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  1. Before Genie plodding over to her friends who were already set and resting under the large oaken shade tree. She lagged behind only a moment to eat some Rad-Awy. She wondered in that moment how there could be such a contrast of enviroments in such close proximity to each other. She waved that thought hoping they could avoid the burning wasteland for as long as possible. She plopped down beside TA, without thinking she sat by her rather than MacGruber. Equally mindlessly, she rubbed TA's back while she spoke to her, as calm and sincere as she could. "I am deeply sorry for the loss of your Papa, my heart breaks for you" She swallowed hard to choke back more crying, the adrenaline still pumping from the fighting helped, some. Looking at the lifeless beast before them was a reminder of the reality. "Maybe it was sick, maybe it's a baby...I hope it doesn't have an angry mother somewhere...". She paused thoughtfully. "TA I'm scared..." She interrupted that train of thought. "...Mack and me got hit with some form of radiation.... Here, listen to this" Genie accessed her PIP-boy files under the heading of 'HOLO', she scolled down, mumbling to herself as she did. "Ahh, here, this one. I made a copy from Mom's, err, the Overseer's journals. She press play and fast forwarded to the excerpt. **"I learned that a Responder scientist was developing an inoculation to protect against Scorched mutations. The work was being carried out in a laboratory at AVR Medical"** It finished playing, Genie's otherwise perfect skin turned pale, and beads of sweat formed on her smooth forehead. Her big brown eyes teared up while longingly staring into TA's welcoming green eyes. With their eyes connected, she felt she wanted to explain, but couldn't speak. The words just hung loosely on her supple lips, that only quivered but made no sound. Maybe by not saying it would keep it from being true.
  2. "What the hell is that...?". Genie barely got the question out before the shooting started. The flying beast was already changing direction and heading there way. "Nooo! Don't shoot at it!" She looked around for cover, somewhere to hide. She spotted a burned out trailer in a mining encampment off the road about 50 meters. She judged the distance and speed of the creature. "There! The trailer! We can make it!". It was her only hope to safe there lives. Genie tackled TA throw her over her shoulder, even in the heat moment she noted TA's lack of weight, she was as light as a feather. "We can't get infected! We have to take cover!" Genie sprinted as fast as she could, when she got them to the trailer she whipped the door open, tossed TA inside, then dove in after her. Before she could turn to slam the door shut the flying beast emitted a shockwave of green energy. She could feel the heat off the radiation warm her body, and singe he thin clothing. Instantly her stomach turned sour. She fell back inside the trailer, now with her hunting rifle aim out the door, she fired blindly several times. "Mack! Tony! Help!". She kept firing out the door. "TA keep shooting!" The feeling sick to her stomach, was almost ignored, save for the PIP-boy warning, and the tunnel vision. Genie scooted weakily away from the trailer entrance, and kicked the door shut. She took out a RadAway, she could barely hold onto it, but was able to administer the chem. "Ahhh, better." "We'll have to kill it! But don't get radiated!"
  3. In the moments before the figure crumbled, Genie hadn't fully processed the situation, information being a scarcity as it is. She deduced one possibly this crystaline figure could very well be the doctor, or mistaken identity, if so, a very sick elaborate hoax. The cane was compelling evidence, however, she only knew one thing for sure the very physical reaction of her friend is very real. TA's obvious pain as real as the tears pouring from her beautiful liquidy green eyes. Genie's heart broke for her. Regardless of what's true, or perseaved as true she needed to be there for her friend, fellow vault resident, sister...her girlfriend. Genie put all her deductive reasoning aside, ran to TA's and fell to her knees with her. Ignoring the burning scrapes from the irradiated asphalt, she hugged her tightly and cried with her.
  4. Genie's blood was boiling as she stomped down the road. She briskly stormed out ahead just a few steps, every step she took in anger exaggerating the sway of her hips, and the swing of her arms. Her long brown hair followed her like flames. "I had one fucking request!". She repeated over and over while she stomped along, until the team stopped dead in their tracks, upon the sighting of the statuesque figure.
  5. Genie came out of the potty, pinching her nose, and grimacing from the smell. She spoke sounding like someone pinching her nose. "Thanks. I'm gonna need therapy after that" She slammed the door, then hooked arms with TA. "Kay. You ready? Talk later. Make hasty retreat now." "Come on fellas! We outta here!"
  6. Genie cackled in reply in her nasally, almost fake sounding laugh, "Heh-heh-heh. Forever. In the vault i used tah think I had things all figured out, but I didn't think we'd come out and see so much..." Genie's brown eyes became watery. " much death. Kindofa turn off ya know. They didn't prepare us for this." Genie looked towards the gate of the amusement park, then at the row of green toilet booths across the parking lot. "There's some frozen scorched poeple at the entrance. I have tah pee, stupid PIP-boy keeps telling me to drink" She sighed, "Maybe we won't have tah kill 'em if they don't notice us."
  7. Genie stealthily kept pace out in front of the group. It was an uneventful trek to the amusement park, only stopping once near the Nuka-Cola plant to pick off a distant dead-not-dead who was beginning to take notice of their presents. Upon arriving at their chosen checkpoint, the amusement park, the group stood under the large marque sign that read Camden Park. "Big? Is that what she said?" "It's incredible, so much engineering devoted to the entertainment of children. Man, we got the shaft to be born post war. These people didn't know how good they had it. Sooorry much resources diverted to a giant playground in the missed of a resource crisis...?" "Shit, maybe U.S. was the Bad Guys"
  8. The quickened speed of the banjo music was enough to harshen her mellow, but the uproar of MacGruber's hooting and hollering was over the top. Instantly Genie's blood boiled, and her trance completely evaporated. "What the! Why do you have to be such a spaz! Errr!" Then she felt, not embarrassed, nor ashamed, but self-conscious, realizing there were so many eyes on her, and she being the elder, per se, should be more, uhh, responsible? Genie quickly turned her eyes from the group with a "Humph" Looking to the South, "We should follow the road, staying on this side of the river until..." She paused, tied her flowing long brown hair into a knot, flattened her ratty pink miniskirt, then pulled her little vest tight around her bust, and continued, remembering the icons on the map "...Oh gaawd, until we get to the amusement park." She turned to MacGruber, waving a finger to scold him, "No shenanigans when we get there so help me..."
  9. Among the emotions, physical injury, the threat of death around every corner. The prospect of music was very appealing, and while under the influence of the painkillers, the music had a pull on Genie. She was drawn to the music like moth to a flame. She was clear-headed for the most part, but her body was out of her control. She stood in front of MacGruber with her eyes closed, where he played the banjo and sang. Her body moved gracefully like a cobra risen from an Indian basket. Her hips swayed side-to-side in slowmotion, as she turned around and around corkscrewing in place. Her hands caressed her body up and down from her neck, around her full breasts, down her muscular midriff, then outlining her shapely thighs. Entranced, she continued to sway and turn feeling her body up and down. This dance, is completely inappropriate for this style of music, and her motion absolutely did not match MacGruber's rhythm. Even the tempo was all wrong. She was aware of it but had little control to stop it, besides, this is so relaxing, "Why would I stop it?" she thought. She continued her slow dance with herself.
  10. Genie was standing on top of a dumpster, peering through he rifle scope, she surveilled the obviously scorched earth of the distant mountain side. She thought, as she eavesdropped on the conversation, if this ragtag group wished to be on the other side of that... "The only way is around, the best way will be South from here, and I'll hear none of that sniveling 'Y'all don't have tah go if y'all don't wantah', nonsense. She imitated TA's charming southern drawl. We are here, with you, and the way I see it, finding your Pop's is as much importants to you as it is the Overseers mission. Something's going on here, and we need him to help us figure it out." Genie looked off into the distance at the smoking mountains in the distance, the smog, or something else caused tears to well up in her deep brown eyes. She turned her head so her long brown hair would conceal the tears. "He's a smart guy, smarter than any of us, so i gotta think, he came here the same way, and saw this same scene. I'd be ninety nine percent sure he'd make the same decisions we are making right now. If we have any chance of catching up to him, or running into him while he's on his way back, we need to think like he does. Our best bet on doing that is it have you, Miss TA, keep your head in the game and think like your Pa'pa would think." Gene hopped down from the pumpster to face TA, "Sis, I want what you want. I want to help you. You helped my father, big time, now it's my turn. We're going to find him....I promise." She knew she just wrote a check her sweet ass, most likely, could not cash, but there was passion behind it. That's gotta count for something.
  11. Regardless of the drugs nubing effects, Genie still felt discomfort in the southern region. However, she didn't give her self time to feel the pain, she toughed it out. She thought as she pushed on ahead of the group, "Maybe if I scout ahead...". Not knowing if this was a good idea, or bad idea, but staying steathy seamed like the only advantage they may have, and she felt stealth is her strong suit. She ran in a low crouch, occasionally activating VATs to find critters in the distance. She found two bloated flies at the gas station up the hill. She stopped breifly to pick them off with her silenced rifle. She passed up the Red Rocked gas station leaving it for the the others to explore. Quickly she moved on to a vantage point just passed the train depot, overlooking a "crossroads". The way south she spotted two of the blue Chinese tin can bots at a train yard. The way East she could see at least one sad Scorched person on the rail bridge. She swiftly sighted in each, and with three silenced shots all the enemies she could detect were dead. "Damn I'm a good shot," she thought, "Good thing, because ammo is scarce" She waited just passed The Responders train depot for TA, MacGruber, and Tony. Because she didn't know which route was planned. "Follow the tracks South in the wilderness, or straight East through the city?". Genie asked herself mentally preparing for either.
  12. Genie was about to open her mouth to reprimanded the boys. Maybe she was exhausted, or maybe the drugs slowed her reaction time, or both. Regardless, TA beat her to the punch. "Thank gaaawd" She squawk a lazy approval, not even caring how TA got out of lah-lah-land just relieved that she's back. Her head was foggy, the chems were really working well, she tried to talk strategy. "Ok new plan, since White is gone. We stick together, stay low. No stopping to smell the Soot Flowers, if something detects us we run. The way I figure it creatures seam to be territorial, once we are out of there territory they should forget about us. Umm, at least that's the theory" All the talking Genie suddenly felt thirsty, and come to think of it, hungry as well. She looked in her bag for something. A half eaten can of discusting Dog Food and an even more discusting roach meat, and a couple bottles of cream. She quickly swallowed the dog food, gagging as it slid down her throat, then hastily washing it down with the lukewarm cream. As she fought to hold down the unwelcome nourishment she said hopefully, her voice shaking "Maybe there will be an open restaurant where we are going...?" She thought: man we got a raw deal, all the cool stuff Mom and Reggie talked about is all wrecked.
  13. Genie stood gingerly, with more than just her ego bruised. "I don't think Mac knows how to 'do' anything, besides there'll be no 'doing' with a broken vagina, thank you very much." She said standing with her legs pressed together. Standing that way, or the sarcasm, or both made things feel better. Perhaps the chems had something to do with feeling better also. After the sarcasm, she noticed the roll of toilet paper she coveted so much, now lying all smooshed and half torn. She scoffed at the metaphor of it. "TA, thanks so much for the treatment. You truly are a super hero, in my eyes Sis". She said in all sincerity, all sarcasm aside. "Good to have you back." "Now. No-more-head-injuries"
  14. Genie searched the upstairs. Not much there, however she did pick open a wall safe and found another 10mm pistol and 33 bullets to go with it. The pistol, she already has one, but the bullets were very much needed. Under the brocken bed there was, by some stroke if luck, a box if 308 ammo that would fit her hunting rifle. She rounded the corner to the next room to discover a bathroom. "Oh this must be my lucky day." She said aloud to herself, upon seeing before her a pristine white roll of toilet paper sitting on the back of the commode. She stood at the door of the bathroom, the full roll of tissue across the room from where she stood. "Oh poop" She complained. Luck had run out, the entire floor of the bathroom had long since been rotted away, and she could see the gift shop floor below. Determined to get the toilet paper, Genie did not give up there. With a wide step she reached one foot to the edge of the bath tub across the small room, doing 'the splits' over the gapping floor, she sretched her legs to span her body from the door across the whole in the floor. Momentarily, she hoped nobody downstairs would walk under her and look up her skirt. Percariously she reached with one hand for the roll of tissue, she could hear the conversation below, about TA's name. She tried to ignore it and focus on the task at hand. When MacGruber agreed with TA's incorrect naming of herself, Genie could no longer contain herself. Genie hollered down stairs, between her legs, and the whole in the floor. "IT'S TARA AUBREE!!! YOU DING-BAT!!!" Then she snapped her head up and snatched the toilet paper, right at the exact moment her foot slipped off the edge of the bathtub. "Whoa!" *Kah-thunk" In an instant with no way to stop herself, Genie had lost her balance, slipped through whole, and crashed to the gift shop floor in a heap landing in 'the splits' position. "Owwwwww!'. She screamed in agony for several seconds. After the initial screaming, she was curled up in a fetal position, she holding her hands in her crotch sobbing, and unable to speak.
  15. Genie pinched her forehead, and said under her breath. "Oh dear God we're in fricken Lah-Lah Land and I'm the damned babysitter". She walked a small 360 circle in the spot were she stood in front of the broken bot's counter, her petite fists clenched, her teeth grinding, and her eyes to the heavens. On the verge of completely going off, muttering profanities. She stopped, relaxed her body to face Tony, and said in the softest voice she could manage. "Tony, buddy o'pal, fricking relax, for fucks sake. You know the area and the dangers better than us. we need you to be fricken normal and don't try so hard.... don't be so damn intense." Then to TA, she knelt down to her, "Sweetie, we are not in Wonderland, and you are not Alice, you are TA and you need to help us find your Papa. If you are in there, you know you need a doctor." Genie leaned close to MacGruber, grabbing his collar, "Mack, Mack, Mack. My dear Mack, I love ya tah pieces, but I need you to pay attention" She stood up brushing off her knees, and she started up the stairs. About half way up she yelled down to the group without looking back. "One of you goons get that fricken grenade out of her hand, for crying-out-loud!" Once upstairs she began a thorough search for anything useful.