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  1. Happy birthday and Happy Future-Great-War-day ?

  2. Schrödinger

    Questions Game

    With an Associates in Mechanical Engineering, welding certs, and Military experience, my first thought on "Earning a living" would be to start helping in stability projects and aid both state and military crews with maintaining infrastructure as much as possible. If you were asked to leave earth behind, including your family, friends, games, all of it; and be part of a crew headed for Alpha Centauri for colonization efforts: Would you go and why?
  3. Bioluminescence - The biochemical emission of light by living organisms. While not very unique the word, but it is unique in nature. I find it amazing and is what took me from studying engineering into focusing on biology. Life is an odd thing itself, but for creatures to emit light in various ways around the world, I find fascinating. This had lead me to ponder about evolutionary biology as a whole and is one of my motivations to learn more about the natural processes of various species. And the bigger question, what about "out there?". Would any complex lifeform living under the ice of Europa be bioluminescent? What about life further outside our solar system? Or maybe as close as lava tubes and caverns on Mars. We may never know. But it's fun to think about.
  4. Past, not for honor but...
  5. Well if all the staff are decent at voice RP like this then it should be easy to pick up. I've never really gotten into voice-rp that much personally and when I did it was in private groups and LARP. Tho I wouldn't mind learning how to get into it like ya'll do in the online world. Would be a nice break really.
  6. Either way, I could learn a lot from you two. IE: Not take my toons too seriously.
  7. You both need to get into acting IRL. Just saying. Ya'll got some potential.
  8. ((A BSG Scenario from several years ago. I don't remember the finer details at all. But I feel this was one of my best final moments as an engineer lead. A lot of it is guesswork based on my words, others words, and the GM who was narrating the scenario/slapping our asses with timed jobs and combat. I have simplified this for here. The actual situation itself was several hours long with over 30 plus players scrambling to save the ship. NPCs excluded. All done on Second Life with a long-dead BSG group. Also to save you time I left out the extremely long technobabble segments and mathematics.)) Scenario: The Battlestar Honorguard came under heavy Cylon Attack, being disabled and boarded in the process. A call by Commander Richards to protect the Battlestar Pegasus so that Admiral Lucinda Cain could pull back and get aid from allied forces. She never returned, not to anyone's surprise. The crew of the Honorguard was doing everything they can to protect the main systems, and the engine core room while engineering personnel began emergency operations. We only had two platoons worth of marines on the ship, most of our Viper Pilots are either dead or MIA. Commander Richards and his XO began to initiate the Nuclear Launch for all six warheads directed to the three Cylon BaseStars. In the event the engineers could not get the engines to work, Richards planned to take them and us all out as it was by far a ship to ship CQC battle. Cylon raiding parties landed minutes ago, and already they are butchering the crew with ease. Our Marines do their best to hold the line, as do our standard crewmen. It has become hell in space. Environment: The Battlestar Honorguard. A Minerva Class Battlestar who's engines are offline, turrets were taken out, the crew being slaughtered. The only lights are those of the emergency backup systems to light the way to critical systems. Hallways are lined with stray bullet casings, bodies, knocked over containers, robotic parts, and human blood. The scene takes place just down the hall where the primary engineering crew just got finished priming the reserve BUS regulators to begin a hard-startup of the primary coils of the main engines. Time is running out, and the lead Engineer, "Dinger", has a choice to make as they open the door to the engine room and look over the massive coil systems. Catwalks stretch on for hundreds of meters, with the main coil banks under them. Maintenence ladders can be found every fifty meters to access coil systems. From here, the crew splits up, weapons and equipment at the ready as marines cover their backs. One by one they make their way into maintenance sections of the main coil, with our lead engineer running as hard as he can to the furthest area, to take control of the main power relays. Dinger: "I'm at the main power relay! Give me status updates now!" *The man states with authority as he looks over the relay systems. Only one of the eight have been fried during the viral intrusion. However, it requires all eight to work at the same time to provide enough controlled energy to the main coil to power it up and jumpstart the secondaries. Amanda: "Understood, Sir! Panel one is in the green now, easy fix!" *His best friend, lover, and equal in the engineering department, Amanda informed Dinger of some good news for once as she makes her way down the long lower walkways of the maintenance section, heading to the lower left "Manual Startup" controller room while the other two crewmates send out their replies.* Rico: "Ding I got a problem here on panel sixteen! Coupling at terminal 3B-Q was severed by the first Cylon boarding party to make it in here before us. I'm gonng grab the backup power cable. Standby for an update!" *Good news is often in short supply, and often get's covered up fast by situations that may end the lives of everyone you know and love when you're facing overwhelming odds. Rico was the one who usually had the bad news, but at least he was the kind to looks for a fix to the problem right after breaking your morale. Cooper: "Having a problem here Boss, I'm pinned down by two Cylons! I'm at terminal 19F-D!" *Cooper is pined by his terminal, using a set of blast flaps as cover from the automatic fire of the Cylons firing on his position. He draws his sidearm and begins frantically blind firing over his cover in hopes it would do something. All it does, however, is piss the Cylons off and they hasten their advance on the young lad, closing in quickly. Dinger: "Understood" He'd reply as calmly as he could while taking his crowbar from his kit-belt and jabbing the end into the Relay Set Box. before he does so, however, he clicks his radio to channel 2 to contact the marines guarding his team via the main entry. "Rhino Six Five, get a duo down to terminal 19F-D. Cooper is under fire and we are all busy right now.!". With that he pops the latch and tosses the crowbar down with a grin, He'd reach into the panel and pull out a long box containing the spare relays and their feed adapters. Rhino 6-5 Dreg: "Understood, sending Mack and Kenzie down now. Cooper, if you can hear us on your busted ass radio, hang tight!" *The marines reply to Dinger and send down two of their rookies to provide support for Cooper who is still taking fire from the two Cylons that got on the ship a while back. The two marines run their asses off in hopes of getting there in time. Rico: "Ding I'm at the spares box now in the supply rail, section two. Just grabbed the replacement power cable. Going to start running this bitch now. I'll let you know when we got the green light!" *Rico, busting his ass as always, made it to where he needed to be and grabbed what was required for the mission. A lot depends on him to get the cable ends connected properly so that everything can go according to plan. The team continues to work their asses off save for Cooper. Luckily for the ship, the area he was going to didn't require any fixes, save for a cleanup crew. When the marines arrived they were too late, Cooper laid over a blast flap full of bullet holes; half of his head missing, his body was what one could describe as a block of bloody swiss cheese. The two Cylons that did this were just about to open fire on the Terminal he was going for before the Marines noticed and began to open fire. The firefight ended quickly as the crew did their thing, just as quickly. With the timer, until Richards blows everything in the area "sky high", there was no time to stop and worry. This was do or die, with thousands of lives on the line. As time counts down Cooper finishes up setting in both ends of the replacement line while Amanda, panting and finding it hard to breath, has made it to the manual control room. Dinger is just halfway finished with his relay replacements and synching his radio chimes in. Rico: Ding, all set now. I'm heading to you to help out with the relays. How many done so far? *He'd state as he climbs up the ladder by the terminal in order to get back up to the main catwalk.* Dinger: "Halfway done. I had to do a full fuckin replacement of them all because one was fried and so yeah. The synch was all fucked up so a new set was needed. I got relays one through four set, turned, and synched up, get here on the~" *Before he could finish the Commander came over the radio* Richards: "Engineering crews. You have T-minus five minutes.... That is all the time I can give you... Maybe less. Cylons are attempting to storm the Command Deck as we speak. Get on it, now." *With that Dinger, Amanda, and Rico double time their efforts, albeit carefully. Three minutes pass and Rico shows up to aid Dinger, who by this time was on his last relay. Amanda chimes in on the radio from the Manual Control Room... Amanda: "Guys... I got a problem here. There's a Cylon just outside the door and it's about to kick it in! My pistol is dry. I could really frakin use a hand right now!" Dinger: "Roger, Rhino come in! We need you guys at the MCR right frakin now!" *Dinger attempts to contact the marines guarding the doorway at the far end again, only to realize there is no reply. They are either all dead, or worse. He looks to Rico and states "Get that relay in there, now, and close the blast shield for the windows and door, then hang tight. Understood?" he commands as he takes off his sidearm and loads an HE round into the lower port of the pistol. Rico merely nods and scrambles to get the last relay set in and synched up. From here Dinger runs out of the room and slides down the ladder directly on his right which is just above the MCR. As he slides down he notices the Cylon blowing open the doorway and entering in on Amanda. As he hits the ground he rushes into the room and aims at the back of the Cylon who was just about to open fire on Amanda and the Manual controls. With a squeeze of the trigger, the HE tipped penetration round fires out and zooms into the back of the Cylon, exploding on impact and sending in fragments to it's vital "organs". it drops dead onto the floor and he looks up at Amanda who stands up and states. "We only have a minute left...." Dinger, now faces a decision. Either let Amanda stay while he activates the MCR Power Startup, or shove Amanda into the Single Occupant Saftey Shaft and damn himself. He was always the selfish type, who didn't believe in "Hero's". Nor did he allow emotions to get in the way of the missions he was given, even if it put the woman he loved in harm's way. He always trusted her to do what he could, in this respect, she was his polar opposite; always willing to take risks and not trust others with a job he or she could do. They were a team since they were kids. And now, either they both die, or one dies. Dinger walks up to Amanda and outright clocks her on the side of the head with his pistol, no time to argue was his thinking. He drops the pistol and grabs her up into his arms. Once holding his lover in his arms, he walks over to the SOSS and drops her into it, then shuts the hatch down and locks it from the outside. When locked it pings the Command Deck there is someone in it so that in emergencies whoever is in it can be safely recovered. Dinger, on the other hand, turns around and notices a squad of Cylons approaching the MCR. There was no time for a firefight. By now, Rico has set in the final relay and locked down the blast doors, something Dinger could not do as the Cylon who broke into the MCR fucked the seal feeds to the door. Dinger approaches the MCR Manual Startup and yanks down the first lever. Gunfire en masse rings out as the Cylons open fire on his position, shattering the glass. As he ducks down he slams the second lever. With this, the relays by Rico spark to life and power flows. Lights flicker in the ship as power begins to properly be regulated. The main Coil and secondaries too begin their spooling and Dinger calls in over the radio to Richards "Sir... Are those coords punched and ready? I hope so because we are about to go somewhere away from here. I'm hitting the manual jump startup now...". Before a reply could be sent to him, Dinger stands up and reaches for the manual toggle to begin the JumpDrive ignition. As he stands he is met with multiple shots by the Cylons who are still firing. A last ditch effort for a man who was going to die anyway. His hand makes it to the button, flipping the safety glass, and smashing the button itself before he falls back down to the floor, a bloody mess. After the button was hit the Command Bridge was pinged the All Clear. On the Commanders Orders, the ship jumped away from the Cylon Basestars. When the ship jumped, the coils became superheated, essentially incinerating all the bodies in the main engine area, including Dinger's corpse in the MCR. Hours later, the Battlestar Honorguard began multiple phases of recouping after so many losses. When the ship jumped, remaining Cylon forces had no way of communicating with their commanders on the Basestars, and thus their routines became independent. While still dangerous, they are less so in this state. The crew finished off any remaining enemies and started repairs ASAP. But not before every human body was collected and prepped for their return to the Lords Of Kobol. Dinger and Cooper were the first two to go out of the airlock, their coffins covered with the Caprican Flag. After them, well over two hundred more souls would be sent out to the void that is space, and their pictures posted at the memorial wall in the southern section five bulkhead. "It is said those who seen hell don't believe in heroes. That there is no such thing. But as Commander of this ship, I'll be gods damned if I believe that crap. We lost many who died protecting this ship. Let anyone who hears the name of Honorguard, remember the sacrifice of the two hundred and thirteen heroes who frakin died. So say we all." So say we all.
  9. Looks like some mods are also updated. Full list here.
  10. Ah I see now. It's part of the Beta Opt-In.
  11. **Slowly begins reading EOD manuals on Nuclear Weapons. Just in case.**
  12. He tried to sing Journey
  13. Best way is to load an Image on Imgur that meets the pic size requirements and post the Direct Link of that picture into the correct slot in the char-app.
  14. Stardew Valley has MP now? Wut? **Reninstalls**
  15. It all depends on taste. I mean, it's a top down, fixed camera, 2D game who's core is farming and social interaction with other NPCs. There is some mild combat too in two dungeons that are essentially neverending. There are also various romance options, and you can have kids. It's pretty well done for such a dinky game. You can even go fishing.