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  1. alex3494

    Cormac McNamara

    I wonder how much of the world is left? How much of the old world can be rescued from crumbling ruins? Are other survivors out there? I wish they'd just open the vault door now, what does it matter if it's eighteen or twenty years?
  2. If anyone is interesting in partaking in a semi-RP faction based on the Brotherhood of Steel, come say jello:

    1. LORI


      ? We actually have a group recruitment forum! It's called "Companions". Feel free to make a thread in there for people to see!

    2. Tony


      I am a big brotherhood fan myself and there's some speculation that The Brotherhood exist in the official 76 Lore... not confirmed, but highly speculated due to their brand being left. I'd love to see Brotherhood activity here.

  3. Ad Victoriam.

    1. Tony


      Ad Victoriam solider