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  1. MacGruber could barely lift Clubbie one more time, he stopped midswing at the sound of her voice. "TA!? Genie!? Are you ok?". He called out to the wrecked camp trailer. Then he looked through blurry vision, at the beast that lay there dead, but still quivering. He could barely see, and was sick to his stomach, he flopped to the ground hugging his belly with both arms. "I think I'm going to be sick"
  2. A person with an impulse control disorder is often unable to resist the sudden, forceful urge to do something that may violate the rights of others, or bring about conflict with societal norms. These impulsive behaviors may occur repeatedly, quickly and without consideration of the consequences of that behavior. Unbeknownst to Mr. MacGruber, is his affliction of the aforementioned disorder. Furthermore the most dangerous thing about ICD, is being unaware of it's presents. *KABOOM*KABOOM* Two explosions erupted on each wing of the beast, the beast staggered to the ground flopping it's crippled wings wildly. "AHHH-EEEEE-AIIIIIIII-AHHHHH!!!!!". MacGruber bellowed out a made-up spontaneous battle cry as he seemingly flew through the air with his rocket powered spiked Clubbie weilding above his head. He landed on the beasts back, his club connected three times on the top of its horny skull. "Stay away from my friends, bitch!" The beast seamed to absorb the blows, but it was bleeding now, and unable to fly. It bucked like a bronco, and flung MacGruber to the ground, he tried to stand, but it's long whippy tail struck him on the shoulder, causing him to spin a 360, then fall back down. The angry, wounded, and scorched beast reared up, it appeared to be taking a breath. "Haha, getting tired, bitch?". MacGruber taunted the creature. The beast screeched an ear piercing, blood curdling, spine shivering scream. Green rings of radiation shot from it's mouth toward MacGruber where he lay on the ground. He rolled quickly ducking just in time behind a boulder. He could feel the radiation brush his back like fire. "Haaaaa, ya missed! My turn!" Two more grenades hurled through the air from behind the boulder. *KABOOM*KABOOM* The specially "MacGruber" made explosives violently detonated at the beasts hind legs. "Had enough yet?" "AHHH-EEEEE-AIIIIIIII-AHHHHH!!!!!". The battled cry echoed the wasteland again. MacGruber ran circles around the tiring beast, swinging like a wild man as it tried to snap at him with it's only remaining weapon. It's strong quick jaws snapped at him, slinging irritated saliva, drops of the saliva burned his skin. Undeterred, MacGruber kept running around swinging, "Die-die-die-die". He swung and swung and swung his club with his eyes closed, because the fumes of acid burned them. He didn't notice the beast was no longer moving, he just kept swinging dispite his arms feeling like noodles.
  3. MacGruber just stood there in complete disbelief, not in denial, not doubting, but it's just not sinking in. It seamed impossible, the Doctor is supposed to be the one healing, not dieing. There are so many questions to ask, but he couldn't think of one. He just stood there in shock staring at the rubble that was once a man. He could feel the anger welling up. "How can this happen?"
  4. Before the waterworks started, MacGruber was trailing along with TA and Genie. Genie stormed off muttering to herself getting louder and louder with each step. In the early moments when they departed the fun park, MacGruber was utterly confused. First they convince him the people are crazy and ok to kill, now they are all "save the crazies" and now it's bad to kill them. "Women...I don't understand 'em. They're always changing their minds" MacGruber mumbled to himself, glance around for Tony to see where he was. Maybe he could back him up on this. TA ran up to one of the crispy ones and hugged it. When it broke she and Genie started balling there eyes out. All hell was beaking loose, and the women have gone totally bonkers. He could only think maybe they are turning into crazy people and shuttered to think he'd have to fight them. "What? What's going on? You ladies freaking me out... I'm so confused!". He pleaded for an explanation. "...and I might be a dumbass, but I think sitting in the radiation will make you sick."
  5. The baseball grenade left his hand, and traveled through the air in slowmotion, gracefully spinning through the air toward the group of still frozen scorched folk. MacGruber turned to face the yelling coming form it's familiar source. Genie. With a guilty conscience, "It wasn't me!" MacGruber threw his hands up to show proof of his innocence. A moment later... * K A B O O M * The baseball bomb had it's own case to plead. MacGruber appeared guilty as charged. The scorched had no chance, limbs and innards strewn across the gate area of the park.
  6. "Hmmm" MacGruber pondered the question. "The Queen one is pretty good. Don't forget about the Bat Babies, and the Trickster....Oooo, and the Cur one. Man, that was a tough fight with the big cat monster thingy" Realizing he could get carried away on a subject that he is an authority, he stopped himself there, concluding, "Ya know, I don't have a favorite, they are all good. I'll do my best to be the best "Grognak" I can be... ain't no Virgin Eater gonna getchya, gotta go through me and my trusty Clubbie first." He had no idea what a Virgin Eater was, just that it was a flying creature in one of the comics.
  7. Duh-duh-ding-ding-daahhhh---bluuhhh The happy banjo ended on a sour note. The dejected and deflated MacGruber, hung his head and dropped the instrument of joy back where he found it. Seems he could never get "it" right with Genie. "Sooorry" MacGruber glaced to Tony and TA to see if they shared his sentiment, or had any thing to offer. His shoulders sloped as he expected the fun time was over. Genie wagged a finger at him and he was in trouble agian, this time for something he didn't even do...yet. He raised his hands, palms up, "What? I didn't...I won't" Then he remembered the thing he was excited to show everyone. "Hey!" He perked up to his usual 'happy-go-lucky' self, "I traded a bunch of junk in The Stash for this!" He pulled out some tattered raggs from his US Mail bag. "See! Isn't it neet!" ...He could see the puzzled looks... "Look I'll show you!" MacGruber could hardly contain himself, excitedly he stripped his clothing without thinking, then donned his new outfit. "Tah-Duh!". He stood proud. "It's Grognak's clothes. Just like fer-realz in the comic book!" "I came be a honest to goodness super hero now" "Oooo and check it out!". He pulled out his newly modified Baseball Bat. "The robot had this mod-if-ah-kay-shun to put spikes and rockets on my Clubbie" He giggled and laughed, as he made sound effects wooshing and swooshing the bat around himself and over his head.
  8. When Genie came over to where he was he expected to be in trouble agian for playing another banjo. He was ready to argue his point. His case was made in his head "If someone just left the banjos sitting out, someone should be playen em..." MacGruber's jaw dropped, as did the intensity of his picking, and his grinning, the tempo of his song dropped. As she danced, Genie's motions were intoxicating, he could barely keep playing. An irrational believe came over him, and he feared if he stopped, she would disappear. His eyes were popping out of his head, his throat was dry, and his fingers ached, his heart pounded in his chest, but he continued to play the banjo. The same four chords over and over and over again at a slower pace at first. Eventually picking up again. His excitement grew, with his growing excitement his fingers ignored the fatigue, and started to move faster and faster, the banjo played faster and louder. His rhythm getting more and more wild until he, himself, could no longer contain himself. MacGruber shot up out of his chair, and skipped around Genie, who was dancing and twirling in place. He played his song as he danced a jig around her, laughing his head off in joy.
  9. When TA came around the corner of the building, the other side of Charleston Station train depot, she would find MacGruber in a chair a plucking away at the banjo. The biggest grin possible spread across his stubbly face, as he sang the most peculiar song. Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow, Dinah, won't you blow your horn? Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah Someone's in the kitchen I know Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah Strummin' on the old banjo! Singin' fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Strummin' on the old banjo.
  10. Banjo music could be heard coming from the other side of the train depot. MacGruber was last seen trading with the Responder bot, but has not been seen in a few minutes.
  11. MacGruber was a little slow at his reaction time on occasion. On this occasion he mentioned the bug guts he saw at the Red Rocket while they were already at the Train Depot. "Uhmm? Oh, Somebody killed some bugs back there at the gas station" He answered TA, then his eyes wandered to other things to notice. ..."Oooo, hey the Overseer put a stash here too". MacGruber ran into the depot to rummage through the stash. He didn't notice he ran right by Genie skulking around outside. "Maybe I can trade some stuff to this robot to get ammunition for Genie when we catch up to her."
  12. MacGruber chugged the last of his Sweetwater's special blend honey tea. He noticed Genie slipping out the back door, and disappearing outside. He also noticed TA's small hand gripping his extra tight, she didn't have a lot of strength in her grip, but he figured she was squeezing as hard as she could. As she lead him, or he lead her, it was unclear who exactly was the leader. MacGruber tried to think of what to say to make things better. He didn't know what to say. TA, his little vault adventure buddy, was obviously distressed, but he couldn't find the words, perhaps there were none. So he just sang his treasure hunt song since no encouraging words came to mind. He sang "...Oh a mountain! can't go under it, can't go around it, can't go through it, we'll gooooo over it. Climb, climb, climb" He stopped singing, realizing that part of the song related to them, and he thought maybe climbing sounded cool in the song. However real-life mountain climbing may prove to be more dangerous than children's song mountain climbing. "I think we should go around the mountain and not climb it". He said as they arrived at the Red Rocket. Imediately after saying that he was distracted by a new thing to notice. "Hey looks like the Overseer set up a stash here too." Then he noticed another thing, "Why is there bug guts splattered all over?"
  13. MacGruber didn't know about the rest of the conversation, but shook his head in agreement to loving TA. One could almost here the marbles rattling in his head. "I'm ready!". MacGruber stood with hands on hips and chest pushed out. "Lezz-do-this! As long as there's no more big green uglies should be smooth sailing from here"
  14. It was a scary moment when Genie was screaming, but TA took over the situation. She jumped into action and made Genie feel better. MacGruber marvelled at her super abilities to command a situation, specially a medical one. He was worried for Genie but stood back, he was also bummed they didn't play the game. He took a step, his foot kicked something, so he looked down. "Oh hey, one of my baseball bombs. How did that get there?" MacGruber asked aloud as he bent down to pick it up. He took a step to go talk to Genie, his foot kicked something else. "Bullets. Hey Genie here's some bullets on the floor here". MacGruber thought about it, but was unsure where those things came from, and there was no sight of where TA's game went. "Humm, she must of picked up the Jack game" He went back to his Paying Attention job looking around all alert like. Trying to figure out how Genie got down the stairs so fast without him noticing.
  15. MacGruber started to open his mouth to agree with each name she had called out, but then showed disappointment each time she said "No" to a name. When she finally settled on Tamara he looked pleased. "Oh, Tamara. That's a pretty name, it fits your bright green eyes". MacGruber said with satisfaction to finally know TA's name.