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  1. How to make a Neil Young song sound like your own.


  2. Title says it all, share the music you are listening to at the moment. I'm on a Heavy Metal binge right now.
  3. New Vegas is brilliant.


    1. MeenMuginLovin


      *cough* it's the best fallout *cough*

  4. Hellspawn


    Hello there, I'm the dude who's really into fallout 2 if you can't tell.
  5. Since they added multiplayer to the beta it's a lot more fun to play IMO.
  6. Hellspawn

    Tim Fargo

    "No matter how many people you have around you, you're totally alone."
  7. Hellspawn

    Questions Game

    My family had a friend who salvaged a computer from a skip that a local bank dumped. He gave it to us and showed us how to run simple DOS commands. I didn't get into cRPGs until my teenage years and I think Fable was the first one I got into, but I probably played others while I was a child (We had a bunch of CDs full of old PC games). Who's your favourite actor?
  8. Hellspawn

    Truth or Lie?

    Gonna go with true. I once spent a week camping alone in Cornwall.
  9. The STALKER games are some of my all time favourite games. Call of Pripyat specifically. I'm a hug fan of survival style games. Crusader Kings II is a lot of fun if you like grand strategy games. It's also a lot more fun with friends to play with. Dark Eden is an obscure Korean MMO I spent a lot of hours playing. Vampires vs Slayers. Day of the Tentacle is one of my favourite point and click adventure games. I still find myself going back to replay that classic now and again. DayZ... *Cough* Garry's Mod is always good for a laugh. (I also spend years in a role-playing server, don't judge me!) Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 are games I've spend hours playing. Always a lot of laughs playing this with people. Mount & Blade: Warband is a RPG I've spent a lot of time playing. Leading your own army to victory is quite the thrill. Project Zomboid because I have a thing for zombie games. It's a problem, help me. Rise of Nations is a great turned based strategy. Best RTS Brian Reynolds ever designed. Civilization 2-5 are games I've played loads. Sid Meier is a legend. Stardew Valley because I want to own a farm in a virtual world. Tropico 1-4 All hail el Presidente!
  10. Hellspawn

    Fallout TRPG

    Since I'm not gonna have the game anytime soon I'm all up for this.
  11. Not sure if this is viable but it's an idea I've been thinking about. There's an unofficial Fallout game that's multiplayer called FOnline. The code, tools and custom content for FOnline: 2238 is open to the public. Meaning anyone can host their own servers and customise it. https://www.indiedb.com/games/fonline-2238/news/fonline-2238-source-released I play on the FOnline: Reloaed server and played FOnline: 2238 while it was still a thing, so I know my way around the game. The game is based on Fallout & Fallout 2 mixed with a MMO. If there's enough interest I think it could be something for us to do while we wait for Fallout 76.
  12. Hellspawn


    I refuse to call you Dad.