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  1. Lau

    Hearth Haven

    Any Special requests? i'll be sure to find it Specialities: Weapon Mods, Armor Mods Apparel For Sale All items negotiable for Trade, Prices may fluctuate due to demand. Special Sale Items Outfits: Union Uniform - Stock: 10 Confederate Uniform - Stock: 10 Vault 76 Jumpsuit - Stock: 3 Scavenged Sale Items Outfits: Cop Cap - Stock: 1 Dirty Army Helmet - Stock: 1 Faded Visor - Stock: 3 Fashionable Glasses - Stock: 1 Fisherman's Hat - Stock: 1 Newsboy Cap - Stock: 1 Ushanka Hat - Stock: 3 Mining Helmet - Stock: 3 (2 Red, 1 Green) Headwear: Asylum Worker Uniform - Stock: 1 Bottlecap Sunglasses - Stock: 1 Campaign Hat - Stock: 1 Casual Outfit - Stock: 1 Dirty Tan Suit - Stock: 1 Golf Outfit - Stock: 2 Golf Skirt - Stock: 2 Greaser Jacket and Jeans - Stock: 1 Pastor's Vestments - Stock: 1 Police Uniform - Stock: 1 Ratty Skirt - Stock: 1 Swimsuit - Stock: 1 T-Shirt and Slacks x 1 Tattered Dress - Stock: 2 Under Armor: Military Fatigues - Stock: 0 Crafted Sale Items Helmet Eyebot Helmet Light Armor All Leather Variants Metal Arms: Left, Right Legs: Left, Right Sturdy Armor Trapper Arms: Left, Right Legs: Left, Right Weapons For Sale Blunt Melee Weapons Baseball Bat Board Edged Melee Weapons Blate of Bastet Combat Knife Hatchet Machete Chinese Officer Sword Machined Guns Short Hunting Rifle Pipe Guns Pipe Pistol Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol Pipe Revolver Syringer Throwing Weapons Throwing Knife Plans and Recipes for Sale Plans: Chemistry Workbench - Stock: 1 Metal Bed - Stock: 2 Single-Action Revolver Ivory Grip - Stock: 2 Water Pump - Stock: 2 Recipes: Steeped Aster Tea - Stock: 1 Sweet Mutfruit Tea - Stock: 1
  2. Lau

    Hearth Haven

    [Bethesda ID: Zorai - Version:PC] You begin to find signs across Appalachia nailed to poles, sides of buildings that have been defaced with Spray-paint distorting what they used to be into what appears to be an advertisement, some of them even have Polaroid's attached [Hearth Haven Food, Warmth, Crafting, Trading __/\ Welcome to Hearth Haven's Trading shack, stay a while round the hearth. Rules: No weapons - holster them or no entry. No stealing - those caught stealing will be sold to slavers. Absolutely no Scorched - if you are infected you will be shot. Water purifier is 2 caps per use. Located south of New Gad in Summersville Lake] [Hearth Haven] Will curiosity get the better of you? Will you find yourself venturing to Summersville lake and south of New Gad to find this place called Hearth Haven?