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  1. Piercepotato


    Sure, I could stand here and watch your @$# get kicked, but I'm sure you want me to do something, right?
  3. The NCR didn't exist in FO76. Good story otherwise.
  4. Piercepotato


    *sans noises
  5. I'm surprised they're allowing the full Ultracite Power Armor set to be learned through the main story. Really, the plans were my main incentive for hunting the Scorchbeast queen. Easier for mee, though, so i don't care.

  6. i've already posted my fallout 76 character, but i was wondering if the site is also for the other games? i have 50ish hours put into my fallout 4 char, with a fully developed backstory, as well as a (slightly lore-bending) family tree that connects all of my characters throughout the games.
  7. It's... an Enclave. not sorry.
  8. Two years. Two years since Mason had seen another living being. He often found himself talking to MODUS in the loneliness, despite his hatred towards him. Modus wasn't particularly fond of him either, but they were both at a stalemate; MODUS needed someone to do the dirty work, and Mason had nowhere to go and nobody to go to. Except in vault 63, of course, but it was sealed. All of the vaults were sealed. Until today, anyways. Although MODUS assigned Mason to monitor the Vault 76 residents, there was no need to ask. He had been doing reconnaissance of the same vault when MODUS killed all of his peers. He had been so lonely, not having seen anyone in years, he was ecstatic as he could be. But first he just had to watch, in the shadows, until the time was right. He grabbed his gas mask (to hide his disfigured face) and set off. He was lucky to find that most dwellers had overslept, letting him see as they came out. He climbed up onto the rocks above the entrance and waited. Patiently. (Okay, as patient as possible when he hadn't seen anybody in two years.)
  9. Yeah, I haven't been on much. I've already made two characters in 76, though! I already posted one of them. I'm glad this website exists.
  10. Okay, now THIS ^^^^^ is EPIC
  11. I may just be a big clutz idiot, but I can't figure out how to increase reputation on this site. Is it only based on posts? If so, what are the milestones to level up?
  12. Piercepotato

    Roland Krote

    The EXC-17 is the Excavator Power Armor, correct?
  13. I have my own question; can ghouls (not feral, just regular ones) reproduce? Would they have a human child? Could they reproduce with humans or just other ghouls?