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  1. He looked down at her, and simply nods in response. The comment he had made about Jack and his lieutenants most likely not killing him seemed to give him a bit of reconciliation, and the tension in the room felt a tad less intense. He hadn’t heard much from Jack since his time working off his debt with the Saul at the Med Tent, much less even seen the man, and for some odd reason he felt this reunion was going to be more awkward than when he first stormed up to the gates with a prisoner in front of the barrel of his gun, maybe it was because he knew much more about the ruler now than he had back then. Which was either a blessing, or a curse. Feral’s fascination with Jack came off as strange to Yetti, he never understood it, but he did personally fear it greatly, perhaps greater than the man himself. Due to how much it seemed to have absorbed the kid. He worried that she would grow a bit...too attached to Jack, in a rather unhealthy way, devoted to his will like a mindless servant. Willing to do anything, under no remorse, including killing her own. Of course, that’s what just about any Raider would do for him, but everyone had their limits. Yetti had his limits with children, with elderly and weak and innocent. Others would have family, friends, something to cling onto for common humanity, but Feral, all she would have left is Jack’s satisfaction. She had her arm broken, face punched, bitch slapped, verbally assaulted, and publicly humiliated by Jack, and probably more since before he became a member, and yet there she was, loyal as ever to him, and that’s what made him fear this fascination. And he knew that the one thing to fear, other than fear, is someone with nothing to lose or fear. While Jack had an entire empire, possibly the Bone Carver he seemed to care so much for (whom Yetti hasn’t met), and potentially hundreds of people ready to fight for him, Feral...well, Yetti had an ominous, creeping suspicion, that the preteen Raider standing before him, had nothing to lose. While he had his inner thoughts, he would look back at the scene of the Throne Room one last time, before they both stepped out into the Courtyard, just as the door shut. Somehow, that door shutting behind him was a reminder of that day he went into the Scorgue, seeing those gates close behind him. And he felt something big was in store down the road.
  2. Yetti followed her, closely, and, looking back at the bartender, placed his hand on the preteens shoulder, and slightly pulled her back. “If it is, ive got a bit more meat on my bones than you, if I drop, then you run. Let me go in ahead of you kid.” He gently pulled her back, almost in a protective manner, and slowly opened the door, peeking through the other side to observe the environment they were entering, and every nook and cranny. He would then whisper to her, after a few moments of reconciliation. “Well...looks like a courtyard alright, if he wanted us dead, I’m sure he would have done it publicly, in the Throne Room, or at the gate. Not in some back alley like we were just rabid dogs...and I doubt his own men would want to make a move on us like this.”
  3. Yetti responds to the bartender with a half nod, then looks down to feral, then says. “Well, theres our all clear I suppose.” He will let her lead the way.
  4. Once everything finally got settled in and situated, the group splitting off, the two men going to celebrate or relax and get prepared for the next attack, Inga in the Medical Tent, and Feral off to the Throne Room, Yetti would be at the outside of the Med aren’t while Feral spoke with Inga, leaning against the side of the entrance waiting on her. Once she exit, Yetti would add. “Considering last time you and the group went into the Throne Room last time without me, I feel like I should tag along, just to be safe and make sure you don’t die alone, at the very least.” He gives her a reassuring half smirk, and follows her up to the room housing the King himself, although something bothered him about walking up to the place without first being called on, and he would voice this concern. “I hope you’re really sure about this kid, because I’m not really in the mood for dying tonight.” Once they arrived, he would let Feral do the talking, until things got too far out of hand at the very least, he would be prepared to negotiate, or defuse.
  5. Yetti thought for a moment about what to do about the loot and the injured and the slaves, and came to a conclusion. “Well, we could do a really quick scavenge run on the cave with the prisoners we left alive for now. Use one or two of them to carry the shit back to the scrapyard, cut their arms off, and their tongues and eyes. Tie them up, strap whatever loot you find on them, and they’ll be your little walking Brahmin for the time being. You and Mackenzie will do that, while I get the slaves to help take Inga and Feral back to the Scorgue, some of the slaves will help me carry them, the others will carry whatever riches we gather. After I get them back to the Scorgue, I’ll either begin my journey back to help you two out, or I can stick around back at base, and let things cool down between the two of us...” He referred to accidentally leaving Lucky behind in the caves, and as he did so, nervously scratched the back of his neck. Yetti then turned to the two injured members of their pack and motioned the slaves over with one hand, and quickly gave them a run down. “So listen up, you may think we freed you from these assholes, but you’re mistaken. You’re going from one slave master, to another one. Only this time, you won’t be tortured and raped. You will still be in captivity, still forced to follow commands through and through with no problem. And maybe someday, just maybe, you will be free, but don’t take my word for it. You will all be fed, you will have purified water to ration if you do your work correctly, and you will all be able to live together. So the first order of business, is that we need pack mules, and emergency medical transport. Four of you will be carrying these two fine ladies back to our base, while the rest will be carrying loot we give you. Once we get to the base, we will see what happens with you, so all of you, let’s get to work. I want out of here as soon as possible.” After an extra 20 minutes, the slaves had been loaded up with guns (empty of ammunition of course), others carried ammo, food, water supplies, and caps. Four gathered some light supplies strapped on them, and stretchers. Yetti bent down and gently picked each girl up and placed them in each stretcher gently, gathered blankets from the barracks of the base, and put the blankets over the two, and then they were off into the wasteland together. With Yetti guiding the group from behind, staying on watch throughout the travel back to the base.
  6. Yetti looked at Lucky and shook his head in defeat. Then finally admitted with a hint of anger of in his tone.“I didn’t know you had gone inside the cave so soon. It was my fault. They had a bunch of men coming out toward the door, they were going to overwhelm everyone outside. So I had to do something, fast.”
  7. Yetti looks back at the man in the heavy power armor as he was dying, and walked back over to him, placing his foot on top of his scathed power armor, and the barrel of his rifle to his neck. “Help us, how? What can you do, because right now it seems like you’re minutes from dying of blood loss.”
  8. Yetti looked at his two injured team mates, shaking his head in frustration. He sighs and walks toward the two. “You clear to walk or are we going to have to carry you both back home?” He asks with a sarcastic smirk after pulling his half mask down.
  9. Yetti began to fall back while firing into the armored man’s joints as much as he could while he sprinted at him, but only managed to hit through his elbow, damaging his left arm. As the man approached, he braced his shoulder and got ready to slam into him with enough force to probably kill him, but due to Yetti not being encumbered by the weight of heavy armor, he was much more mobile and able to dodge out of the way from the attack, rolling away from the hit. He instead slams directly into a tree, knocking it over, causing it to slam into the ground with a loud crunching sound. Yetti took the opportunity and shot the man in the back of his knee joint multiple times. He turned to him one last time, just as Feral had hopped onto him, and began to stab feverishly at the neck of the armored giant. Yetti stopped firing and took a moment to aim once more at the man’s other arm, incapitating it by shooting the elbow joint once again to make sure he couldn’t throw the small raider off of him. As the body dropped, Yetti looked over at Inga and sighs. “Well shit...never a dull moment with you guys...”
  10. Yetti knew there was no way in hell the kid was going to be able to take on some big guy in power armor, and he knew she was going to need some kind of assistance. The only thing that worried him was the fact that he had only seen power armor only one other time before this guy, and that was with Jack. He didn’t know how to counter attack the man in the armor, but he was going to try at the very least. He looks at Mackenzie, and commanded him to stick around and watch the prisoners, and went into the treeline to cover Feral’s advance toward Inga. He observed her taking out the two guards, and moved a little further ahead, when the big guy in the armor suddenly charged into her, he knew it was time to act. He quickly reached into his back pack, pulling out the incendiary grenade he was gifted from the requisition, as well as a bottle of repurposed liquor, and lit the cloth hanging over the bottle. He jumps out from the bushes, first lobbing the Molotov, which would smack the armor head on, erupting him in flames, then the explosive. The grenade worked much better, as the explosion sent him staggering backwards, and dropping his large mini gun. He knew the flames wouldn’t do much, but if he could distract the man long enough maybe someone could shoot the fusion core or do something. “Why don’t you jump out of that armor and fight me like a real man!” Yetti shouts as he approaches with his weapon drawn, ready to fire at the armored man’s joints if he even moved in the wrong way toward him.
  11. “Well, it’s over. Any remaining soldiers are stuck deep inside of a massive cave in, or dying in a pool of their own blood surrounded by bodies of their friends. These four are the dumb ones, the weak ones. And we will make an example from them. I picked the big, strong one to be our pack rat, to carry our junk back to the stronghold for us. Cut his arms and tongue and eyes out, the lead him with a rope or a chain. The other two, kill them, stake them. But this one, we are going to crucify him.” He points to the final man he decided to keep alive for the torture. “Let nature take its course on this one, leave him here, broken beyond repair, screaming out in agony for help. Until his dehydration kills him.” After speaking Yetti looks around at the bodies and the scenery of destruction, and asks concerningly. “Where the fuck are Feral and Lucky at?”
  12. Yetti was still inside the caves as the onslaught continued, not seeing Lucky pass through him however, because at the time, he was too busy mowing down dozens of scared, retreating enemies with his newfound LMG. Once out of ammunition, he tosses the weapon to the ground, a few men start frantically surrendering, begging for mercy, only to be met with gunshots to the faces, spare for the last four men he could find. He looks at the survivors with a chuckle, and with a smile hidden behind his half mask, says. “Well now you lot... well, I feel really fucking bad for you guys, because you’re about to get the absolute worst of the action.” Yetti looked at the men with a thoughtful gaze, clearly wondering how to torture each man to death. “You,” he pointed to one of the bandits at random and laughed a bit. “Oh boy. You are going to get the absolute worst of it all, because for the next few days, or however long you live for, you’re going to be an example. And you...” He points to another man. “You’re going to be my pack rat until I reach base. But, well, you won’t need eyes, arms, or a tongue...right?” The men begin to shake and sob, but Yetti was lent having any of it, and before long, the battlefield was quiet, and four men cane filing out of the building shaking in fear, with Yetti triumphantly behind them.
  13. The gunfire had stopped, that’s what scared Yetti, and he had a gut feeling that his team was now compromised. He said fuck it in his head, brought the shotgun up to the back of the man sporting the LMG’s head, and blew the man’s head off with one shot. He proceeds to the man carrying the ammo, shooting him in the eyes, and finally the missile launcher man in the back. Once all three had fallen, he reached down to pick up the missile launcher. Having never used one, he was a bit confused, but soon he found out how the weapon worked, when suddenly, two missiles were being launched, one into the crowd of me gathering a ways behind the gate, ready to push out and overwhelm his team, the second hitting on of the supports holding the ceiling together. What felt like an earthquake quickly caused a near cave in as rocks began collapsing down into the crowd. Yetti aimed the launcher at a man aiming their rifle at him, and blew the man away, literally, as the rocket propelled explosive sent him flying back into a large gray vent filter, causing a massive explosion that sent more rocks crumbling to the ground. Yetti threw the wepaon into the groun and grabbed the LMG, and as much of the ammo as he could hold over his arm. He then pushes out of the East tunnel he was going into, and use it to begin mowing down panicking bandits running for their lives
  14. Yetti arrives at the secret entrance, which seemed to have been some kind of old emergency exit in the case of some kind of accident. It was a tight space, but no sounds of soldiers rushing down the corridor could be heard, he could hear the sound of the air filtration system close by him, he figured he could destroy those vents and use it to flush out any one trying to hold up inside. His main focus, however, was to help his team before they were overwhelmed by soldiers. He pushed forward with his pump action shotgun, loaded with birdshot shells, until he reached a new hallway, just as a few bandits passed him. He didn’t want to make any attacks quite yet, so he tried to blend in along side the men. “What the fuck is happening out there?!” He asked one of the guys running by. “There’s a goddamn fight out there! Some bitch took out our MGs, we’re getting missile launchers to the East service tunnel, we need reinforcements at the main door before more of them start pushing in.” The man ran off with his fellow soldiers. Yetti sighed in relief since he wasn’t immediately shot in the face. These men didn’t have any specific outfits or language, Lucky for him. He needed to get to that missile team before they could get the tower Feral was in, so he waited until he was clear, and proceeded to follow the signs pointing him to the East tunnel. Along the way he stopped a man carrying HMG rounds and asks. “Hey I’m with the missile team where the fuck are they?” The man turns to him to him while sprinting away and points down the way from where he came. “East tunnel take a right, and make it quick because they are the only hope we fucking have.” He he could hear mutiple screams of pain and commands. He heard one man scream about getting a machine gun turret assembled. He followed the soldiers instructions toward the East Tunnel, and found it soon enough, and surely, there stood a team of three men, one armed with a quad barrel missile launcher, one other carried an M60 light machine gun, and the other held a box filled with the ammo for the LMG. “Hey I was sent here by Lincoln to help you guys.” He says while looking back toward where all of the men were running for. One of them look at him sideways but shrugs. The man with the LMG starts speaking to him. “Must be a new guy huh, alright. Listen up, Howie here has the launcher, he’s gonna blow the fucker in that tower sky high, and I’m going to mow down anyone running away or in the trees. I die, grab this gun, he dies-“ he points to the man carrying the large ammo box- “take the box. Just make sure you replace someone.”
  15. He shakes his head, says "fuck it." And turns back around, sprinting towards the main entrance as men began to file outside the cave entrance. First thinking their HMM was on their side, until they started getting mowed down. They then began focusing fire on Feral. Hoping he wouldn't get shot down by Feral, Yetti jumped from the bushes, assault rifle in hand, and quickly began to fire in controlled bursts into the crowd of men ahead of him. Feral had wiped out well over half of the incoming group, while Yetti took out six more during the panic. 10 shots were used up, he had 26 left. Yetti looks up at feral, and gave her a thumbs up as the fight began. He looks to the entrance to the cave, then towards the opposite of his side of where he stood, where more slavers began filing out from. He figured that was somewhere where the West entrance he was looking for was. He opens fire at the group before they could aim at him, killing off three out of the seven men, and quickly dove behind the one of the bodies laying on the ground, using it as a meat shield until Feral wipes the group out with the MG. He proceeds to roll over the body, and shout at Feral. “I’m moving into the building for a flank, HOLD HERE, MACK, COVER FERAL, lucky get Igna to safety.” He begins to move toward the West entrance, mopping up soldiers along the way, before finally making it inside.