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  1. Adrian nodded to Davis and Kiki as she lowered her SMG and moved forward to cuff Lucky behind his back. After she'd secured the cuffs tight around his wrists, Adrian motioned his head to the other members of his group. "For now, take them all to their quarters. They'll be under house arrest, monitored by a protectron stationed outside their rooms," Vera spoke up as the rest of the security detail each cuffed one of the rattlers and started to move them back through the vault door and over the catwalk. "I'll have their security access revoked by Joan, and their Pip-Boys disconnected from the intranet," she added as she hailed engineering over the radio. Adrian, Kiki, and Rooker led Lucky back through the mountain opening as the vault door geared promptly shut behind them. They led him through the winding halls of the Vault until they turned to the path leading down to the security office and small jail block. "I can't take you to her right now, not with everything that just happened," Adrian spoke to Lucky, almost apologetically. "But we'll bring her to you first thing when she's awake." A beep came over his radio as Dusty and Vera chimed in. "The rest of his group has been remanded to their quarters, pending evaluation. Their doors can only be opened by us three and Rose. Anyone else we need to worry about?" "I'm not sure," Adrian responded. "Most of the old guard were part of the group that stood with him." "I hope we won't have to keep them under supervision long, if they can see reason," Vera added. "That's a big 'if,' mom," Adrian sighed as Rooker slid open one of the cells spaced one between where John and Jax were. The cell that'd recently had the murdered body of a man occupying it. Kiki walked Lucky forwards into the cell and locked the door behind him. She took his wrists through the opening in the bars and undid the cuffs, freeing his hands. "Hey, I'll go check on her, and come back to tell you how she's doing, okay?" Kiki called out calmly to Lucky in the cell as she started towards the block exit. "So, what about the ones in the mess?" Adrian spoke lowly over the radio. "Oh don't worry, I've already got Dusty out looking for the instigators. Once we've identified them, they'll be promptly escorted to the brig," Vera responded, fire in her breath. "I'm on it, Preach," Dusty called back affirmatively. "Copy that," Adrian sent back over the radio as he typed up a message to Charlie on his Pip-Boy.
  2. Adrian's gaze pierced through Lucky. With all his might he wanted to hate the young man. To hate him for constantly being at odds, to hate Lucky for causing all the strife he had in his life, to hate Lucky for shooting him, to hate Lucky for constantly endangering Charlie. But more than anything, all he felt was disappointment. The muzzle of Adrian's laser rifle pointed directly at the greaser's stomach as the man came face to face with him. "I'm afraid the decision's all yours, Lucky. If that's how you want it to go down, for us all to die right here in a hail of gunfire? Then I'll make sure I'm the one that pulls the trigger." A buzzing met Vera's ears as a message was spoken hurriedly to her through her earpiece. After a few seconds, she spoke up. "Settle down, boys. Apparently T.A.'s caused quite the stir after she slipped back into her raider garb. After a confrontation with a few people in the mess, she fell sick, and she's currently in the infirmary," Vera spoke calmly in a low voice. "Not being held against her will, I promise. For obvious reasons, I can't let you go see her, but from the look in your eyes right now I know you won't leave here without her." "Drop your weapons, you and your men. Let us take you into custody. And I'll have her come see you when she's awake," Adrian called out to the room sternly. "Choice is yours, fifteen seconds and that door's closing," he spoke as he and his group slowly backed closer towards the metallic geared edges where the vault door met the face of the mountain.
  3. Adrian shook his head at the younger man. "It's bigger than just you and me, Lucky. It's one too many bridges you've burnt..." He trailed as he watched their group like a hawk, sweat beaded at his brow as he held his rifle slung at the ready. Kiki and her group stiffened. She could feel the palpable tension in the air. Her hands tightened around her SMG as her finger danced around the edge of the trigger guard.
  4. Vera nodded with a saddened expression as T.A. replied to her. Of course, she understood the girl's determination. There were none so many forces greater binding than love. The sentry bot turned to face the Rattlers as they positioned themselves behind Lucky outside of the Vault entrance. Adrian drew his rifle as all of the other guns in the vicinity seemed to be so. He looked up and nodded at one of the cameras. Moments later Kiki and her team came bursting through the entrance as they'd just let T.A. by them. With no resistance in their path, they came to place behind Vera, Adrian and the bot, and formed a nice solid line blocking the entrance walkway. "Sorry, Lucky. Not how I wanted it to go down, but we can't let you in. Not this time," she spoke to the young man, almost apologetically. "Unless you're coming with me to a cell, you're not taking a step through that door." "Not like this, Lucky. Any of you that want to leave, you're free to do so!" Adrian called out to the group that stood with the young greaser. "If you want to stay, then step forward now, otherwise when that door closes, you're on you're own." Adrian focused his gaze back on Lucky. "It's not like we won't be out there with you soon enough. A couple more weeks and we'll all be out in the cold. We just can't let you back in here, not so far as the people have spoken, not now."
  5. Vera closed her eyes for a moment and sighed after T.A. finished her speech and the Lieutenant shouted into the microphone. "You've misunderstood me for so long, koukla. And for that, I'm sorry. If you think I want any sort of war, you're dead wrong. All this preparation, all this training wasn't only just lit ablaze by the Scourge's arrival on the scene," she paused before continuing. "Our last overseer neglected to prepare these people for the trials they'd face in the outside world. If the Scourge truly want peace, then they have nothing to fear from us." She shifted for a moment, and then spoke up again after a pause. "As Charlie and Lt. Davis so rightfully pointed out, we were not the first aggressors, in fact, we have never once shown any aggression against them. Except for when Lucky killed those men in PV for the FatMan, they had no reason to think us anything than the peace loving people we are. We never made a move against them, even tried to keep their outpost from becoming a nuclear crater. So I don't understand why you've painted this picture of me as the bloodthirsty warmonger. Jack was the one who cut off his own man's head outside on the tarmac..." She sighed once again as she looked at the young medic with piercing eyes. Adrian quipped up as his mother paused again. "I don't know what was going through your brain but when I watched him lop off the head of his own commander, the last thought on my mind was 'Oh, what a nice guy, I should go talk to him.' No, I was thinking to myself how woefully unprepared our people were for when we'd eventually have to come toe-to-toe with these Scourge again. Not to mention how much more equipped for battle they were." "So no darling, there will be no war if I can help it. It wouldn't be much of one, considering what you've told us and what we've seen. They'd slaughter us with the weaponry they have. This is a point of contention Lieutenant Davis and I have. I don't believe in my heart that we can't have a peace between our people. I'm just telling you that until you went running off to them, we had no idea that they were interested in anything other than dominating us," Vera shifted on her feet, hoping that the young girl was understanding any of the points she was making. "And no, I didn't go to his Stronghold myself because from the force of violence they'd shown us thus far, I had nothing else to believe than they would have cut me down where I stood. It's not as if they showed us any indication otherwise. If it's truly as you say, and this Jack wants peace as much as we do, then I'll be making the trip there myself in due time. As long as no hostilities happen between our two groups for the next short while." Adrian's brow furrowed when he heard his headset channel open. Kiki spoke softly into his ear. "I've got about fifteen, a mix of Vipers and your mother's loyal guards," she piped over quietly. Weapons drawn, they laid in wait in the entrance hallway, out of sight. She scanned the crowd through her Pip-Boy on an overlay from the Vault entrance camera, hoping and praying that no one was daft enough to make a move in hostility. Adrian shook his head slightly, hoping that she understood he wanted her to wait until she had a reason. The sentry bot between his group watched over Lucky's Rattlers with a red gaze, and a quiet hum of electronics. Vera turned to the side to make room for T.A. to pass through. "I'd hoped you wouldn't make this choice, that you'd help me forge this peace. But Adrian told me that there was no way you'd stay if we kept Lucky from entering." "I had a feeling," Adrian's face turned to sadness. "I left you extra supplies in your room, hopefully it'll make things a bit easier out there."
  6. Vera moved to speak, but Adrian beat her to it, a heat in his eyes. “You've proven time and time again, Lucky, than you’re unable to shoulder any sort of responsibility. There’s a way we do things, and live guns in classrooms, while drinking. Yeah that’s about one of the dumbest most dangerously irresponsible things you can do.” “We were going to open the door, we were just gathering a couple seconds more of intel outside, making sure there were no more men lying in wait. Or worse, a raider ready to launch a mini nuke directly through our open vault door. Your childish indignation to act without any thought could have meant the sealing of our vault for good, in a pile of rubble.” ”Tara can’t come in here like that because she looks like a fucking raider. How can she walk around here like that without scaring the hell out of everyone? Half of these people think she’s gone mad already! There’s like spikes sticking out of... yeah, no. She’s free to wear whatever she wants, just not anything that looks like it came out of a bad apocalypse comic book.” “Waited for her to be taken? You really are out of your mind aren’t you. T.A., you told him you ran away didn’t you? Lucky, she stole the Guardsmen’s fucking Vertibird to try and make her way to the stronghold. We’re lucky she didn’t make it that far, or as we now know they would’ve shot her down with a surface to air missile.” ”She was the one who ran away, no one let her get taken. And we’re not locking people in. If anyone wants to leave, they’re free to come and ask for the door.” ”So, no. You’re not getting back in here unless it’s in a cell for the time being. This is one too many in a line of fuck ups, Lucky. We gave you so many chances to prove, to better yourself. I wanted so badly for you to be the man I thought you could be. But I just don’t think you know how...”
  7. "Please state your residential num-" there was a pause, and then a human voice came out of the protectron's speech box. "The lovebirds, well I'll be damned. Hold on a minute, I've got to notify the overseer of your arrival," the disembodied voice spoke. After a minute or so the man spoke up again. "The overseer's coming down to speak with you." A few minutes later, the door whirred to life and retracted from the mountain face. Vera stood in between her protective detail and a sentry bot at her back. "You two have caused a whole mess of trouble here recently. T.A., I don't know what possessed you to run away to the Scourge like that, but I am glad you're safe. All this raider truce and such has to stay between us right now, okay? Not many of your neighbors would be excited about making any sort of deal with those raiders right now, for fear of being stabbed in the back. And probably rightly so. But we'll be discussing all what you experienced a little later." She shifted on her feet as she continued to speak. "A lot of our people told me to not let you two back in the vault, and I had half a mind to listen to them. But I certainly can't let you back in looking like that, Tara. Here," she reached out and handed the girl a fitted Vault 76 jumpsuit. "You come in here looking like that and you're gonna confuse the hell out of some people." "But Mr. Thompson, you on the other hand..." She paused for a moment and Adrian stepped forward, speaking up. "We can't let you back in, Lucky. It seems you've burned your last couple of bridges here," Adrian spoke solemnly. "A few of the trainees stepped forward and told us about the live guns you brought into the classroom, and fired, and how you were drinking the whole time. You pointed one at Charlie's head, Lucky. Our Charlie, if anything had gone wrong..." There was a beat, and Adrian's face twisted into anger for a second, then relaxed slightly. He took a deep breath before he spoke again. "Also, I don't even know why you were there in the first place, you certainly weren't cleared to train anyone in the state you were in. You'd just shot me hours before in a delirium," he sighed as he continued. "That's not to mention you holding Mr. Harrah at gunpoint and forcing him to open the door. You can't just go around pointing your gun and getting what you want. Maybe out there you can, sure, but not in here. These are our people's lives you're threatening. People you swore to protect," Adrian paused. "With all the heat coming your way, the consenting opinion right now is that we can't let you back into the vault. Unless... unless you go straight into a cell." His eyes were stern as he looked over the young greaser, watching his face for a reaction.
  8. "Identification confirmed, welcome back Lucky Thompson," the protectron spoke coolly as Lucky shouted at it. "Unidentified female, please provide full name and residential number," another robot ordered as it turned to face T.A.
  9. Vera frowned as she lowered the radio from her face and watched as Lucky drove off speedily down the road. Adrian walked back up to the group with a sigh. The girl was headstrong to a fault but also very naive. Vera hoped the situation was just as she said, but that was almost too far fetched to believe. "I really hope he isn't running headfirst in to a trap, but I guess we'll know soon enough," Adrian mused as the group watched the motorcycle until it disappeared out of sight. Turning to Lt. Davis Vera addressed his question. "It's too early to say right now, Lieutenant, but if everything T.A.'s saying is true, then maybe this situation won't be as bad as we initially though. But, as Adrian pointed out, only time will tell..." She paused before pointing back to the entrance. "In the meantime, we're going to keep preparing our people for the worst that the outside world has to offer." "Come on, lets head back inside. I'm going to lock the vault under a pass code only I and a few choice others will have access to, so if you need me to re-open the door for any more troops you have inbound, make sure to come find me," Vera spoke as she started to walk back to the vault door with her guards in tow.
  10. Adrian sighed as he took the map from the tall young greaser. "Alright, Lucky. If anything happens, we'll move hell and earth to get her out." The man was often rash, quick to anger, and barbaric in his methods. The word that came to Adrian's mind right after he watched him mount the motorcycle was foolish. Lucky had literally shot at him just hours before in some kind of delirium. If anything Adrian should have been fuming, furious. Lucky was a fool, to be sure, but a fool in love. And Adrian understood that deeply. He took a step back from the motorcycle to give Lucky room and shook his head. "Be careful, you crazy bastard!" Was all he was able to yell before the sound of the motorcycle's engine drowned out his voice.
  11. Vera's brow furrowed as she thought to herself. On paper yes the shaky truce was a much better option. But Vera knew better than to place her trust in those who had just tried to blow through their vault door just a few days before. She contemplated the mania of the often stubborn young Tara, but couldn't help but appreciate her perhaps wanton courage. "Well, T.A., that all sounds well and good, but I have trouble believing the man who wanted to drag our people out of the vault is now suddenly up to wheel and deal in a truce. But if you think we can really trust him and what he stands for, then I'm open to this truce, of sorts," she shifted on her feet as she continued to speak. "If they can somehow get us a map of their territories we'll make sure to stay out of them with any sort of fighting force. But we'd still like to be allowed to pursue anything we're hunting, within reason. And be allowed to continue trade in PV City." Adrian broke from the group and moved quickly to catch up with Lucky's pace as he headed towards his motorcycle. "Where the hell are you going, man? You don't even have her coordinates yet. Hold on a minute," Adrian called out to him. "We're not going to stop you, but I hope to god you aren't walking into some sort of trap, that Jack didn't seem to be your biggest fan." "But T.A., are you planning to stay there at the Stronghold or...? Your father has been literally worried sick about you," Vera spoke to the girl softly. "Maybe you do in fact have a future as a diplomat, but certainly not one as a prisoner." Adrian waved across to his mother and pointed to the map on his Pip-Boy. "Lucky's about to race off to you, I hope you can keep him safe," Vera added as she deciphered what Adrian's hand motions meant.
  12. Her detail tensed as Lucky raised his hand to the butt of his revolver. All five of them eyed the young greaser intently as Vera accepted the radio from him. "T.A., it's Vera. I'm very glad you're alright, but confused as to why you ended up there in the first place. Lucky said you had a message from the Scourge's leader?"
  13. Vera walked towards the vault entrance with Adrian, Dusty, Kiki, Rooker, and K.D. in tow. As she exited the vault entrance and made her way to Lucky, her detail flanked her in a diamond formation, making sure no would be sniper would have an easy shot. The group enveloped Lucky and Vera spoke up. "So T.A.'s safe for now then? We picked up a bit of the conversation on the microphones. How can we get her home, Lucky?"
  14. Adrian and Vera approached the vault entryway as the alarm sounded. Near the camera control panel in the back of the room he disengaged the boisterous alarm. Clicking on the microphone, he used the console to pipe his voice into one of the bots outside as he clicked away at a terminal. A couple of the sentry bots rapidly approached the man, red at their eyes and gun primed. "STOP RIGHT THERE, YOU WILL CEASE AND DESIST FROM THIS AREA." One metallic voiced pierced the air with a sting. A buzz and a beat. Vera nodded at him and Adrian spoke into the microphone in a commanding tone. "State your name and business." His voice crackled out of the speaker module of one of the bots. One small sentence, right to the point. The sentry bots stood still, flanking the man. On another console, Vera was ordering the rest of the bots in their security mesh to fan out and search for any other stragglers. More men and women had entered the cavernous room, being trailed by various trainers. They all stood nearby conversing in hushed tones as everyone watched the monitors intently, and waited for the man's response.
  15. Vera's face scrunched for a moment. She and Dusty exchanged concerned glances. Before she could speak up, Adrian interjected. "Not only that, but it seems T.A. actually went to them willingly. For what purpose, we have no idea. But she stole one of Lieutenant Davis's vertibirds to try and make the journey before putting it down nearby," Adrian sighed as he massaged his forehead. "I can't imagine what the hell possessed her to run away like that, and to these raiders that have caused so much strife here in the vault," Adrian added. Vera finally spoke up in response. "Well... considering what we know about this group's size and armament, we'd be insane to launch a direct attack. And to do that when T.A. might not even want to be saved is an even bigger risk..." She sighed. "We can always use more adept trainers to help with the circuit we've got going on," Dusty chimed in. "This is Master Sergent Nash, by the way," the grizzled bearded man waved to Lt. Davis as Vera spoke. "A lot of us know him by Dusty," Adrian quipped. "Sergent Nash is in charge of overseeing the training regimen of all of our able bodied vault dwellers. "And I can use every experienced hand I can get," Dusty chimed again. "But these stockpiles are interesting, not to mention your talk of a nuclear armament. We could never let that sort of power fall into the wrong hands. Not after what's happened to the world. We can't doom history to repeat itself..." Vera trailed for a moment. "After we find and secure those stockpiles, going after the silos should be our next objective," she added with a determined look in her eyes.