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  1. Hence why Fallout 1 can end with The Master getting all upset because his race of "superior beings" are unable to reproduce.
  2. to my knowledge, as far as lore is concerned, both Ghouls and Supermutants are unable to reproduce.
  3. Seconded, Not that I don't like the journal stuff, but it would be nice to post more than a few sentences for dates, following the way the character writes.
  4. Arman's Journal April 24th Ambushed by a lone raider, probably exiled. drew him in, caved in his skull. Fucker got me in the shoulder...will need Jem when I get back. April 27th Green men on the road...not sure what they are, sticking to the trees. Ran out of provisions last night. can't waste the time getting home by hunting. Almost home. May 2nd, day 2 Progress has been set back...cannot progress home. Some....thing with massive claws has cornered me up a tree. no food, injured shoulder. Jem, if you are reading this, I'm sorry. I can't come home, I can't keep my promise. I want you to keep moving. I found a book, it will be in my bag that has a location outside of this hell-hole that should be relatively safe. It's in the midwestern territory, far away from those raiders....away from anyone looking to harm you. I had gotten it hoping to take you there myself one day. Since the beginning, you have been my best friend, the person I cherished most in life. it pains me that you may never actually find this. But I know you will take the lessons Gris gave us to heart. I love you. May 3rd The Beast and some larger beast with wings, about the size of the farmhouse fought last night as I tried to focus. Ran, just ran as far as I could. got ... what seems to be a mile or so from home...have to keep pushing. May 4th Jem tackled be in a hug when i got home, shoulder stings. Spent most of night nursing some water and a tato. Jem handled shoulder best she could. Probably won't be helping much with the crops, though the animals may be fine. Always wanted to try to milk the brahmin....see if we can make something from the milk.
  5. Rethskul

    Questions Game

    A: Q: How many times have you used your C.A.M.P.'s defenses as a trap to help you beat higher level enemies?
  6. May you all enjoy the new year!

  7. Arman's Journal April 7th, still have no clue what year Fence wood rotted again. Not sure what caused it. Put those posts in myself last month, shouldn't be rotten by now. Might see if the next trader to arrive has spare paint, may keep it from the elements. April 8th, Fucked if I know what year Brahmin finally settled down. Jemma made sweet cakes. Not sure where i'd be without her. Dead probably. April 13th, What is a year? Raiders attacked, sent one back alive, but with burns on 3/4 of his limbs, also sliced off his penis after he threatened to keep Jem as a wife. He's alive, but he won't be putting children in anyone ever. Sat with Jem on the porch. Night was nice, didn't pay much attention to it. April 16th Trader came through. Didn't like him much. Saw him eyeing the Rabbits. Will keep watch tonight. April 17th Trader didn't come at night, Jem slapped me with a spoon for wasting my sleeping hours watching for a threat that would never come. April 23rd Tried to find a book at some local library about agriculture. Pretty badly beat up, but this should help. I hope.
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    Hello there!

    Friend of mine convinced me to return to rp after about a year or so of saying "hell, i'm not dealing with this" I have a total of 12 years rp experience and look forward to many more with all of you here.
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    Will change age if current age is deemed inappropriate for the forum.
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    "To survive, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to."