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  1. "Of course I would have, we're still a team, I still feel like complete shit though." Inga runs her palms over her forehead. "I didn't saw the shotgun, I thought Mackenzie had him in his scope.. The shotgun blast literally launched me back.. What else happend when I was still unconsious?" The woman asks Feral, she's clearly exhausted and drained of her energy.
  2. "Yeah.. I am fine.. I'll be fine.." The pain can be seen onto Inga's face, her pupils are dilated a fainted smirk can be seen onto her face. "How are you? You okay? Did the others made it? Did we complete the objective?" Inga says on a rather slow and exhausted way. she can't do much but lay onto her back, glancing around the Med Tent she's in.
  3. Inga is sweating alot, she starts shivering a little, Inga is in a nightmare. The valkyrie suddenly opens her eyes, breathing in and out heavily through out her mouth, she's still in a alot of pain. "Ahh.." Inga grunts in pain. She calms down and looks around her, eventually making eye contact with Feral. "Hey.."
  4. Inga is really pale and still unconcious, some shrapnel of the shotgun shells got pierced into her chest.
  5. The Mechanic takes it and marks the locations of all bases around West Virginia including their mainbase which is located in Morgantown Airport. The raider lowers her arm as the pencil fall out of his hand, letting the last bit of his breath go, he slowly dies, The Mechanic dies next to his malfunctioned Power Armor. ((
  6. "G- Give me something to wri- write with.." He coughs out loud, coughing bits of blood, they could clearly see hes at the edge of his life.
  7. The Mechanic uses the interference to open the back of Power armor, It slowly opens up and the raider climbs out, falling onto his back. "F- Fuck..!" He could be heard breathing heavily, struggling to breath at all. "Give me that Med-X"
  8. "Y- Yeah! Okay! I- I will.. T- Turn me on my front..!" The Mechanic has a feared look onto his face.
  9. "I- I know where the other camps are! I- You think this is /our/ only camp!? You wrong! We have our mainbase not- not to far from here.. B- But- God! This fucking hurts!" He grunts in pain, "But when you reach o- our mainbase.. You g- get shred to pieces!" His power armor is malfuctioning due the damage that it took.
  10. The Mechanic coughs out loud, coughing blood, "H- Hold on! W- Wait- Fuck..! Y- You got me in my neck.. I- I can help yo- You!", he lays onto his back unable to move. Inga is badly injured, she's unconsious.
  11. The Mechanic slams right into the tree with Feral on his back, as Yetti shoots into the back of his knees he collapses down he can see onto the interference from inside the armor that his armor is getting damaged from each side, his eyes widens. "AH STOP! FUCK! I SURRENDER! I SURRENDER!" his helmet suddenly breaks off his head due the rough and agressive hitting of Feral's, he falls onto his back.
  12. The Mechanic slams Feral onto her back before Yetti throws the molotov cocktail infront of him, he got spooked of that and drops his Minigun, The flame didn't do much against his power armor, he just laughs out loud, "Phahahahaha! Nice try! I AM GOING TO END YOU AND YOUR WHOLE GANG!!" The Mechanic's attention is swifted to Yetti, charging up to him, He's like Bane from Batman (Comics) charging into things like crazy, completely having no control over his own armor.
  13. The two raiders fall down onto their chest, incapacitated. The Mechanic and its henchman were following the two raiders that were dragging Inga away from the station back to their camp as he suddenly hears to gunshots. He begins to sprint towards the sound, loud footstep noises can be heard coming closer to Feral and Inga. The two henchman sprint behind their lieutenant. "YOU!" The Mechanic shouts and dashes towards Feral and makes her fly by doing a shoulder charge like move. "YOU KILLED TWO OF MY MEN!? OHHH! I AM INTERESTED NOW! I WANT YOU! YOU IN MY PACK!" The Mechanic grins widely behind his helmet, he's impressed of Feral's skills.
  14. Inga finally gains conscious and is still in alot of pain, crawling her way out from underneath the staircase she takes her time to breath. The woman has a hard time breathing in and out, spitting a blob of a mixture of saliva and blood into the puddle of water, using her sleeve to clean her mouth. Inga rolls onto her back before letting out another painful loud moan, her thoughts are going like crazy, "I am not going to die in some fucked up Ranger station, I am not!" Inga clenches her jaws and forces herself to sit up, her view is locked onto the open gates as suddenly another party of raiders is approaching them, all armed to the teeth. "So t- this is the c-calvary..'" Inga turns and attempts to push herself back onto both feet but before Inga could stand up she got hit in the back by one of the raiders, Inga rolls around even when she's in alot of pain and uses everything she has, kicking her feet towards the male before another appears from behind and knock her out with the stock of his Caravan Shotgun. The woman got knocked unconsious once again as the lieutenant shouts, "Get that fucking bitch out of here! We deal with the rest of them!" A furious and hungry look can be seen onto the lieutenant's face, his eyes are bloodshot red, clearly under the influence of the local drugs in the wasteland. "You fucking pricks! Spread out! I want EVERY SINGLE OF THEM!" The lieutenant shouts at the rest of his party, he's the only one using a Minigun while the others carry assault rifles to shotguns. The clique spreads out in search for the rest of Inga's party while Inga is being dragged away by three others. They whisper to eachother, "You know what's going to happen tonight.." Says the female with a grin onto her face. Two raiders are slowly entering the cave, "You think they're with big group? They took all out our guys." A trail of corpses can be seen after Lucky, Feral and Yetti took most of them out, it feared the two raiders, they weren't even sure about going deeper into the cave. "I- I don't know man.. Should we go?" Said the second raider, "But If we don't go, Mechanic will skin us alive.." they both look at eachother as one of them cock their Assault Rifle back, nodding. They both go deeper in.. The lieutenant known as "Mechanic" just stands still with two of his most trusted men, The Mechanic dons in a rusty full what once was T-45 power armor but due the modifications it isn't even recognizeable anymore. He's scanning the area with a frown onto his face, he lets his pawns do the work for him before he engages. His triggerfinger itches onto the trigger, he's fueled with rage as she spots the corpses of his fellow raider brothers and sisters. "How...? HOW?! How's this fucking possible!?" The two henchmen doesn't respond they simply stay on look-out, "Infact, let them handle it! We have a prisoner!" The Mechanic turns and walks out of the Ranger station, the loud footsteps of him walking into the power armor can be heard slowly fading away. The two henchman follows behind.
  15. Igna spots a straggler in the distance with a rifle, she looks back at Feral that's enjoying herself on the HMG, and back at the bandit, the bandit aims his rifle at Feral, Igna struggles to stand up, she uses the tree to help herself up, moaning on pain, having her left hand onto her chest she slowly stumbles towards the bandit her sight is blurry and hazy, she raises her right palm and struggles to aim at the bandit she misses the first two before hitting him his hand, he lowers his aim and looks straight at Inga, the woman misses the rest of the shots till only one bullet is in the chamber, shooting him right in head, thats what you call "Luck". Inga collapses onto her knees and lays in a puddle of water, grunting in pain, she's able to crawl herself out of the battlefield underneath the stairwell, a trail of blood can be seen.