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  1. For glory, for loyalty and....
  2. Therazule

    Truth or Lie?

    Nope, no kids. Staying single and kidless so I can spend all my extra money on microtransactions >.< Guess: False, it sold 10k+ copies! My truth/lie: The office is better than Doctor Who
  3. Therazule

    Truth or Lie?

    I actually did do the water fast and did lose 82 lbs. crazy awesome. guess: if you knew about the issue, I’d say it was a lie. But if other people knew but didn’t tell you, it’s truth, and scary as hell! my truth/lie: I have 2 kids named Thor and Connor.
  4. Therazule

    Favorite Word

    Share with everyone your favorite word! The more unique the better! my favorite word: Petrichor - the name for the smell after it rains. Most smells don’t have names. They smell like this or that. This smell has a name because it’s a chemical reaction between the protective oils, the rain water and the earth, releasing the smell!
  5. But couldn’t stop believing in
  6. Therazule

    Questions Game

    Creativity. It’s a fantasy world where you can be anyone or do anything, be as creative as your mind can handle! if the economy crashed, what tradeskill would you learn to earn a living?
  7. Therazule

    Questions Game

    I love to cook, especially Asian food or Middle Eastern food! What.... is your quest!?
  8. Therazule

    Truth or Lie?

    Guess: yes, I think you parkour and do it in style! My Truth/Lie: I’ve lost 80 lbs in 40 days because I did a 40day water fast (only consuming water and no food for the whole time)
  9. Therazule

    Truth or Lie?

    Sushi for everyone! Truth. I think you'll try them sometimes, but if you can avoid doing it, you will. Tea cup is good enough ? I was paid to play WoW by being sponsored for 2 years
  10. Therazule

    Truth or Lie?

    False, you may consider yourself a grunt, but you were actually more. I am a sushi chef.
  11. Therazule

    Questions Game

    Favorite place would be the "Magic Castle" in Los Angeles. It's a castle dedicated to magicians practicing their crafts and performing for people to see the new acts and tricks they've come up with. Pretty amazing and awe inspiring. If you could be any video game character, which one would you be and why?
  12. Hey everyone, was stoked to see this site up! Cannot wait for the game to drop and look forward to playing with most of you! And against some of you ({>'-'){>
  13. Ready for the Wasteland...

    1. Kattica


      Welcome! Bring on the deathclaws!

  14. Therazule


    Whose the target? Can you afford that?