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  1. It's just for 76. People have to understand what we intend to do, when time comes... is open up private servers using the Fallout 76 setting. That will be the environment, that will be the time period and the lore will be structured specifically for that. We're watching closely and waiting very patiently. Everything else is just a time passer.
  2. Correct answer ^ They're both sterile and super mutants don't even have genitals.
  3. Tony

    Hello there!

    Welcome. The real RP kicks off when we get private servers, but for now we have a few back door methods going on. Forums and group RP in public by some members who've shown initiative.
  4. We do not control it. Fallout Roleplay has zero control over what goes on in public realms, which is why we are holding put for private. We cannot enforce rules, we cannot punish people, we cannot tell them what they can or cannot do, we cannot limit them in any way... it's public. We've been asked and I am reiterating that we officially become what we always set out to be when private servers are dropped. I understand people lack patience and want it right now, but that side of things is on Bethesda. Until that happens, we literally have no power over anything beyond the website and the discord. Please be aware when the in game rules appear with private servers, you will have to adapt. This has never been a secret, we've never hid this. It'll be that fresh new world all over again... full servers with people all roleplaying, no OOC from public, no immersion breaks and believable standards to set the tone of the world.
  5. Tony

    Hello everybody!

    You have two choices right now. You can use the forums provided for text or meet people within the discord and join with them, however it should be said that the goal is for private servers. When that happens it'll be much clearer as we'll be using the platform. Welcome to Fallout Roleplay.
  6. Tony


    Hey back, welcome to Fallout Roleplay (=
  7. Welcome to Fallout Roleplay, glad to have you with us. I dunno what's up with google, to my understanding if ya typed in Fallout Roleplay, we're kinda the first page. But anyway, ya found us. Feel free to join the discord and meet some folk. It's all pretty much text based on the site until private servers drop, but some have taken to grouping up to RP in public worlds if you're into that.
  8. Tony


    Hey there. Probably the Euro Gamer article. Yeah none of that reflects on what we're doing. private servers and a text box will come in time, it's just a matter of patience. Welcome (=
  9. Tony

    Hi, ad victoriam!

    Welcome to Fallout Roleplay. Yeah we're more text based on the forums at the moment, however a bunch of folk are taking to grouping up and RP'ing in game. Player initiative. What we're really waiting for is private servers before we kick off and become what we're really meant for.
  10. Welcome to Fallout 76. Feel free to join the discord and meet some folk as we wait for private servers.
  11. Tony


    Welcome, feel free to join the discord and meet like minded folk like yourself (=
  12. Tony


    I can help you with that. Simple answer is it's a waiting game. These things are coming. The key point is private servers. When they're made available this all kicks off officially. As for a text box Bethesda has discussed 'looking into it'. If they fail to deliver, then it'll be a matter of waiting for modding capabilities and we will simply pay for one to be made or make it ourselves. The push to talk feature is essential as many of us are used to voice roleplay as well. It'll likely be a mix. People have been able to meet up for RP in the actual game, something done by player initiative, however I must stress it's something we cannot control as it's on public servers. For text there are the forums at the moment, at least until Bethesda delivers that text box. Welcome to Fallout Roleplay and if you have other questions please pop into the discord.
  13. Tony


    Good stuff man, seems you like that immersion. Welcome to Fallout Roleplay, feel free to join the discord and have a little bit of meet and greet. You'll find people to play with in the game, but for the most part we really kick off when private servers drop.
  14. Tony

    Can't wait anymore!

    Correction. Many people are making this assumption, however that wasn't the quote for private servers, but for mods. To mod, private servers must come first. As soon as private servers are made available, we will have them, but officially it appears there is no date set.
  15. Tony

    Hey there!

    Welcome Adira, happy to have you with us. Feel free to check out the discord as there's a few people trying to RP already in game. Bit premature as we really kick off when private servers go, that's when our canon starts. For anything these there's the forums and just general get to know (=