Ideas sharing on Youtube in video content to increase your audience is the simplest and easy way in today’s internet world.

We are living in the era of social media where the idea of the global village is practically executed. Right? Youtube is the biggest social media network and falls on number second among the top social media platforms.

All of the above if you are looking to improve your SEO and want to reach the masses through the mode of communication. Imagine billions of views hundreds of millions of hours 24/7 watching time on the scale of each day is big organic access to the free flow of information and unique ideas.

That’s a simple way to understand being on YouTube you are reaching millions of audiences and have the liberty to scale up your search performance.

People around the globe among billions of users, a third of the majority are making vlogs and sharing with people. From beginner to the pro level, horror to comedy, fashion to romance, gameplay to tutorials, music videos to prank videos, cute/funny videos to cute/funny aminal videos, parody videos to challenge videos, and tour vlogs to the news you can also find travelers and discovery on YouTube.

Every aspect of life is recorded and streamed on the second big search engine owner, simply YouTube if you want entertainment or learn to repair anything in mess. Even marketers are not behind in using the platform to speed up the marketing process.

Pro Tip: Making videos is fun and only a smartphone camera with a tripod could get you wonderful support in making a video. Also I suggest to look at cameras for YouTube videos.

“Get Started With Knowing” Beginners YouTube Video Ideas

Did you ever spare a moment to think about how to come up with ideas for youtube videos? The first thing ever you do in life when you meet new people is first you know each other. Couldn’t get? Let me tell you!

1. Introduce Yourself

Being a beginner in making a YouTube video, you should make an introduction video with a brief introduction about yourself.

A simple tip: To catch attention of your audience share normal things you do in life and summary of your lifestyle.

No matter what you do in life is a fact of your life, if you feel you should share it with your audiences, go on, don’t pull back, say it in front of the camera. This might seems like a confession, but you will feel natural by doing this.

Obviously, you will publish this video on YouTube. So, share information regarding your channel, what you will publish, and how your channel could help your audiences. I would suggest making the video fun and welcoming for viewers to catch their attention. Don’t forget to share your viewer’s expectations from your channel.

2. Introduction To Your Workplace

This idea is for the people who are sharing an introduction video on behalf of their working entity or company. Share information regarding your company in a summarized message and with compelling reasons to attract your viewers. This way, you can convert them into your subscribers.

3. Team Meeting

Normally when you come up with a professional approach to starting a channel on YouTube you gather some friends with mutual interests. Where your friends became your assistive assets and you guys work in a team to deliver your videos. If so, make a short video to introduce your teammates to bring their faces to your viewers. This helps in building trust among your audience.

Be Creative And Entertaining Inspire Your Viewers

“Be Creative And Entertaining” Inspire Your Viewers

Don’t wonder to find good youtube video ideas, and make up your mind with complex, “what should you do to get viral”. It is not important what you think would be the most wonderful thing. People think their way, and an idea in your mind could not be the idea of billions of viewers. Here comes a research part to pick what you know you can do better than anyone else. That could be from the list of ideas I am sharing right now!

1. Start a Vlog

Did you hear about blogging? Yes! Vlog is exactly the same thing, in vlogging, you create content in the form of a video, and in blogging, you write content. So, if you don’t want to or your writing skills are poor, start vlogging to spread the information on the internet.

2. Explainer Video

Suppose, you are a photographer and experiencing different events and utilizing the tricks you learned during the time. Explain those tricks in your videos for the learners to transfer the skill of photography and the type of DSLR camera you use for photography.

Users matching your interests would search on the platform and your work would enhance your ranking at the top. If you are sharing rich information that could help viewers you would get fast subscriptions and watch time. The idea could be executed for any of your professions.

3. Tour Video

What you truly love is worth sharing and your viewers would love to share their respect. Record your home routine, visit popular places, and neighborhood adventures, travel with friends, and trip to a recreational part of the country. Your unique way of presenting it would be of great value to your channel.

4. Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas

I love to watch the lifestyles of people around the globe. Most of the YouTubers are making A Day in the Life videos with the concept to share lifestyle and standards viewers like to watch.

5. Equestrian YouTube Video Ideas

Equestrian Esme Higgs Youtuber

Being an equestrian making a horse video is standing different from others, why? Because there is quite a space in this field where sportsmen and women are into it with limited numbers. Esme Higgs is a well-known equestrian in this field. She got more than 500k followers among YouTubers and influencers.

6. Culture Videos

different cultural youtube videos

Create a video on the culture where you use to live, a toast of a marraige, an event in the community, or record a festival or a birthday party in the neighborhood. You will get a superclass response from your audience and would get a fam token with such an idea. Viewers credit such vlogs when they want to interact with different cultures.

7. Couples Videos

Making couple’s videos is one of the good ideas for youtube video challenges when you want to target the audiences with an interest to travel with family or boy/girlfriends. They would get the idea of spending a date on a beach or in a resort. Execute with the passion to spread the routine of the trip or date.

8. Parody Video

Create parody videos with the concept to make fun of serious moments from movies or dramas. It will stand out differently in its own kind when you don’t miss the details through your skills in editing.

9. Behind the Scenes

Explore the activities behind the scene and create videos on the idea to share it with your audience. You can pick any event including your own video creation behind the scene happenings.

10. Introduce Friends or Family

This could be from your first youtube video ideas. Create a video showing a gathering with your friends or family. Give an impression of the life you are spending with the people around you in this video. To incorporate more innovation into your videos you can take the assistance of a youtube video ideas generator.

11. Roblox Video

Play a game of Roblox and create the playback video to entertain the people with a common interest. Yes, a very fun idea to make your YouTube channel hassle-free while gaming and recording the screen for your channel.

12. 30 Facts About Me

Explore your personality facts and create a video on it to show your audience what are the interesting facts, habits, hobbies, interests, food, fashion, lifestyle, and a lot of other things you know about yourself.

Youtube Tutorial video ideas

“Educational” Tutorial Youtube Videos

Pro Tip: A great way to drag a huge audience is tutorial videos on different things like crafts, repairs, construction, or recipes.

1. Youtube Video Background Ideas (Tutorial)

If you are into news, tutorials or product reviews, the background of your video has its own impact on the audience. Collect ideas on how to make a YouTube video background and create your video on the idea to teach the concept with different examples.

2. How-To/Tutorial

This is a very large industry of work to teach things you can do better than others. Create videos on how to repair a torch, repair a generator, repair a door lock, repair a laptop, or even a tutorial on how to create a YouTube video. You will feel amazing by creating such content to stream as they are being watched and people are looking for ease in life with ideas to incorporate into their lives.

3. DIY Video

DIY youtube video idea

In this case, you need to be creative with handy advantages. If so, you got the jackpot, you can create videos on DIY ideas around your house to show your audience skills to create crafts and different stuff with crafting tutorial concepts.

4. Cooking or Recipe Tutorial

Having good cooking skills is an advantage when you have a camera and taste to document your recipe. Create a video on cooking something common or special with a detailed recipe to show your audience as a tutorial.

5. Product Tutorial

Teaching others has its own level of learning. You just launched your own product, or someone else product is quite familiar use to you. You should create a video to explain how to use that product and how to get advantages of the features that the product is offering.

6. Explain a Concept Or Accademic Course

Another amazing also popular YouTube video idea with teaching concepts to spread the knowledge you gained with time and experience. Make teaching sessions for English literature, academic courses, and other things with your expert opinions.

7. Workout Video

A good gymnastics could bring you a side resource of revenue generation if you divert it a bit to teach it to your audience in terms of showing them how to do workout sessions or how to train themselves with the best techniques.

8. Webinar or Presentation

A webinar created to cover the concepts on academic or presentation of projects could be a great youtube video idea. Learn and spread the experience you are having with your work on a daily basis.

9. Infographic Video

Canva and tools for creating graphics designs could be a great relief in executing infographic video ideas. Simply during the creation of an infographic record your screen with a screen recorder and edit it according to your format of video standard and publish to attract viewers with a taste to learn infographics.

10. Q & A

While publishing content your audience will also grow with time. Have a session of questions and answers with your audience with the help of the comments section and create videos from time to time to respond to the community. It will increase your interaction with the audience and also the subscriptions of your channel.

11. Bust Some Myths

The concept you are looking for clearance is the idea you need to focus on making videos to share the information with the viewers to spread the knowledge. And YouTube is a great platform to give you the opportunities to have experience crazy ideas.

Review videos

“Review Videos” Products, Movies, Games, Books, And Others

Brought a new smartphone, create a video during the unpacking process and publish it to share it with your audiences.

1. Product Reviews

Most of us and millions of viewers like us take the assistance of YouTube before making any product purchase. We collect information and ideas to know the product before going to pick it. Why not incorporate the idea and make a video of the product review and show it to your viewers to boost your traffic.

2. Movie Review

Netflix is a platform people normally use for watching movies and seasons. Review the movies and season you liked the most, the viewers with the same taste would visit your channel and watch a full movie or a season in a short review video.

Game Review

Playing a game on a big screen with your Xbox or PlayStation 5 is another way of having fun. Review the games you played already and share the cut scenes to show your viewers the most amazing parts of the game.

Book Review

The concept of a book library is long gone as the digital way of reading books prevails today. You can find books with millions of buyers and interesting facts about books. Review the book you liked the most and grab your viewers attention.


When it comes to building social proof and trust of the community regarding your business. The creation of a video of testimonials about your business could be the best way to revolve around the idea.

Fun YouTube Video Ideas

“Fun YouTube Video Ideas” Inspire Your Viewers

1. Prank Videos

You will find numerous prank videos on YouTube with different tastes. This could be you who is making prank videos in an event or in a mall and spreading fun with your viewers. Comedy pranks, skits, and funny videos could spread fun among people to get relaxed moments in life.

2. Clips Videos Of Movies Or Music

YouTube itself is providing an opportunity to make clips with the clips features of your favorite parts from the content you are streaming. Make a one-minute clip of a special scene on a movie you love to watch or create a music clip with special instruments played or lyrics.

3. Cute/Funny Animal Videos

Most of us are pet lovers and keep cats or dogs or even birds to quench our thirst for living a life with innocent and cute animals. Horses are also on the list where the level of keeping them is at a different stage. You can create videos of your pet and publish them on your channels. You can analyze the fact that most of the channels with such interests have thousands of subscribers and millions of viewers.

4. Cute/Funny Baby Videos

Being parents especially mothers with daycare could execute this idea from day to day life routine of the babies. They could extract the cute and funny moments of the baby’s life and publish to get wonderful outreach to her interests. Also considered a source of passive earning.

5. Challenge Videos

Remind about the cards tricks challenge, sequence challenge, and even Ice Bucket Challenge. They are the most fascinating and entertaining videos till now. Don’t forget to get there with your idea of challenge videos.

6. Bloopers

Watching lots of videos on YouTube, collecting the most interesting parts, and creating a video for your audiences to increase your watch time and list of subscribers.

7. Magic Tricks

Tricks and magic have their own passion among most YouTubers and users. People love to watch wonderful and innovative entertaining magic tricks. A bit of hand mastery could get you there. Create a video performing magic tricks and share it with your viewers.

8. Walkthrough Video

Recording a walkthrough of the games became the most entertaining part of YouTube. Most of the pro-level gamers record the walkthrough and publish it to get their viewers intact.

9. Comedy/Skits

Spreading happiness and laughter is the most liked type of video on the internet. YouTube is full of such videos with millions of views and thousands of hours of watch time. Why? People love such content and they like to watch comedy to get relaxed. Such content travels too fast on YouTube and gets viral in hours.

10. Unboxing Video

People love to watch new things unboxing. Research on the topic says the ratio of the watch time is more as compared to other topics. That triggers the idea of unboxing videos could be a viral hedge on YouTube.

11. Shopping Haul

Found of beauty and fashion ornament? If yes, this idea is purely for you. Especially girls with teenage and a love for shopping could show off such a piece of work with their visit vlog to a mall.

12. What’s In My Bag?

A bag is a kind of thing that is personal among all cadres, right? Men and women of all ages don’t like to reveal what they carry in their bags. Girls specially don’t like to share their personal stuff. Imagine you created a video on the stuff you carry in your bag. Its goen viral…! hurray… ! Your bag would be your lucky champ.

13. What’s On My Phone?

Every single one of us has secrets and private space in life. The phone is something really personal exactly like your bag. Reeling up your phone’s stuff could be a great way to attract your channel’s viewers.

“Top X List” Internet Loves Lists

AI on internet grown so fast. Its literaly syncing your interests and representing it to you with other interests connecting your’s one. As a human we also have favorites and loves. Make a simple list of your favorite stuff and reel it. Look at the response, motivation would increase and you’re making another one now, and the list goes on…!

1. Favorite Plays
2. Favorite Games
3. Favorite Netflix seasons
4. Favorite Idea
5. Favorite Hand Crafts
6. Favorite Movies
7. Favorite Clubs
8. Favorite Actors
9. Favorite Stories
10. Favorite Books
11. Favorite Songs Albums
12. Favorite Trips
13. Favorite Couples
14. Favorite Colors
15. Favorite Places You’ve Traveled
16. Favorite DSLR Cameras
17. Favorite Birds
18. Favorite Apps
19. Favorite Tools
20. Favorite Poets

And the list goes on. Create videos on favorite stuff and publish to keep showing the world a natural human psychology of interests.

Even More Video Ideas

“Even More Video Ideas” Be On The Top

Response Video

Are you not agreeing with someone’s idea on the blog? or do you don’t like the way of presentation? Create a video with your response to explore things in detailed way and publish it to stay on the screen.

Reaction Video

One way or another this concept is a bit different in terms of events. You can create a video to criticize someone’s analysis of particular news or topic or event or even concept.

Promo Video

Do you aware of making ads? If so, your ads in the shape of promos could stream on YouTube to entertain your audiences.

Event Recap

Enjoyed dinner with friends at a party gathering? Create a recap video of that particular event to keep a track record of the events you have been to.

Live Streaming

Don’t even wait for recaps of the events you are enjoying in life. Stream it with live streaming features of YouTube to cover the whole event of a wedding ceremony or a birthday party.

Opinion Video

Create a video of your own opinion about different things in life. Give an opinion on a computer program you experienced, try your smartphone sharing its features your way. Pick anything you have an opinion about and go on, you got the idea to make a video.

Collection Videos

Have a huge car collection? or old phone collection, or a photography collection. Create a video to get it viral among your subscribers and viewers to get massive coverage.

Video Contest

Spread a word of a contest to come up with a stand-alone video among the YouTubers. Publish the videos on your channel to present them as a contest and announce the winner of the best voting video stream. This way your popularity increases with time and efforts to keep the flow of users tracing your online streaming.

Inspired yet? If you are a YouTuber and also manage a blog to share informational ideas to cover and spread the knowledge, we would upvote appreciation on suggestions to improve our ultimate list of the video-making ideas. Also, read our other blogs on tips for the composition of photography and common photography mistakes.


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