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  1. The sound of the wind whipping through the trees, rustling leaves and rattling branches could be heard for almost five minutes. The crackle of fire sounded. The finally the humming of the Pipboy's owner, Humming "16 tons". "Its been a loooong time since i hit record. Hell, its been a long time since i put this damn thing on." He laughs then falls silent a moment before picking up once more. "...Ive been holdin' up deep in the woods, Secluded myself from the flood of THE GREAT OPENING!-ING-ING..." The sudden holler of his raspy baritone-esk voice echoed through the trees, He was silent til it faded. "...It has been good fer' me to be alone. Not having to worry bout rubbin elbows with no one and nothin...Lucky for me the ghoulies and beast havent wandered this way. But my stock pile is runnin' low, bullets and medical supples as well... Seems like its time to head back the ruins of the old world once more..." Falling silent once more, then a rhythmic snapping of one of his fingers in style of "16 tons". "Ya load sixteen tons whatya get? Another day olda and deepah in debt..." Was sung in time with the snapping. Then the snapping before the recording cuts out.
  2. He looked up and down the road as he pondered that question. Then to him with a shrug. "...I guess where ever my feet take me, Dont have much of a plan..You?" He rubs his chin with a yawn. Before letting him answer he adds. "..I take it you have one? A plan i mean? Or atleast had one?" Cocks a brow in curiosity.
  3. He tighten up as he opened his right eye looking at Tony, slightly pissed. Taking a deep breath. As he laid there, being awoken as he just fell asleep. "Tony... Are you Inconsiderate or just an asshole?...When someones layin down with there eyes close how bout you MAKE SURE THEIR NOT ASLEEP!!" He hollered that last bit, If there where birds in the trees they surely flew off, and his voice echoed, he glared at him with both eyes open. He also didnt want for Tony to answer him for anything. "How would i even know im not her keeper..." He groaned. Luckily all his stuff was contained in his jumper, that being a pocket with some bullets, his .44 tucked in the waist of the vault suit. His knife strapped to his calf by way of his leather shin armor on his left leg. He got to his feet with a huff and started walking away from the camp mumbling curses, his shoulder high his hands jammed in his pockets.
  4. That Marslow's needs crap could be true but for him, he was happy alone, happy to be the back ground. Often times wanted it. Maybe it is just as he said. They where good people just not people he would want to spend to long around. Ontop of that again, he doesnt know them and vice versa, that doesnt happen over one night at a campfire. Might for them But not for Him.Just maybe He had his own things to deal with and his own people to help. MAYBE he has lied to them because they are so trusting or maybe he is just a loner, the world is full of maybes. "Appreciate the well wishes, Just keep doin you, kept you alive so far...." He gruffed out as she turned to leave. Just in time as his energy has depleted enough to cause him to inadvertently yawn. He slid down, and placed both hands behind his head, using his hands as a pillow against the base of the tree. "S'good a place as any to take a lil bit of a snooze..." He mumbles to himself as he let the sound of them nearby lull him to nap time. He was a light sleeper sometimes.
  5. He laughed, his words bounced not even thinking about them! "...Oh shit, No! Ill eat a bullet now" He laughed out, holding his left side, but needed a good laugh. after the laughing fit, he shook his head. "..Nah, im good, i fell onto a rail when i was being chased by them melted husk in the test vault in the VTU. Jumped out the Overseers window on to the second floor rail..BANG!" He smirked. "Just a bit Sore nothin i cant handle...Lucky i suppose"
  6. He was eating happily, one less meal he would not have to hunt or scrounge for. He continued to eat as Tara approached looking up as she started to ramble. His right brow arched as she spoke. She spoke and repeated herself so damn much he was able to finish eating. He interupted during he long wind, that didnt need her to really stop talking he just corrected her with a mumbled. "Do-gooder, not good-doer...that just sounds weird" For the most part his face look uninterested as he sat there silent of words, but a suck/clicking sounded from him as he was cleaning his teeth. His bottom lip curled into his mouth slightly as his mouth was slightly open, allowing the sound. His tongue unseen as it prodded a tooth in the back right to free some stuck meat. He looked at her a long moment making sure her mouth ran out of gas before he took in a breath and shook his head 'No'. "...Hard pass...Yall seem nice and all but i think yall would annoy me to appoint that id end up hating you all, as a whole. I dont mean to be a dick, and hell i know im not everyones cup of tea either. But i can only take you people in small doses..." He had no trouble speaking honestly, but he was empathetic to her desire to find her family. He sat the plate next to him and drew his left knee up drapping his left arm over that knee as he continued. "...But i wish you luck, hope Dr M is in good health when you find, and i appreciate the offer...but i just wanted a free breakfast, lunch whatever meal time it is...I got that so.." He let the sentence hang, with a shrug. He looked at her as he dropped his knee and crossed his legs at the ankles his hands clasped together in his lap. Watching her curiously.
  7. He nodded as the Doc spoke, he smirked when he asked his question. "Afraid? No, But i do fear, that sense is inescapable...A key to survival, dontcha think?" He simply said. He rolled his left arm nice and slow, and leaned to the right, stretching out his left side slowly. "only thing i think id be afraid of that i have seen, is a big ass snake...I dont like Snakes" He chuckled at that lookin to the man. "What about you? Dont tell me you dont fear a creature neither cause we both know thats horse shit if ya do" he laughs. "...Is there something that you where scared of that didnt survive the bombs? that would freak you out if it too was alive and mutated? Unless theres something already present?"
  8. He waved to Tara from his spot at a tree within speaking distance, just not right next to them. He raised both brow as he sat on the ground leaning into the tree trunk, laughing at Tara's southern vernacular. Specifically the word 'Vittles' had his shoulder bouncing as he ate a bit of the meat. He made no motion to move closer after he had taken the plate from Tony, Chosen his eating spot and dug in to the free meal. Nore did he attempt to start long dialog of conversation. He gave the 'leader' Notice and thanks in his mannerism before he began eating. All he muttered with a constant chuckle was.. "Vittles..." To himself.
  9. He cocks a brow watching tony walk slightly toward his direction, he sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes a moment. He then rolled to his feet and walked down the incline sideways. His left arm swipes around the outside of him as he moved a branch out of his way coming more into view. He looked to Tony as he strolled over, taking the plate with his right hand bringing it to his nose and sniffing. He nods. "...Yeah thanks, tell em thanks" He moves to a nearby tree and plops down leaning against it, it was away from the others, his half open gaze looked up lookin at the Mac-guy and lifting his plate up in a 'thank you' Fashion. He looked at the meat and veggies, poking and prodding them a moment before he began eating right hand holding the plate mouth level his left hand sliding food in with an unbiased method of eating. He remained silent and content for the time being.
  10. He tucked his .44 into his opened vault suit and tucked the gun at the bottom end of the zipper at his waist. He then just barely caught the Cigs. "Asthmatic..." He tossed them back, plus he didnt see the point of smoking. Listening to his words, cocking a brow at some of it. "...I can understand that feelin' But honestly, id choose this than the vault anyday... Man destroys, mother nature evolves and retakes..." He smirked lookin around with a shrug. "Everything has its beauty, As before the bombs dropped im sure there was beauty in places and in other places ugly sights...same as now. But dont count your chickens yet Doc, A big ol winged creature may yet scoop down and lift you off to the great beyond yet.." Could be a poorly made joke with a rumor he heard about such a beast. He chuckles leanin into a care opposite side of the Doc. "...Your an asset to the world though, a could do wonders to this new world we all live in..." He shrugs at the thought, then shakes his head. "But what do i know eh?" He laughs cradling his side.
  11. He stalked the camp, since he was giving the location and such by Tara. He wasnt sneaking per se, just standing up on the nearest hill looking down into the camp best he could. They did mention it wasnt particularly hidden. He stuck out among the fall foliage in the blue vault suit. He Simply watched, to far away to hear them speaking unless they yelled, but close enough to make out the details of what they where doing should they move into his line of sight, A tree obstructed his view some. He was honestly just looking to see if they had food. He was hungry and they ate he small stock pile of meat, Though the Fancy Dan snack cakes that Tara provided was repayment enough, he could still feel he could swindle a free meal outta them, plus it was prime opportunity to put a face with the name, 'Macgoober' he thought but produced his skepticism out loud to himself knowing hes saying the name wrong. "MacGoober? Nah, that aint it...MacGrover? MacGr-something or ruther...Guess thats him there, only one that dont stand out to me..." He speaks to himself, as he sees Genie chowing down on something then Tara speaking to Tony, He smirks mimicking her southern voice aloud. "Well, Shoot ol'Betsy and milk my cow, is'n that yalls Mista' Tony, well as i live and breath, i do declare that i am propbably offering you a million and one thangs, oh plum dumblin i forgotten myself, lemme intrductee yall to--" He couldnt help himself and brow rollin back on his ass, chuckling silent as he could. He laid back, simply chuckling as he entertained himself on there behalf.
  12. He was silent letting Tara spill the local of her temporary location, he offers, only nodding and waving a goodbye to her as he watched her and Genie head off. Before turning and walking to the fire kicking dirt into the dwindling flames to extinguish them. He listened to Tony a moment before he spoke to the only one that remained. He smirked with a laugh that was loaded with a hint of undertone. "...I dont depends on what you want. No one does something for nothing, Even if they say they want nothing they want something...So, you want to get into the girls pants? Win her or her friends admiration and favor? Be the hero? Get a free meal, Friendship?...So on and so forth... Follow, help her. If'n you wanna be a good person and you feel like you can help...Either way all of us will Die, by PEOPLE or CREATURE. Likely hood of any of us dying of old age is slim to none. I can only look after me and what i do..." He say on the rock a moment as he spoke but would get up and pace around, making sure he got his knife and gun. Then strolled over to the rock and take the .44 bullets Tara left and pocketed them, with a suck of his teeth. He now stood between the fire and the road in the patch of grass looking to Tony. "...Im hungry, Im goin to stalk behind the girls, see if i can get a free meal then imma split company...You comin' Boyscout?..." He didnt wait for Tony to answer cause he figured more than likely he would follow. He strolled both hands in his pockets, the .44 tucked in the lower opening of the vault suit at his waist
  13. He grinned and strode over to the Doc taking the offered herbs, Tucking them under the snug fit of the Pipboy. He nods in appreciation. "Thanks Doc, Means alot,... Does feel like a long time has past hasnt it? He shook his head with a slight chuckle. "Nah, i was two or three when i entered the vault, so 'how it was' seems as foreign to me as those that where born into the vault... So all im seeing in Fossils of a life time ago. I just went that way to see how it is... Scrounge for some gear, people, anything... Exploring more or less" He shrugged more or less. runnin his right hand over the black buzz cut veil of stubble that covered his head. "...Other than the local things protecting their territory I just found a terminal in the VTU that tells a tale of unfortunate circumstances down in the test vault...So if you heading that way, be careful i almost got sandwiched between a horde of em things people are callin Scorchers." He produce the reason, and insight to circumstances that surround his favoring of his left side. Then finally the tragic story that those that explore inside the university can possibly find. He looked around a moment. "But my story wont end with a creature killin me, Like everythin it is man that will more than likely end my story.." He joked, but the likely hood was possible. But equally so, even though he down played the beasts of the land. He curiously up nods to the Doc. "What has you headin that way?"
  14. He relaxed a bit thinking he had a familiar look. He went to chuckle but grimaced as his right side tensed. His gruff voice strained a moment. "...dont make me laugh will ya.." He raised both brows Smirkin and noddin. "..Yeah, its Eric, i was in Infirmary a few times throughout the years, Dr. Murrow would make sure i kept my lungs in check and mad sure i had my albuterol" Mentioning the father of another vault dweller whom he would have a run in with later on in Flatwoods. He looked to him and smirked. "Hell Dr J if i knew i would have crossed paths i would have grabbed that issue of Grognak where he fights the war maiden on mars...but got myself in a bit of a shit show at VTU.." He looked down at himself an shrugged. The back at Dr J, Though it should be Dr R, J just sounds cooler, so thats what he called him when he was growin up in the vault. "...Hindsight though, least you know its there at VTU, but i wouldnt go there right now...Losts of the unlucky ones there, almost met my end in the Test Vault. But im just to damn smoove!" He let out a soft laugh, mindful of his tender left side, smiling ear to ear.
  15. By the time the man started to speak he was standing in the middle of the road a good comfortable distance away. He took a slow pan back at the cars behind him and shrugged. His gruff tone was a mix of country and city, but people say he has a country accent but he doesn't hear it. He looked back at the guy, His gun in his right hand and at his side. Non-threatening, plus he had no where to put it. "...Good thing i was just usin it to lean on" He cocked a brow he straighten himself up best he could but the left arm cradled his left side. He up nodded to the guy. "..You look how i good?" His eyes quint at the man in curiosity Before giving him a chance to answer he added on. "..Was you just singin Way back home?.." Drumming up small talk, gauging the kind of person that was standing before him. Cautious. Of course he knew the song, everyone knows the same damn songs. They loop over and Over. If you where lucky to find someone with a powerful radio setup you might catch snippets of further radio broadcasts.