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  1. Yetti would have gone back to the Barracks to gather up his gear and throw his usual combat gear on, although he would leave the hood on his ragged robe/scarf down, and have his half mask up on his face. He took another visit to Shit and Crap to restock on provisions and ammunition, as well as some medical supplies, and stuff the equipment into different labeled pockets of his backpack, the biggest pouch having a bullet symbol slapped onto it, the secondest largest having medical, and then the smaller ones would have misc items. He also got a brand new machete, which would now hang at his side. Yetti arrives outside the gate, regrouping with his crew, and it didn’t take long for him to notice Inga and her lady bits literally falling out of her armor. He stopped and couldn’t help but say, “ got hit by a shotgun on the last run, when you had some good armor on, and now you’re going out with...” He trailed off and scratches his neck, clearly confused. “Well I guess it helps with mobility...” He steps toward the front of the group and looks out at the Wastes waiting for them. “Well, what’s the plan here, kid?” He asks while looking over at Feral.
  2. When Feral threw the copies of the map at him, he quickly woke back up with a sudden jolt, and looked at her, slightly annoyed by her waking him up, he grabs the map and hops up out of bed, before her words actually hit him like a punch to the jaw. He would repeat the phrase to himself, the last word she had called him, with only confusion. “..daddy...?” He only told himself maybe he heard her wrong, but he didn’t understand it. Was that more in an innocent sense or was something really weird secretly going on in her head. He would just brush the thoughts off and follow her from a distance to the Throne Room. Once there, he would avoid eye contact with Inga, and keep his distance at the other end of the bar, not really knowing how to initiate conversation with either of the two girls, since both seemed to be fairly angered.
  3. Yetti turns back toward the door, and looking back one last time, attempting to scrounge up some kind of thought for a comment, a question or even an apology. But he would only instead just leave her to her own devices and try to move on from the situation that had occurred. He goes back to his own barracks to go to back to his bed and lie down once more, to relax his throbbing head. That’s when he started to double think the offer, since it would have helped ease the pain of the headache. He would sigh and close his eyes to nap.
  4. When she rushed him with a dagger, he was almost prepared to punch her directly in the throat in self defense, but before he could bring his fist up toward her, she had already plunged the weapon into the wall behind him, the tenant on the other side of the wall shouted in surprise as a knife pierced his wall out of nowhere, and he shouts from the other side. “Hey watch it fuck face!” Yetti could only really just stand there for a few seconds in confusion, then step his way toward the door, still thinking over what had just happened, before turning back toward her. “By the way, don’t know if this was normal back at your vault, but typically, people try to get to know each other when they want to fuck others, makes the experience a little better you know.” He was just about to leave once more before sighing and shaking his head. “Look, I...I kind of over reacted there, okay? I just, I don’t know that was super sudden you know? Like, I don’t know have a little class or something....” He took a few seconds and clears his throat, before finally turning his body back toward her fully. “I’m sorry, about pushing you.” He looked down at the floor, and picked the coffee cup he dropped on accident, and tossed it into the trash.
  5. The sudden jump onto him shocked him, and his body reacted to the surprise pounce with falling back immediately, luckily he was relatively close to the wall, so he instead landed against it with a grunt, however he was still able to keep a hold of her weight pretty easily, and so he kind of just stood there with her latched onto him, his hands were raised a bit, not really knowing whether to shove, or punch the woman off of him. Instead of doing either of those actions, he would look at Inga, now straddling him, with a look resonating only an expression of pure 'what the fuck are you doing?'. And the tone of his voice would mirror the expression once he proceeds to ask. "Uh, what exactly is this? Me carrying you around, or are you trying to get me in your pants? Because to me, both sound really fucking out of place!" He would then reach down to her waist, and proceed to force her off of him, and toss her onto the bed, not hard enough to harm her, but enough to get the point across. "I barely even know you. Seems out of place just do out of nowhere. Besides," he grimaces and looks to the side, with an annoyed expression, "not much of a lover type."
  6. His face was twisted in severe confusion now, and he would question her about the comment she had just made. He would then question her, clueless, but slowly beginning to realize what was really going on. “The fuck are you talking about? Try what??”
  7. Yetti looked at Joshua, or whoever he was speaking with since he didn’t really understand his personality disorder entirely yet. The expression on his face was pure anger stemming from the humiliation, but as he went into his coughing fit, he would smile in petty victory. “Last time I get drunk with you.” Even though internally he knew it was a lie. He then smirks and continues speaking with him. “I would prefer to have woken up with a girl next to me, instead of this fucking headache. By the way, what all happened last night? I don’t remember shit.”
  8. Yetti took a cup of jo and leans his back against the wall, occasionally sipping the coffee. When Feral had made the remark, Yetti hadn’t exactly felt any sort of awkward vibes in the air, but when she left on that note, he started to feel some nervous tension tugging at his gut, but tried his best to bury it, and push it aside, but after awhile, it grew on him, and he couldn’t deny it much longer, so breaking the silence that had been gathering up for the last half minute, he would ask. “Uh...what the hell does she mean by that?” The comment had got him thinking, pondering on what the two had been talking about behind closed doors, and the curiosity was starting to edge him now.
  9. He nods and eyes the coffee pot, while continuing the conversation, “Well, glad to hear that. Kudos for resilience at the very least.” He then points at the pot and requests. “Uh, do you mind if I get a cup off coffee? I’ve got a bad migraine right now because I drank a lot with Lucky last night, and I don’t remember what all happened...”
  10. Yetti would sigh and stay up, and follow Feral out of the lounge area, back toward Ingas room. Once they enter, Yetti looked at the woman, and proceeds to ask. “So, how you feeling now after getting blasted? Any damages?” He would ask her, while looking around the room for a pot of coffee.
  11. He looked up at Feral, rubbing his temple softly with his hand, and yawns as she asked him the question. He ignored the ‘sexy’ part of her rather sudden question, and instead sarcastically says, “Well good morning to you too kiddo.” He then continues,“Well, what I think about her, is that she’s a good fighter. Strong. I mean she survived a shotgun blast to the chest, definitely someone we could keep around.” After finishing his statement he would then move on to his own question, grimacing a bit in pain. “by the way, off topic question..Where can I get some coffee or something for my head?”
  12. Yetti jolted upward the next morning in a slight panic, not remembering how he had got into his room. The last thing he could remember was standing on top of the table in the Rec Yard, laughing uncontrollably about something the two drunkards thought was funny, and then falling forward, getting a nice face full of dirt as he did so. He wiped the drool off of his mouth and sat up all the way, his head was pounding from a pretty intense headache, but he was happy about last night, nonetheless. He sat up on his bed and wiped his eyes, then hopped up out of bed to get ready for the day, brushing his teeth and wiping his face off with a bottle of water he had packed, then drinking the rest and heading out of his room, his eyes were droopy from just waking up, and he looked like ass due to his hangover. He would walk out into the lounge area and sit down on one of the couches outside, trying to catch his bearings and think of what to do next, all the while holding his burning head.
  13. Yetti smirked after the comment on his apathy to being sober. His face grows back to being serious, and nods in response to his demand for him to never touch the revolver again, and then apologizes sincerely, "I understand, and I'm sorry, it was just kind of a spur of the moment type of thing. Ya know, the kind of spur that happens when someone you know threatens to off himself..." He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly and continued on, "Well, just make sure that what happened here today...well doesn't happen while we are out in the Wastes on a job and end up shooting one of us in the back of the head." He continued to follow the man back to the table, and took another seat with him once more bringing his shot glass, and another bottle of whiskey, along with a bottle of Nuka Cola. "Well, shit. Might as well I guess, but I'm not gonna get drunk tonight. Got it?" He takes another swig of the shot glass, and says once more. "Just a drink." However, in the back of his mind, Yetti could only think, when liquor is involved, when is it ever 'just a drink'.