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  1. Can't access ANY character pages. (I get an error message). Problem is, many Discord spinoffs are requiring the use of these character pages. Is there any workaround or suggestions?
  2. Just a lickity split second slower than TA could say “Easy-peasey” Genie popped up outta the inoculation chair and slid on over to the super Mr. Grahm mutant. “Heeey big fella’” She said sweetly batting her wide brown eyes, “Weee, that's you and I, had a deal. You kept up your side...and then some” She reared back her open hand. *WAP!* Genie swatted the big mutant hard on the rump. “Good game big guy!” “Mmm-mmm, dat hard ass.” She added as her hand burned red, she shook it to cool it off. Then hastily at the big counter in middle of the room, she bagged up the few tea Recipes, a Plan to make a table, a couple basic pipe guns, and a selection of useless junk as filler. “Ok here ya go, err, the medicine chair, uhh, won’t fit in the bag, but you can charge people caps to lead ‘em here…?” She stated as a statement as well as a question. "Consider it...a bonus. For all your hard work" Genie grabbed MacGruber by the ear, and TA by a thin wrist, “C’mon lets go before he gets done thinking about it” She hissed out the side of a crooked smile, then whisked them up the steps and out the main entrance of the AVR Medical Center.
  3. "Oh" Genie said plainly, "Well that's good news". Genie slid snake like passed Grahn, brushing her body against him slightly, she made a quiet moaning sound when she did. Then she slithered slowly across the floor to the chair in her normal seductive swagger. She not really sure why she does this walk, by now it's just a part of her. She shoo'd MacGruber out of the chair, "Moov'it buster, my turn". She sat down in the innoculation chair, "Alright Sis' hit me with it, then we can get the fudge otta here".
  4. "It's not for the lack of trying", Genie was answering TA's question about being a virgin, "Beside's it depends..." Then TA ran away blasting her shotgun and ran into the AVR building after Mack and the mutant trader. "Err, okay, fine" Genie also ran after them, but when she got in the building she didn't see where they went. The lighting is very poor in this building. She crouched down and stayed in the darkness, she turned to the left and found herself in a cafeteria area. She encountered two scorched folk in the kitchen, she was forced to blow there heads off with her silenced rifle, to avoid being discovered. Since part of the deal with the mutant trader was to trade some loot for the escort, Genie figured she'd make some effort before heading back the other way to find the stairs. She took the pipe guns from the dead Scorched, then in the kitchen she found some prewar food, a Sweet Mutfruit Tea recipe, but the real score was the chems. "Score!",. ' these otta carry some value with the big lug' She thought as she put the Med-x and the Psycobuff into her bag. Genie turned back the way she came and found the stairs down to the basement lab where her pals had congregated. "There you's all are. Looken all over for ya"
  5. "Eeeek! Genie squealed. Immediately putting a hand to her backside and lurching away from the sudden intrusion. Her hand found a smear of cow snot, she swiped at it and pulled her hand away, with a look of discussed on her face. The look was there for only a moment, she immediately changed to a look of intrigue. Lowering her chin and raising an eyebrow, she addressed MooMoo with understanding. "The beasty thing's not really my deal Girl, but I know where your coming from". Genie shook the snot from her hand, remover her bandana from her face, and proceeded to swipe her bottom with it. Genie turned to TA to see how she's doing, and maybe share a laugh about it. She asked in her normal nasally quawky voice. "Is that 3rd or 2nd base? Reguardless, two noses in my ass in one day, lucky meee. Most action 'Down South' ever, and one of them a cow...fancy that. Sheesh" Just then MacGruber caught up, and proceeded to head to the med center rambling something about 'He know where it is'. "How the heck would he..."
  6. "It's a gift - and a curse" Genie explained. "It's all for show, I mean, uhm, like maybe a calculated risk, maybe" She stumbled over the explanation, not having had to explain it before. "I guess early on i realized when i turn on the "Heat" guys, uhh, don't think so clear. I don't go into planning on giving anything up, just make them think i will. Yah know? In fact I never...uhh..." Genie got flustered, and kind of developed a blush of her own. "...Uhh, Nevermind." She said abruptly. "Shit, that building is ugly" Changing the subject, "I always hated that color of blue, err, green". The AVR Medical Center was in an area on the edge of the burned up land, and the foresty land. The group approached from the side of the building in the south. They could see a parking area to their right, where the front of the build is. A red roofed awning/foyer building is at the front of the building sticking out like a sore thumb. Almost literally, the red roof clashed awfully with the teal paint of the rest of the facility, however the practical purpose of the red was to show that it is the Urgency Care entrance. Above the red roof was a lattice tower with a large iconic medical cross indicating they have indeed arrived at the correct location. Also an indicator, a burnt out ambulance parked in front of the emergency entrance, further indication was the half a dozen scorched people milling around the entrance, another half dozen statue-ized scorched people, and worse several dozed bleached skeletons of people that the facility could not help. "Green, Blue, What are you? Can't stand a color that can't make up it's mind" She went on about the color. "Why? It isn't bad enough there's scorched people roaming around outside, the color has to be...Teal?" She wrinkled her nose, and grimaced at the word. "Gross" Genie stopped walking, crouched down while looking back to see if the posse was coming, Chally, Grahm, and last but not least MacGruber were on there way, several yards away yet. "Sorry. We'll wait to make a plan. TA, I can't really think straight right now, I don't know where my head is." Genie bopped the side of her head on the heel of her hand, as if to knock out the cobwebs and dust.
  7. Genie's heart was practically pounding out of her chest. 'holy shit! i can't believe you just did that! what were you thinking!' she screamed at herself, internally. Internally she was freaking out, while outwardly she maintained a steady pace, trying with all her might to keep her walk confident looking. Genie's stomach growled at her. *Grrrrr* "Shoosh, you". She punched at her tight belly. "We'll eat after..." She said aloud to her hunger pains, not realizing she had said it. Genie pressed on hoping she didn't make a mistake, hoping her gamble with Mr. Grahm pays off. So hungry. She knew she could trade something for a snack, but her plan included keeping him interested enough to keep following. She forced a quick glance back, 'Good, he's following' She thought to herself. 'So freaking hungry', 'damn it', but she was unwilling to admit she may be experiencing "symptoms", telling herself it's just normal hungry, not sick hungry, it's the adrenaline rush talking. Just need to get to the center for the medicine.
  8. Genie walked up next to TA, "Tara Aubree, you will not..." She said to her pushing the walking cane back to her. "..." Genie ended her sentence there, and walked passed TA as she reached up to her head and plucked a bobbie pin which it's sole duty was to hold the mass of long brown hair bundled on top her head. Her long mane flowed over her shoulders and fell to her slender back, she shook out her hair, seemingly in slow motion. As she did she looked back a TA with a maniacal smirk, then puckered her full lips and kisses the air towards TA. "Here goes nothing, hope this works on a green dude" She thought in her head as she prepared herself, hoping by some form of female telepathy, TA would see the method in her madness. She also wished she had time to change into that sequin red dress she found. Genie approached, walking on her tippy toes, also wishing she had heels, that would have went nicely with the sequin red dress she also was not wearing. "Oh gawd, this is going to be a disaster" she thought just before arriving in front of the trader. She gripped Graham's bicep with both hands, her hands dwarfed against his bulging muscle. His arm so massive, like a tree truck. She moaned audibly, trying to sound sexy, even though she didn't feel sexy per se. "Mmmm, A hard man is good to find." Genie looked up at the towering hulk, with innocence in her liquidy brown eyes. She said in the softest tone she could muster, "Hey big boy," She winked, not shying away from his hardened gaze, "Perhaps there are, Three, things for trade," Genie ran a hand down the side of her bust and down her abs. "You forgot about... Services". Pausing for effect before saying "Services" seductively. Still talking in the low tone, and not changing her body language she continued, "By services I mean, you guide us to the AVR Medical Center, and when we come out alive You's, Grahm and Moo-moo, get all the loot, and a supply of rare innoculation serum to save All the poor dieing humans.". She stretched up on her tippy toes to try to reach his ear. She moistened her lips with a slow swath of there tongue, then whispered alluringly up to him, "Think about it" She turned on her heel to walk back to TA, then winked at her. "And don't take all day," She demanded, dropping the tantalizing tone now. "A little hint, big fella, if all the humans die... No more "someone to trade with" in your little trade equation" "Come on girls, we got ground to cover if we want to save humanity" Genie announced harshly, as she headed back to the trail north. Hoping to force the traders hand.
  9. "Uhh, yeah. No thanks, sorry. I'm with Shelly Two Heads on this one". Genie proclaimed after hearing the list of meats, then deciding, some where around 'fishy meat', vegetarian sounds doable. "Greens it is then" All the while in saying all that she, observed MacGruber showering himself under the utters of the beast. "I mean, why buy the cow, if yah gettin' the milk for free" She said, hoping the milk was indeed free. "Know what I'm saying, uhh big guy" She concluded with a suggestive wink towards the jolly green merchant.
  10. Annoyed that she was annoyed, Genie was growing weary of the constant barrage of challenges, personal, environmental, or otherwise. As her two pals tottle off aimlessly into the shanty. She tried not to let her frustration show in her body language, or voice. "Nowww What?" She stomped up closer for a look, then stood a couple yards from the front entry behind TA. With hand on hip, that hip curved exaggerated into her hand, and her breasts pushed forward. The other hand held her rifle relaxed pointing to the rocky ground. She tapped a toe on the barren earth, as if waiting for something. "I have half a mind to just let you's all just get smooshed" She said upon seeing the hunk of a man with the chunk of house foundation slung over his shoulder. She moaned audibly. "Mmmm" "Hey big fella, Is that a log in your hand, or are ya just happy to see me?" She said seductively to the giant green hunk.
  11. Genie lead her pair of beloved friends onward. Without realizing it, she had become her mother, focused on the objective at hand, saving her friends, saving her Vault, and selfishly saving herself. The words of her ex-father rang in her head, "...she has the interest of the dwellers at heart". Bitterness welled up in her heart, she said out loud, accidentally. "What crock of shit...oops". She glanced back at TA and Mack to see if they heard. MacGruber's dumbfounded bloody face indicated he did not as he was drooling on himself. She pressed on as the self appointed leader of the pack, coughing now, from the sooty air of the ash heap in which they traversed. Normally now would be a good time to clean weapons, make any necessary repairs, cleanup, eat, rest. The fact there was no time for that was pissing her off. The fact that the damned scorched plague has killed the Doctor, and now threated to take her friends, boiled her blood. Several minutes of stewing about stuff and pressing on up the mountain, they were all being affected more and more from the ash in the air. Genie stopped, took a red bandana from her small backpack. She wetted it with pure water and tied it around her face to cover her nose and mouth. Then she offered TA to do the same with her only other bandana. A stars&stripes one, her favorite one. She regarded the bandana, then wetted it. She turned TA around by her slight shoulders, then produced a bobbie pin, pinned TA's hair forward on her head so that it swooped over her face. "Tee-hee" Genie giggled. "That's cute with the one side shaved" She drapped the red, white, and blue bandana over TA's nose, then pulled the ends over her ears and tied the knot. Gently she made sure the cloth was not too tight, but secure enough to stay on. "There ya go hun, it's not a gas mask but it'll help" Genie looked to MacGruber, "Sorry bud, ladies first, you understand. Right?" Genie glanced around squinting her eyes to surveil the area again. They were near the top now, not far from a giant machinery perched dormant over looking the area. Now they were halfway from where they started, and the medical center. She could detect movement in an old shanty nearby. She pointed that out to TA with her lips puckered to one index finger. "Shhhh" Genie whispered "I swear if theey notice us theey're gitten 308's in the face. We can't mess around though. We need to keeep movin' to AVR ASAP" Not where the abbreviations came from all of a sudden, she hated it when her mother did that. She wrinked her nose at herself for a second, but ultimately shrugged it off.
  12. When TA wiggled in her arms, Genie realised her grip may have been little overboard. "Oh, sorry" She let her go, and said sheepishly, feeling embarrassed by the display of emotion. While trying to fine her attitude, she could only nodded in agreement to TA's coercion of the crazy Mack. She tried to gain some composure. "What the hell is wrong with me" Genie thought, "So damned emotional.". She despised herself for it. She put her knife away, rose to her feet, with a stern look on her face, twisting her long brown hair into a knot on top of her head. She said sarcasticly to try and gain some emotional footing, "Marvelous, now we have our very own Scorched Cannibal MacGruber on our side. Nothing can stop us now" Too engrossed in her own problems, she kinda missed some of the conversation, but got the jist after seeing the disgusting sight of him all bloody, and munching on raw meat. She tried to be tough and not show how grossed out she was. Fighting back a gag reflex, Genie announced,. "We gotta get to the medical center, ASAP"
  13. Typically under normal circumstances, as normal a circumstance as the wacky wasteland would allow, watching MacGruber waylay an aggressor was mesmerizing, and to much extent a down right turn-on. However, in this instance, it's very different, scary if you will. Genie just froze and gawked at the wildman she thought she knew, but she does not know this man before them, smashing the literal crap out of the critter. "Oh my" was all she could muster as she grabbed TA with both arms, Bowie knife pointing toward MacGruber now. TA and Genie huddled there in a tight embrace, both hoping he wouldn't turn on them. "Stop! Stop, Mack! Yer scare'n us!". Genie pleaded. For "F" sake he killed the beast with just the club, what could he do to two ladies if he lost "it" completely.
  14. When Genie stopped suddenly, somebody bumped her in the rear-end. With an "Oof" Genie fell forward onto all fours, flinging her rifle forward in the process. She knew right away it was TA who knocked her over, breifly feeling her tiny nose in her butt crack, then a cute little squeak that followed. "Easy girlfriend, there'll be time for that..." Just then there was a startling rustle in the bush. Genie rolled onto her back to face TA, and the bush, there was no time to get the rifle off the dirt. She pulled the Bowie knife from the strap on her thigh. *Schwing* The girthy blade flashed in the light when she swung it out in front of her. "Who's there!" In the same moment she noticed TA's glasses. "Oh crap". She lunged for them, scooping the specs up, and slapping them in TA's hand while keeping an eye on the bush.