the mere thought of what could have happened and which, truth-to-tell, was a bit of a turn-on for the young girl as she added, "You're sooo confident Genie - and sooo fearless too! I wish... I wish I was more like you." Suddenly T.A. saw a futuristic building of several stories in the distance and pointing at it with one thin forefinger, the teen medic asked Genie, "Is that our destination?"
  11. A blush crept up T.A.'s swan like neck and into her freckled cheeks when Genie threw a kiss her way, but it only grew redder and her glasses fogged up once Genie began flirting with the super mutant. When Genie mentioned "a hard man" and "services," T.A. almost fainted thinking, "Genie, no! He'll split you in two like an ax does a log!" However, as Genie explained what she meant by service, T.A. uttered a sigh of relief. When Genie walked back to her and winked, T.A. could only smile and shake her blonde tousled head in disbelief, thinking to herself, "Y'all are one of a kind Genie! And that's a good thing!" But when Genie headed back up the trail north, T.A. followed, still shaking her head, only turning to shout, "Mr. MacGruber, time's a wasting! We're going - NOW!"
  12. "Yeah, greens would be good but... what do we trade. We need all we got for survival," Queries T.A. with a frown, then a smile quickly replaces it as she takes something from her backpack and hands it towards Graham. "How much greens will this get? It's made of genuine cherry wood," T.A. asks holding forward with both hands her father's cane.
  13. "Wait, you're a Trader, Mr. Grahm?" Asked T.A. bending lady-like at the knees to pick up her pistol by the handle with two finger, placing it securely back in its shoulder holster. "What do you trade? Foodstuffs maybe?" T.A. was thinking that if Grahm had some processed food to trade for, maybe she could get enough to change MacGruber's diet away from raw flesh to a more normal fare
  14. "Oh NO!" T.A. exclaimed when MacGruber broke her hold on his hand, only slowing in her pursuit of him long enough to give a double take at the sight of the large two-headed Brahim packed to the brim with goods outside the shack. As the teen medic followed MacGruber into the shack where he was facing the huge green man, a look of horror crossed T.A.'s freckled face as she fumbled her tricentennial pistol out her shoulder holster dropping it before blurting, "Please don't eat me!"