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  2. We share a birthday, who knew haha.

  3. Sounds good to me! I look forward to hearing from ya ?
  4. Have you tried talking to any staff members? I mean, there's no way to improve on anything unless we know what the issue is. If you want to open up a line of communication, feel free to PM me here or on discord. If not, good luck!
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    Olivia laughed as he hugged her, slender arms wrapping around his larger frame in return. A smile ever present on her face, she leaned back to take a look at him. Though he was clearly not at his peak condition, the redhead was still happy to see that he had all of his limbs and looked in relatively good health. A laugh bubbled out from her throat as she laughed, nose crinkling from the force of it, "You stole MY line!" It was then that her features darkened with worry again, "Overseer's mercy Barrett... Are you okay? You had me so worried, dummy!"
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    Olivia had left the Mess Hall saying that she was going to work, but she had another plan in mind. Her worry for Barrett still hadn't been satiated, and so when she asked a protectron where he was, and they said here... Her feet couldn't carry her fast enough. She made her way to the Infirmary, people asking her to slow down in the halls as she ran, but she didn't. Maurice had motioned to the room, and as she thanked him quickly, she was nearly half there. It was then that she heard the delicate voice of Ms.Dairy, and recognized her to be there with Barrett. Her footsteps faltered and slowed right outside the door until she was at a standstill, listening for his voice and sighing in relief when she heard it. Not wanting to interrupt, and just happy to hear first hand that he was okay... She merely waited outside.
  7. Olivia gasped in mild horror at the story, though she fought against the laughter that threatened her. "That was YOU?!" Oh she knew Sandra. Knew her well. "You know they started calling her Scalpy Sandra right?!" Though there was shock on her face and in her words, she couldn't help but to smile and chuckle despite her better judgement. Hair isn't permanent... Besides, it grew back beautifully. She looked to tease Miles, but when he mentioned the time, she jumped up quickly. "Oh shoot! I really shouldn't be late, I called in sick yesterday and everything..." She was still ashamed of that, and it showed in the way her shoulders sagged. As she went to leave she looked to Julia very seriously and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, "I'll help. I promise." Indicating their earlier conversation. When she turned her hazels towards the boys, she pointed a finger at Miles and shouted louder than was necessary when she spoke, "Miles Caruso! You sir could have any woman in this vault! Any one of them! And none of them would deserve you! You remember that or I'll be sure to remind you!" She beamed at him before waving to the group and leaving the Mess Hall, her auburn hair bouncing behind her with the gentle swing of her hips and sway of her skirt.
  8. Liv couldn't help but watch the exchange in a nearly shocked silence. It was... Interesting watching such vastly different individuals come together and have fun. It was then that Liv decided to laugh out loud, her eyes closing and nose crunching up from the force of it. Her shoulders bobbed as the sound rang out from her, and it took her longer than she would have liked to stop it. When she spoke, the laugh was still ever present on her rounded lips, "This... Is so bizarre! And as far as 'saucy stories' go.. I think I'm just gonna have to listen for that one!" Not having any to share.
  9. Liv was able to piece together that the help Julia required couldn't be provided by the redhead. Not the kind of help that was needed, at least. Good intentions aside, Olivia was not trained to deal with the ins and outs of anxieties and mental illnesses. Though she felt her own anxiousness, she knew it wasn't comparable... And that her own experiences didn't equip her to be someone of guidance. Still, she could be a friend. Which is why Liv smiled and nodded gently, "I'll help you get some." It was the last phrase she could sneak in before the boys walked back. She smiled at both of them, "Gentlemen."
  10. Olivia frowned, feeling like she was fighting but no matter what she said, it was a losing battle. It wasn't something she easily admitted, especially given the fact that she tried her hardest to cheer up those around her. She was normally good at it, too... This was a different case though. "If he's not the issue... Then how about we face this head on, hmm? You can't allow this thing to eat up at you forever, Julia. Otherwise... There's not going to be any of your laughter left. Not only that... But if he's not the cause of the problem... Then it's not fair to make him your enemy. Right?" She smiled warmly, "The least we can do for anyone, is give them a chance. Then... The rest is up to them."
  11. Olivia bobbed her head gently as she listened and took in what Julia had to say. No way could Liv ever even begin to imagine what that would have been like... Losing not only a fiancee, but also a child. The thought itself crashed against her like a cold, dark wave. To actually live it was something she wouldn't wish even on her worst of enemies -- though she had none. "So... It sounds to me like maybe he pushed his luck on a day that was already impossibly tough... And maybe the extra stress has given you a negative perception of him. Which is understandable, but... Is it really fair? I mean... If he didn't do anything to you, that is." Her voice was kind while it was prying... Gentle though inquisitive.
  12. Olivia frowned and looked towards Grim's direction. Her hazels looking over him with a calculating gaze as she weighed what she knew of the situation. Still, something wasn't totally adding up. "I... Don't know. I mean, did something specific happen...? I just... I mean, I guess I don't understand how the two relate. You know?" Her voice was gentle. Clear that she wasn't trying to invalidate Julia's feelings... Rather just understand them a little better. Still, she felt like she was asking too much of the woman.
  13. Olivia frowned and placed one palm on the woman's back, and the other on her forearm. With her palm she gently rubbed the spot between her shoulder blades, trying a tactic her grandmother used to always use whenever Liv got upset as a child. It had worked for her, so she took a leap and tried it here. She couldn't help but to notice that Julia's eyes kept darting to Grim, starting when he arrived up until now, even after he had put distance between them by walking away. Her hazels turned towards Julia, "You keep looking at him. Did something happen...?"
  14. Olivia turned her attention to the two men for a moment, looking at them with even eyes as if keeping a lookout for any sort of conflict. There was a tension between the two of them that she couldn't pinpoint. Likely though, had something to do with the events of last night... The ones Miles had filled her in on. It was then that she saw more turmoil in Julia's face, something that Liv frowned when she saw, "Hey... What's going on?" Her voice was soft, trying to coax something out of her.
  15. Olivia couldn't actually be certain what the matter was... She thought that because one minute the woman was smiling, and the next something was wrong. It made her feel helpless... Like she was unable to help. But, also a part of her felt exhausted by the thought of what it must be like to feel that way. Liv had her fair share of anxieties... But nothing like this, nothing this strong. She leaned away from the hug and gave the woman a gentle smile, not sure what else could be said or done in this moment. "I'll add it to your tab." There was a soft humour to the cadence in her voice, obviously trying to console Julia and lighten the mood simultaneously.