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  1. "I don't care where this leads, but I'm reaching the bottom of this!"
  2. Greetings everyone. I thought to go ahead and introduce myself here so I could start getting my hands dirty in the RP community here in Fallout. I am a heavy Rp'er. MMo's like Elder Scrolls Online , Guild Wars, Secret World, SWG Legends, & ect. I've always had a itch to keep in the RP realm, whether or not this community is in the same category of RP as I suspect. Still, I bring a different element of RP to the table, with Journal entries as such. (Example) So maybe voice RP isn't as tough as one would think. If this is something people do here, hit me up. I hope to create a backstory soon, and I'm dwindling away form fallout 76 as we speak, so I need some pull back into the Fallout realm. nice to meet you all, and thanks. DavidrHaley On discord now. (PC)DavidrHaley send a tele!