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  1. Inga would've gathered everything, she steps out of the gates with a LAER slinged around her right shoulder along with her brown backpack onto her back. The raider's LAER is completely customized with a automatic reloader that uses Microfusion Cells as their ammo, Its style of the LAER has some sort of weird looking whiteish blueish paint on it, across the body it's labeled with "BIG MT" with some scientific sketches on it, Inga made a homemade cross hair for her laser rifle. The woman holds a binoculars and looks through it to check it if it works, proceeding to attach the binoculars onto her toolbelt. "Is everyone ready?" Inga said on a pretty confident tone, the raider has typical innappropiate raider armor on, her ass and breasts are almost hanging out but somehow stays in place. Two big circled caps are covering Inga's nipples. Inga's armor is like this,
  2. Inga pushes the huge doors open and steps past the Sentry-bots and makes her way right to the bar, she grabs a stool and takes a seat on it, the woman simply salutes the bartender as he already knows what she wants, she lets him serve her a glass of Nuka Cola. The warrior turns her head to Feral, "It didn't really work out, you know?" Inga lifts the glass towards her thick lips and sips from it, tasting the lovely cherry soda like it never changed after the war.
  3. Inga doesn't respond to Yetti, not even noticing him like he isn't even there, she places her loaded and cleaned .38 Revolvers into a container, making sure the clicker is into a empty bullet chamber. The woman acts like nothing happend, she takes her boots off and lays herself into bed.
  4. Inga frowns as soon Yetti pushes her back onto her bed, she pulls her dagger and lunges at Yetti again letting out a loud war cry before she jams the knife right into the wall next to his head, leaving it there. The woman sets her rear back down onto the chair and proceeds to clean her revolvers in silence..
  5. "THIS!" Inga suddenly lunges onto Yetti in a playfull and flirty way, attempting to make him fall onto his back. A wide smile can be seen onto her face whilest she does that.
  6. Inga stands up and stares at Yetti, "Seriously, we got to give it a try, Yetti." she's standing up straight, a serious look can be seen onto Inga's face.
  7. "Sure, here you go, Yetti." She passes him the Coffee jug.
  8. Inga suddenly looks up at Yetti while she was cleaning one of her .38 revolvers, "Oh- Yetti, hey! Damages? No, nothing.. I have been shot numerous time, a shotgun shell won't stop me." Inga does have a coffee jug onto the table next to the small stove that she put together herself, she proceeds to clean her revolvers in silent.
  9. A batch full of .38 revolvers onto her wooden table, she would be cleaning and reloading them all with handmade bullets, she side eyes Feral as she knocked onto the door, allowing her to enter. "It's fine, Feral. You don't know my story." Inga said with a smile onto her face, the woman looks down the cilinder of the revolver before loading five bullets in it instead of six, she aims it down sights against the decapitated head onto the shelf before lowering it. Inga proceeds with the next one, "Like I said before, when you have time. I explain." Inga has her blonde hair into braids, her eyes are still hazel and bloodshot red due the amount of chems that she has been using to stay alive, a sigh emerges out of the woman's mouth as she places the revolvers down. "I know you have been through alot, we all have. I am pretty sure everyone in our little family have been through something, you don't become a raider for nothing, you know? I am sure If you were born in a stable family with a normal childhood, you wouldn't be here right now, sometimes I wish I could give you it.. But it's already too late. We're raiders now, and we can't change it- Infact, we can. But you got to be strong to do so.. But you're still young, maybe when you grow older.. You think differently. I am pretty sure Lucky, Yetti and Mackenzie have been through alot they end up here because they don't have anything to lose anymore, how my mother always said before the great war happend, "They lost hope and it turned them into monsters." which is true, It also turned me into a monster." Inga blows the dust out of the cilinder. "You see that decapitated head onto that shelf there? You know who that is? It's my father, it's a lucky charm." The woman finally turns to Feral, "Let me ask you something else, did Yetti say anything about me? Anything nice or something?"
  10. "Feral!" Inga watches the young woman ago, the warrior doesn't go after her, dropping her rear back onto the bed, a deep prolonge sigh can be heard. "Fucking hell." she realizes she scared Feral off by her appetite for human flesh. The warrior adopted the form of nutrients of her rival tribe, "The Oregon Cannibals" after her and her tribe were starving to death in the ice cold winter of "The Frontier", they had to eat their rivals to stay alive. Inga started to like the taste of the human flesh and adopted it since. Spooks talk back at Inga, "WHY WON'T YOU JUST EAT HER? SHE'S SMALL, PROBABLY TASTY! WE CAN GIVE IT A TRY INGA!" Inga scoffs, she doesn't reply back to her alter-ego.
  11. "I took Med X for the pain, child." The warrior embraces the young girl, comforting her. "You ever ate human flesh? I can cook us some."
  12. Inga gets embraced and looks confused at Feral, "What- What are you talking about, child? You know I am not going anywhere."
  13. Inga / Spook stares at .44 Pistol as her voice changes back to herself, "Feral, what are you doing? Why are you pointing a gun at my fucking face?" Inga has returned, has a possible split personality disorder like Lucky.
  14. Inga / Spook suddenly grips onto Feral's head and looks right into her eyes, staring at her. "Inga is dead..! She's dead!" the woman runs her tongue over Feral's face and pulls back, jumping up and down onto the bed like a hyped up child. "She's dead! She's dead! She is dead!" the woman says in a humming tone.
  15. The woman's eyes suddenly opens, her eyes are bloodshot red, a big frown appears onto her face, her view is locked onto Feral, "Spook is awake.." the woman said on a slow and sinister tone, Spook's skin visably dirty. She repeately slams her own body down onto the bed up and down like she's having an epileptic attack, a big smile can be seen onto her face, her loud laughing can be heard, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THEY ARE ALL DEAD! THEY ALL DEAD! HAHAHAHA! TIME TO EAT! TIME TO EAT! YUMMY! YUMMM! YUMM!!" suddenly out of nowhere she stops and become serious, she just sits up and stares infront of her, she's zoned out.