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  1. McMacGruber continued to "beeline" to the AVR Med Center main entrance, seemingly ignoring the scorched folk. "Com'on follow me it's this way!" He hollered to the group childlike. Sticking to what he perceived as the plan, he burst though the door, and bound down the steps directly to the left without touching a signal step. Quickly he past through a generator room, bypassing a confused ghoul, and down into a basement. MacGruber found himself standing in middle a lab, with some equipment he didn't understand and a cot in the corner. He just stood there not knowing what to do next. Grahm's long stride caught him up quickly to the funny hairy man (MacGruber). These human's owe him payment and they seam determined to die, so he found himself obligated to follow. "Human not strong enough to be stupid" He said as he swung his concrete sledge into a scorched person then another right after, both exploded into a red paste and big pieces splattered the parking lot. He continued into the building to stay behind the man, then smashed two more scorched inside, and quickly followed MacGruber down the stairs. He bulled over the waking ghoul, once realizing the lab he stopped at the door to stand guard, and wait for the females. "Mooo-oooo" Chally said as if to say, "I'm not going in there". She remained outside and found a patch of green to munch on. Happy, now, to be back in the Forest region.
  2. Chally, excited for the adventure, caught up to the girls first. She walked up behind the two, Moo 1 and Moo 2 simultaneously nudged a slimy wet snout into TA's and Genie's butt cracks, respectively. Chally's Moo 1 snaked her long tongue into a nostril and inhaled deeply. Chally's Moo 2 sneezed and snorted at Genie's scent. "Moooo-Moooo" Grahm was only a couple of his long strides behind, and witness the act. He bellowed out a hardy laugh, "Har-har, Moo Moo make friends!" Mr. MacGruber brought up the rear, "Ooo-ooo, follow me it's down stairs. Come on!". MacGruber ran headlong towards the medical centers main entrance, completely oblivious to the scorched folk, forgetting they're dangerous, and unaware he was beginning to become part of the Scorched collective. He didn't know why he knew where the lab was, only that he knew it was downstairs.
  3. "Moooooooo", In stereo, both of the Chally heads, Moo 1 and Moo 2, called out as she trombled after Genie and TA as if she was included as one of the "girls". Grahm seemed to not be effected by the human woman's show, but he couldn't argue with the reasoning. "Moo Moo go with?" Grahm asked, "Guess it make sense, and fair trade" Really he was thinking he's getting the better part of the deal, all he had to do was walk a direction he was already walking, and smash creatures that don't want to shop. "Simple" he thought, "What could go wrong?" Mr. MacGruber hopped up, and ran to catch up. He wiped his sleeve across his milky beard, which did nothing to clean the buttery cream since Vault-tec suits suits are non absorbent. "Wait for me!"
  4. "Need two things to trade... Stuff... Someone to trade with... Simple" Grahm answered plainly, then stood where he stood regarding the hairy human. MooMoo and he have never disgust the price for the milk, and it was actually a chore to preform the milking every morning. "MoooOooo," Chally the Moo Moo's left head said. Chally the Moo Moo's right head lifted from snacking on the dry shrubbery it discovered at the corner of the shack. "MerrOooooo" The right head said, as if in response to the left. "Moo Moo say milking is fair trade for milk." Grahm didn't dare question the decision, so he didn't argue, she is the boss. Mr. MacGruber seamed to not hear the conversation while he continued to get his fill of fresh creamy Brahman milk.
  5. Grahm, now happy to be passed the typical, "don't murder me!" plea which came with the formalities of meeting new humans, and on to the trading portion of the encounter. He thought for a second, "Huummm, food..." His face brightened as he began with his list. "Trading foods we have are fried meat, dry meat, roast meat, char meat, skewer meat, squissshy meat, Kcrispy meat, fissshy meat, … stiiinky meat, rotten meat, icky meeeat, ground meat, seasoned meat, salty meat, slimy meat, sticky meat, sug-gary meat, meeeatyy meeeat,,, chewwwy meat, gAy-mee meat, faatty meat, frOzen meat. Burnt meat, spicy meat, chopped meeeat, stringgy meat, red meat, horny meat, mashed meat, PEPPERED Meat. Did i miss any MooMoo?" Chally the Moo Moo seamed to understand, oddly enough, and replied, "mmmmmMroooooo?" Even more odd Grahm seemed to understand the "Mooooo" which just sounded like "Mooooo" to them, but apparently a simple "Mooooo" carried more meaning than meets the untrained ear. Grahm replied, "Uhh? Greeens? Ooohhh yeah, and green stuff for MooMoo. *chuckle* "Huuhuuhuu" During Grahm's recital of meats on the menu, Mr. MacGruber found it difficult to stay focused on the many things to remember. Something else piqued his interest, Milk. Mr. MacGruber was distracted and found himself flat on his back under the utters of Ms. Chally the Moo Moo, squeezing the teets to squirt warm steams of fresh Brahman milk into his mouth. Well, mostly in the mouth, some on the ground, a lot in the beard, the first one in the eye, but yeah ... mostly in the mouth. "Noom, nom, nom" Yummy sounds ensued as MacGruber lapped up the hot creamy fluid. "Muuuurrrrrooooo" Chally complained slightly.
  6. MacGruber stood still in place, dumb founded why the big wasn't smashing them, but also still wonder if he had any food. "I hundreez, gots any foods?" He asked. Something in his simple mind prevented him from being scared. The green giant regarded the odd trio, the hairy one seemed pretty smart to him, the puny yellow headed one seamed skiddish...and clumsy. The grownup human woman seamed like she could be the most trouble. He scoffed at them with a gruff , "Grrff, " He announce to the rag tag party, "Grahm’s and Chally the Moo Moo’s fair trades. We find you, you trade fair, or DIE. Guar-ant-eed!" MacGruber broke out in laughter "Hahaha, you funny guy, Hahaha."
  7. MacGruber let TA wash his face. It made him happy, he grinned big despite the discomfort in his insides. "Thank you." He smiled. "When is it time to eat? ...I'm hungry again" He was out of food already for he had chowed it all down as they walked. Suddenly, up ahead in the rickety shanty shack, there was a clamor of battle. Or of someone big winning a battle, rather. MacGruber sprung into "Hero Mode". *Dun-dah-dah-Duuuh* music played in his head. His all powerful Clubbie swooshed into sight, and the flame burst to light in its trail as he ran. TA's grip on his hand could not stop him. In a half a second he had already approached the door to shack. Inside there was certainly a fight that had already ended. An extra large green guy had just finished bludgeoning to death four short stocky hairy mole looking guys. Apparently signal handed, if you don't count that one hand held a small log with a chunk of concrete on the end, seamed to be his weapon of choice, who else could even lift it. "Huhmm? Mmmm. Moleman meat" The large green man said with a gruff and gravely voice, "Moo-moo get good caps for Moleman stuff, but meat for Meeee" Something about the big green guy's tone, and maybe the facial expression, MacGruber felt somehow akin to the big feller. He stopped to study him, but didn't lower his clubbie. "Squish-squish, Pop-pop, Crush-crush. This is the GOOOD life" The gravely, yet somewhat goofy, harsh voice of the green giant boomed from inside the shack. "NO Murder you, no murder meee. Just want trade, with NO murrder." "I'm hungry!" MacGruber blurted out the thing foremost on his mind. Then he was distracted by the large two headed beast that rounded the corner. A clunky bell rang and the beast said, "Mmmmm-Mooooo" It reminded him of the dumpster lady, he looked around for her, confused.
  8. He stopped when Genie demanded it, he'd do anything for his friends. Blood, and entrails of an unidentifiable critter dripped off the rocket powered Clubbie. The carcass was reduced to a fattened bloody pancake, its blood muddied the rocky scorched earth. When TA spoke MacGruber's bloodied face went from a horrific sinister craze, to a slacked softened gaze into her eyes, just before changing to a grimace of pain. The club dropped to the ground. One hand gripped his belly, the other pulled at his hair. With a gravely, harsh whisper, "Inside-Hurt" ... "Head-Hurt" Looking down at the raw flesh brought moisture to his dry gravely throat. He though, 'maybe if i eat some i feel better'. MacGruber fell to his knees, hastily pulling off grips of well tenderized raw meat, then stuffed a handful in his mouth. He chewed on it as the blood drizzled off his crimson stained beard. "Nom-nom-nom", He made yummy sounds, then spoke with his mouthful... "Betthah, mah thrrrt, was suh dry", He rubbed his belly in a circle, "Tummy too"
  9. MacGruber's Clubbie was at the ready, rusty blood soaked nails protruding, and the rocket flame torched up, and danced heatedly near his face. The light from the burning fuel revealed a crazed mad man, grizzled face, and wily eyes MacGruber appeared to really enjoy beating the crap outta things. Something about the bruised and torn flesh of the enemy. "Wonder what is taste like" He thought, just as he sprung up, and bashed downward with two handed force on the head of the bush dwelling assailant. "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" MacGruber yelled as he hit it a couple more times, not caring what or who it was, just that smashing things was fun, especially things that attack his friends.
  10. MacGruber, so tickled to be referred to as special, and pleased to see both friends were breathing normal, he forgot what they were talking about. "Hey! check out my new bomb. It's all liquidy blue and purdy like TA's eyes" He held it up to TA's face and giggled. "Maybe the bomb is a little more dangerous though" He joked, oblivious to the sexual tension in the air and/or medical urgency.
  11. MacGruber was exhausted, not just from all the swinging, but the 'girl drama' as well. Normally stuff is no biggie, but his tummy is sick, and he didn't have much chain to jerk. He sat with the girls for a minute, they started talking, and his brain couldn't stay focused. "ooo have idea" MacGruber thought. He called up his CAMP devise and put up a chemistry set, and proceeded to make some fun exploding toys. One of them including a new ingredient, Nuka-Quantum. He marvelled at the pretty blue glowing bomb, "Hey, guys look what I made!" He turned around holding his new, pretty blue bomb high up so they could see it. When he saw them, TA and Genie touch lips, his ear-to-ear grin went slack, and his arms fell to his sides. "Nononono, Oh no! Is everything ok? Is Genie not breathing?" Remembering the time TA put her mouth in his, he thought it was Kaysie but it wasn't when he woke up. "Do you need help? What can I do?" Then the panic faded when Genie took out her map and was talking. "Oh, hahaha, I feel dumb"
  12. MacGruber could barely lift Clubbie one more time, he stopped midswing at the sound of her voice. "TA!? Genie!? Are you ok?". He called out to the wrecked camp trailer. Then he looked through blurry vision, at the beast that lay there dead, but still quivering. He could barely see, and was sick to his stomach, he flopped to the ground hugging his belly with both arms. "I think I'm going to be sick"
  13. A person with an impulse control disorder is often unable to resist the sudden, forceful urge to do something that may violate the rights of others, or bring about conflict with societal norms. These impulsive behaviors may occur repeatedly, quickly and without consideration of the consequences of that behavior. Unbeknownst to Mr. MacGruber, is his affliction of the aforementioned disorder. Furthermore the most dangerous thing about ICD, is being unaware of it's presents. *KABOOM*KABOOM* Two explosions erupted on each wing of the beast, the beast staggered to the ground flopping it's crippled wings wildly. "AHHH-EEEEE-AIIIIIIII-AHHHHH!!!!!". MacGruber bellowed out a made-up spontaneous battle cry as he seemingly flew through the air with his rocket powered spiked Clubbie weilding above his head. He landed on the beasts back, his club connected three times on the top of its horny skull. "Stay away from my friends, bitch!" The beast seamed to absorb the blows, but it was bleeding now, and unable to fly. It bucked like a bronco, and flung MacGruber to the ground, he tried to stand, but it's long whippy tail struck him on the shoulder, causing him to spin a 360, then fall back down. The angry, wounded, and scorched beast reared up, it appeared to be taking a breath. "Haha, getting tired, bitch?". MacGruber taunted the creature. The beast screeched an ear piercing, blood curdling, spine shivering scream. Green rings of radiation shot from it's mouth toward MacGruber where he lay on the ground. He rolled quickly ducking just in time behind a boulder. He could feel the radiation brush his back like fire. "Haaaaa, ya missed! My turn!" Two more grenades hurled through the air from behind the boulder. *KABOOM*KABOOM* The specially "MacGruber" made explosives violently detonated at the beasts hind legs. "Had enough yet?" "AHHH-EEEEE-AIIIIIIII-AHHHHH!!!!!". The battled cry echoed the wasteland again. MacGruber ran circles around the tiring beast, swinging like a wild man as it tried to snap at him with it's only remaining weapon. It's strong quick jaws snapped at him, slinging irritated saliva, drops of the saliva burned his skin. Undeterred, MacGruber kept running around swinging, "Die-die-die-die". He swung and swung and swung his club with his eyes closed, because the fumes of acid burned them. He didn't notice the beast was no longer moving, he just kept swinging dispite his arms feeling like noodles.
  14. MacGruber just stood there in complete disbelief, not in denial, not doubting, but it's just not sinking in. It seamed impossible, the Doctor is supposed to be the one healing, not dieing. There are so many questions to ask, but he couldn't think of one. He just stood there in shock staring at the rubble that was once a man. He could feel the anger welling up. "How can this happen?"
  15. Before the waterworks started, MacGruber was trailing along with TA and Genie. Genie stormed off muttering to herself getting louder and louder with each step. In the early moments when they departed the fun park, MacGruber was utterly confused. First they convince him the people are crazy and ok to kill, now they are all "save the crazies" and now it's bad to kill them. "Women...I don't understand 'em. They're always changing their minds" MacGruber mumbled to himself, glance around for Tony to see where he was. Maybe he could back him up on this. TA ran up to one of the crispy ones and hugged it. When it broke she and Genie started balling there eyes out. All hell was beaking loose, and the women have gone totally bonkers. He could only think maybe they are turning into crazy people and shuttered to think he'd have to fight them. "What? What's going on? You ladies freaking me out... I'm so confused!". He pleaded for an explanation. "...and I might be a dumbass, but I think sitting in the radiation will make you sick."