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  1. The Discord link is at the bottom. Join it if you like
  2. Sadly only for PC. I don't think Crossplay is live yet as well
  3. Davis slowly places his rifle on his back and looked over at the reminding gang, giving a slight gesture to them. "So... we taking them in as well or...?"
  4. Davis, noticing the grenade , back slightly away from the robots. Keeping his gun leveled at his head, he tried to defused the situation. "Don't do it mate... If you do, this whole Vault will never forgive you... And you will be mostly shot dead as soon as you do.' Letting out a dry laugh, he looks into the man's eyes. "Not much a protector for trying to attack the thing your protecting, eh?"
  5. Davis, still chilling by the door, pulled out his rifle and aimed it at the Wastelander "And you wonder why they won't let you inside...." After giving a quick slap to his mag, he focuses on the man's head. "Don't make any hasty moves now, or I'll cut you down where you stand... Even if your buddies kill me, this armor can take enough that you won't survive my return fire.... Plus, the robots." He tilts his head slightly at the huge droids. "Never forget the robots."
  6. Davis, sighing again, tapped on the intercom button again. "Yes, your right... We are the ones that want war. Not the guy, that let me remind you Miss, marched up to your home with a siege army because your boyfriend stole a weapon. The ten haft dead men with a rusting hulk of an aircraft, and not the man in black power armor, who owns a military force that rivals around haft the Vault's population. Get off your high horse woman, he isn't the only one who had to live outside of a bunker." Rage and Angry started to boil inside of him, as he though over the woman's comments. "And another thing, you grew up in this bunker! Safe, and protected! We had to live outside of it, so of course we have weapons! Hell, we are what reminds of this United States Fucking Army, so of course we have weapons! Your just getting sucked into this... society, just because they are 'foreign' and 'different'. Just because they are born outside of a vault, doesn't mean they have to rule with fear, blood, and death." Finally, almost yelling now, he leans up on the little button, almost breaking it. "And lastly, just because they say they want peace, doesn't mean that it will happen! You want history? I'll give you history. American Expansionism, World War two, the Resource Wars! Everyone wants peace, woman! Few wake up in the morning and wait to kill people! But guess what? If we arnt ready, if our defenses buckle, then I promise you that your dear new leader will have no issue with taking this Vault into it's fold. So, stop acting like this is a storybook and grow up! UGH!" He leans off the Vault Intercom, feeling smug about himself. He just defended his point, his factions ideas.... To two teenagers. He just got drawn into a fight... with kids. Sighing, he brought his hand to his helmet and covered it, grumbling
  7. Davis slowly walked up to the intercom, slowly touching the button to turn it on. "Well... I wasn't expecting that. She did summed it up however.... Mr. 'Lucky', Your actions since I have met you have been... wild to say the least. And from other actions I have heard apart I am sorry to say I fully agree, if not more so.... I mean really man, shooting a live gun in a classroom? That's just risky for no reason!." He took a slight break, then sighed. "And Miss... First off, I would thank you for saving my life. It was something I though I wouldn't be able to repay... but then you stole my Vertibird, left in out in the open far from home... without fuel. I thank you for not crashing it, but still. I am... glad you safe, and your quest for peace is …. Well, come on? No one is trying to attack Jack. Heck, even I am not going to attack him or his forces.. and he shot me in the fucking legs! It is foolish to go so... completely native at the first chance of freedom." Pushing off the button for a sec, he tapped on the door slightly to see if he needed to say anything. After a moment, he was back on it. "Also, the guy is a raider. Sure, he may have certain rules. He may have certain codes, but in the end his people only take, pillage, and destroy to serve there own needs. To grow in strength. So, in the end, this is a bad man who is running a group of worst people... So... take that as what you will." "Oh! I also don't have the power to unlock the door. So... don't ask."
  8. Davis was having a pretty good day. The training was going well, with recruits becoming more and more like there older counterparts. Charlie's training was going well. Sure, she had little free time, but she threw herself at the subjects he taught her. He was proud of how far she came so far... granted, it was only one class and a short one at that, but still. The food today was good. Whoever made that French toast today was a saint at the- Suddenly, he heard yelling from the speakers around the Vault door. It didn't sound like Raiders or anything. It was way too... normal for that. Listening in close, he made out the sound of.... "Aw Bloody Hell.... This guy again." With a slight brisk walk, he moves into the chamber leading to the vault's door. With a sigh, he leaned up on the back wall. He waited for the Vault Dwellers to break and let them inside. "And here I though this was going to be a good day..."
  9. He shakes his head slightly. "Not at all... I make the Sergeants do it. They take care of enlisted training... I check up on them from time to time, but I this will be more... one on one." He shrugs slightly, before placing his helmet back on. "There a lull in the fighting now... Even exploring wise, due to the fact we are waiting for a map of the raider's 'claims' so we can at least try to keep this peace" He taps on his helmet, checking it for any errors and due to habit. "Anytime we are both free.... Maybe in the future I'll take you out on some field training and such, but for now just expect a lesson or two when you have some free time." He gave her a thumbs up, his tone pretty chipper. "Don't worry, I have heard I am a pretty laid back teacher." And with that, the day was over.
  10. Davis let out a slight chuckle "Yeah... me neither, Okay, enough grand speeches and talk of big bad raiders.... See how it looks!" Slowly he rubbed the back of his head. "It... should fit.... Maybe? If it doesn't, you may have to shrink it In the wash or something. We only have a few 'Cadet' Uniforms we took from an old Recruitment Office down by Vault Tec University. If we need to get new ones, I'll try to get Skyranger to comb over it but... It's been years. I doubt much is left." He gave a growing smile at the new recruit... well, semi recruit, but who was counting?
  11. Davis gave a knowing nod as she looked over the uniform. "I understand... hence, it will only be part time training. I don't wish you to leave the Trailblazers, in fact I implore you to take part. Fight and explore for you people. Your Overseer... She is remarkable, smart woman. However, this raider is not some mindless brute. He will... corrupt you people, turning them one by one until there nothing but a member of his horde... And by that time, your Vault will be weaken from within, becoming his puppet... or be destroyed." The Soldier turned, looking over the Vault. "This place… this piece of culture, of America if it went down the right track... I WANT the Commonwealth to be like this. To have the peace, and the freedom like it does here. I want you be apart.... However, if the time comes to take up arms... and if they beat down your doors, demanding enslavement, your culture... your people... I ask you to raise up arms with us. To fight back with us, and to prepare for this war... Even if the Vault doesn't." He looks back at the woman, and whispers. "And the Silos... neither side should have them. I have a plan to make sure no one has that power... but until then, I ask for you to accept. Go on mission with us, let me teach you our ways. To prepare you for the coming storm, so you can help your people thrive... and take my place if I die. Any... other questions, or do you have your answer?"
  12. Davis grabbed his helmet and took it off with a mighty hiss. Blinking, he looked into Charlie's eyes. "Look" He started, slowly "I... won't ask you to leave your home. I don't expect you to follow us across the Commonwealth. I know this is your home... Your people. It would be wrong for me to ask you leave them.... " He raised his hand up in the air, and made a slight fist. "The future of this Commonwealth is not safe. The raiders... they will betray your people in time. As soon as you become a true threat, they would wipe you, your people, your family... everything you build down to the foundation. They want a new world, a world were they are kings. Everyone else is there slaves, or fuel for there expansion. I REFUSE to let that happen." He look downwards at the table, eyes a bit cloudily in though and memories. "I.. know the Pre War world is gone. The government is most likely off in some... high tech bunker somewhere, waiting it out until America is ready for there return. They don't care about us, I... accept that. However, the old world values: Truth, Justice, Order, Common Decency.... These will not go to the dustbin of history." He looked up, a fire burning inside him and in his voice. "And if they get the missiles... the store houses... If the Overseer, blinded by appeasement and peace, trades this away... You studied history, you know this will only lead to war. If we aren't ready for it, humanity here in the Eastern Commonwealth is doom to be under the boots of these... animals. I WON'T let the fate of humanity be these... people having the power to pillage, destroy, and do as they please without punishment." Slowly, he opened the case. Inside, a black beret with a old, minuteman soldier colored in white stood proudly on the left of center. Under the beret, a clean, pressed Army uniform, the Unite States flag flapping on one of the shoulders. They looked barley touched by time. "But, in this mission, I .. can die. Ever since the evacuation from the silos... since my commanders all got turned into goddamn zombies... The Guardsmen are without any officers, other then me, to lead them. Now, I could promote a lower ranking but... Well, I love my men but most of them are... focused. Don't seen the big picture. The new recruits from the Vault, even more so." He stood up, letting out a small sigh. "Look.. I won't force you to join. I promise if you say no, I'll never ask you again... However, I see the same spark in you. The same fire.... I want to train you, to groom you in the ways of the United States Military... And replace me if I die." He shakes his head slowly, before looking at Charlie. "I don't want war, War... it never changes. It is nasty, bloody, terrible, and makes men and woman do things they would never dream of doing, just to survive…. But, if we want to see our friend, our family grow... The future of our children to be free of dictators, monsters and to know what the world could have been... We need to ready ourselves, and prepare for it. So, I ask you.... Will you join us? America is calling my dear... Will you answer?"
  13. Davis starts tapping on the table again, and is silent for a moment "Pretty much." He mused "I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. Currently there is no plan to take the fight to the raiders due to both wanting to be there. It's... Crazy." Finally, he pulls the briefcase on the table, right in front of the woman. "And this.... Is an offer."
  14. After sitting down in the armor, and hearing the seat creak as well, he begone to recap the days events. "Well" he started "Long story short, your friend... Who I found out was that nice medic girl, went native. She is all wrapped up in the raiders life style and is convinced we can make peace with them.... Meanwhile, Mr. Unlucky ran off to be with her. Both are in the main raider base as we speak... Because young love and hornest and all that jazz." He tapped on the test, before shrugging slightly. "So... Yeah. Overseer is agreeing to it, sort of... Mainly we are staying away from them except for tradering missions... Even though trading with such people seems like a bad idea but that's just me." With that he sighed and looked at the woman. "Any.... Questions?"
  15. He shook his head slightly, letting out a laugh "All of those are good questions.. is there an area with an office? Or.. table? It's best for you to sit down before I explained all the bullshit that has happened today." He then raised up the black briefcase "And what this is."